30 Posh Dark Red Hair Colors for an Enchanting Look

Dark red hair colors are a bold and vibrant choice for anyone looking to make a statement with their hair. Whether you’re looking for a deep, sultry shade or a fiery, rich hue, there are many posh dark red hair colors to choose from. From deep cherry to wine red to burgundy, the options are endless for achieving an enchanting and glamorous look. In this article, we will explore 30 posh dark red hair colors that will inspire and captivate anyone looking to elevate their hair game.

Dark red hair has a unique sensual allure and is super-fanciful. So, if you ask us whether dark red hair is attractive and if it is trendy in 2024, we will definitely answer ‘YES’. The rareness of this hair color also makes it