40 Updo Hairstyles for Black Women to Try in 2024

Are you looking for some gorgeous updo hairstyles to rock in 2024? Look no further! Black women have a wide variety of hair textures and styles to work with, and with the right updo, you can elevate your look for any occasion. From sleek and sophisticated to bold and dramatic, this list of 40 updo hairstyles for Black women has something for everyone. Whether you’re headed to a formal event, a day at the office, or just want to switch up your everyday look, these updos are sure to inspire your next hairstyle.

Black updo hairstyles are really chic and they give the much desired queenly, elegant look that no other hairstyle can beat. For a hairstyle that will really bring out the beauty queen in you, opt for one of the gorgeous updo hairstyles for black women from this gallery.

In this article, we gathered the 40 classiest updos. Whether it’s a cute wedding upstyle, befitting date night hair, or a prom-perfect hairdo, all the black updo hairstyles you need in your life are right here. You just need to choose the one that fits your needs and occasion!

1. Dreadlocks High Bun Updo. Rocking your dreads and loving it? Here is a gorgeous styling option for your locs. Pile up your locs into a high bun, secure with a hairband and tuck the ends in to create a curly lotus-like bun.

Gorgeous High Bun for Dreads

2. Professional Braided Mohawk. Very cute, or rather, adorable Mohawk updo for black women. The helical details of the cornrows and the braided part in the center make this hairdo mesmerizingly beautiful.

Beautiful Black Braided Mohawk Updo

3. Side-Parted Twist Braids Updo. Braid some twisted cornrows with a side part. The flat cornrows give the sides a shaved look while the rest of the hair is styled into an updo. A simple but very attractive hairdo.

Flat Twist Updo with a Side Part

4. Protective Braided Bun Hairstyle. Braided chignons are super-chic, romantic, and trendy in 2024. Bun hairstyles for black women are always popular. The secrets to making your hair this beautiful are nicely done braids and a curvy parting.

2024 Black Braided Low Bun

5. Neat Twisted Black Hair Updo. Updo hairstyles for black women are really versatile. There is a style for everyone, whether you like them simple or complex. A polished black updo like this one is fitted for every occasion. Use a styling gel to smoothen out the edges of your hair to keep it looking beautiful.

Beautiful Twisted Updo for Black Women

6. Curly Black Hair Updo with Cornrows. The kind of black updo hairstyles with curls you rock when you are all out to steal someone’s attention. This is your go-to for that weekend dinner with a special someone or when you’re going out on a first date. We bet he will be literally held spellbound by your beautiful hair.

Beautiful Black Updo for Short Curls

7. Folded Mohawk Updo. A fanciful faux hawk updo for black women, what can be better? This same hairstyle in blonde or golden-brown hair color! Colors will add that desirable radiant touch to your updo. Spot dainty hair accessories here and there to jazz up the drama.

Golden Brown Faux Hawk Updo

8. Black Updo with Creative Braids. For those with really long hair, here is a braided bun hairstyle you can try for a gorgeous look. High buns are queenly and make for a really attractive hairdo. You can still pull this off even if your hair is short. All you need is long hair extensions.

Queenly Black High Bun

9. Black Updo Hairstyle with Curls. A curly faux hawk combines the feminine touch of curls with the edgy feel of mohawk hairstyles. Braid the sides of your black curly hair and define the center into a mo’ to achieve this gorgeous natural curly updo for black hair.

Black Braided Mohawk for Short Curls

10. Classic Low Bun. A classic low bun hairstyle looks really delectable on black women. If you prefer a simple and basic updo for your big day, this is ideal for you. Let some strands of your hair hang loosely around your face for a romantic feel. A bright hair accessory will do wonders.

Simple Black Updo with a Bright Accessory

11. Pompadour-Style Twisted Updo. Get your hair ready for that fancy evening. A twist braid updo hairstyle like the one below looks befitting for both formal and informal occasions. Elegant and chic, the twists will ensure your updo lasts much longer.

Elegant Twisted Updo Hairstyle

12. Black Updo Braids and Twists. A simple braided hairstyle can take on a glamorous look just by the way you style it. Style your scalp twists and thin cornrows into this fascinating multi-textured black updo.

Twisted and Braided Updo Hairstyle

13. Rolled Updo with Jewelry. Brush down your hair and twist it loosely into a rolled updo. It can be a combination of a flower bun on the top and a French twist in the back. Add hair accessories to your hairdo and you’re set. A weave or hair extensions work perfectly if your hair is short.

Black Flower Bun Updo with Accessories

14. Rolled Bridal Updo. A cute and stylish updo hairstyle for black women. Beat every other hairstyle at the party hands down. It’s your wedding day, after all. Book this down for your D-day.

Black Bridal Updo

15. Sleek and Kinky Updo. Recreate this lovely bun hairstyle and get ready for a shower of uuhs and aahs. The style is simple and you can easily do it on your own. Leave out a portion of hair in the front and brush back the rest of it into a low bun. Now twist and fold the hair in the front along one side of your head, tuck the end into the low bun and secure in place with hairpins.

Low Bun Updo for Kinky Hair

16. Afro Curls Ponytail. A quick and easy natural hair updo you can whip up on your hair wash day. Make jumbo twists or braids halfway to get your hair out of your face, and style the rest of your hair into a puffy ponytail. So chic, and convenient too.

17. Crown Twist Updo for Black Hair. For those days when you need to look like royalty. Folded into a crown halo, this center-parted natural curly updo for black hair offers you all the graceful elegance you need on very special occasions.

Twisted Center-Parted Updo for Black Hair

18. Twist Mohawk. Think of natural updo hairstyles that take your looks from casual to elegant in a flash, think faux-mohawk hairstyles. Classy and sophisticated, yet very easy to create. A favorite wedding updo for team natural hair girls.

19. Half Up Half Down Twist Braids. Braids are the most popular protective hairstyles for black women you can rock for any occasion. For this style, flat-twist the front of your hair and twist out the rest. A dash of color at the ends creates a dazzling, summertime gleam.

Short Half-Up Twisted Hairstyle

20. Feed-In Braids with a Low Bun. Chic, simple, and trendy. No face shape has ever said no to this black braided updo, especially when the parting is done off the middle. Style the braids into a low bun for an elegant finish.

Low Bun Braided Updo

21. Fold and Tuck Hairstyle. This, right here, is your hairstyle choice for that big event. Whether created with your natural hair or hair extensions, such gorgeously-wrapped black women hairstyles are for queens.

Black Natural Updo Hairstyle

22. Next-Level Twisted Bun. Braided and twisted black updo hairstyles will not only keep your hair neatly tucked and protected, but they will also spice up your looks. Add a few metal beads to make the style pop.

Black Bun with Twist Braids

23. Stylish Gel Up Hairstyle. Need to make an impressive appearance at that event, but time isn’t on your side? No worries. Afro luck is on your side. Brush your locks into a tight ponytail, apply styling gel, and voila, you’ve just made a delectable natural updo hairstyle.

24. Gel-and-Braid High Bun. Sometimes, one style isn’t just enough. This unexpected mix of gel hair, a showy stitch braid on the side, and a messy bun is da bomb.

Black 2 Braids and Bun Updo

25. Dreadlocks Updo with Nape Design. Uh-lah-lah! Dreads hairstyles don’t ever have to be boring. Treat your dreads to a sophisticated high bun hairstyle. The neat scalp with an undercut design adds lovely details to her dreadlocks updo.

High Bun Dreadlocks Updo

26. Stunning 4C Curly Hair Updo. The intricate details of this updo hairstyle for black women with 4C natural hair make it a complete traffic-stopper. Thick black hair is loosely interwoven into a single large braid.

Intricate 4C Updo Hairstyle

27. Multiple Braids and Curls Updo. Bohemian braids are very trendy and versatile. They can also be styled in so many ways. You can style it into black updo braids featuring loose curls that dangle alluringly around your hair. A colorful hair accessory will make the style fancier.

Black Updo with Box Braids and Curls

28. Twisted 4C Mohawk Updo. One of the secrets to achieving a great hairdo is to start the right moisturizing hair routine for your locks to keep them hydrated and, thus, healthy. Her Mohawk looks so great because the hair is in the good condition. Don’t skip hair care routines!

Great Updo for 4C Hair

29. Big Low Bridal Updo with Jumbo Pearls. Buns are great for weddings! Low buns like this one are among the most asked bridal updos for black women in 2024. For that classy bridal look, your stylist should make a loose bun and use pearls to give the bun a romantic feel.

Romantic Black Bridal Low Updo

30. 2-Stitch Braids Updo. You just need to try stitch braids in updo hairstyles for black hair. They’re cute, elegant, protective, simple, stylish… We could go on all day. This is a no-fuss braids hairstyle you could wear all week long without any need to style or touch up.

Gel Updo with Messy Bun

31. Wedding Black Updo for Bridesmaids. Or wedding guests, or the bride herself. Give it good styling – and simple twists transform into an amazing updo hairstyle for black women. Decorate with fancy bridal accessories – and you’ve got a smashing black bridesmaids hairstyle.

Wedding Twisted Updo for Black Women

32. Voluminous Black Hair Wedding Updo. Glamorous black bun hairstyle for the perfect wedding look. The dark and glossy, voluminous lush hair contrasts lovingly with your white wedding dress. The pearl-and-crystal hair piece adds romantic vibes to the hair.

Voluminous Wedding Black Bun

33. Scalp Braided Quiff Updo. This easy updo for black hair is superb for kinky curls. An exquisite updo hairstyle you can easily create by braiding your hair halfway up from the back. Fold the hair loosely at the crown into a voluminous twist as in the picture below.

Half Braided Black Updo

34. Elevated Mohawk Updo. Try out this updo hairstyle for black women for your next weekend outing. Cornrows on both sides of your head create a buzz cut look. Loosely twist your hair into a mo’ and secure it with bobby pins.

Black Twisted Updo with Side Cornrows

35. Puffy Curly Bridal Hairdo. If you have shorter hair, fear not, as you can always use kinky extensions to get the required length. Hair accessories such as faux flowers, pins, combs, pearls, crystals, etc. are to black hair updos like flowers to a tree. Adorn your hair with fitting accessories to give it a glitzy feel.

Kinky Bridal Hairdo with Extensions

36. Faux Mohawk Hairstyle. You can actually get your mohawk hairstyles to stay fresh and new for a couple of weeks. Faux mohawks last longer and are more protective, as your natural hair is safely tucked underneath. Twist the braids a bit tighter and tame flyaways with a good quality styling gel.

Braided Mohawk for Black Women

37. Cute Prom Updo for Black Hair. If nature has blessed you with naturally puffy hair, use it to your advantage. Afro hair will naturally form a puff when tied backwards. Create a cute updo with your kinky locks for a simple but very classy black bun hairstyle.

Black Hair Prom Hairstyle

38. Big Braided Faux Hawk. Braided updos require less maintenance and last much longer than the updos you make without braids. Get inspired by the get-up-and-go updo hairstyles for black women – the braided faux hawk hairdo is ideal.

Low-Maintenance Faux Hawk for Black Women

39. Headband Twisted Updo. Want a hairstyle that is protective as well as fashionable? Check out this twisted hairstyle. The two-strand twist braids will ensure your mane stays protected. The headband twist adds a stunning chic vibe to this easy updo for black hair.

Easy Black Twisted Updo

40. Curls on Top, Twists in the Back. Steal the show with this captivating hairstyle. Make scalp twists in the back to create an undercut look and leave a high puff of curls at the crown. Feel free to style as you like. Just give your updo hairstyles for black women your signature.

Signature Black Curly Updo with Flat Twists

All the style inspo you need for elegant updo hairstyles for black women is right here! These black hair updos are also really easy to pull off. Which one of them would you choose for your next look?

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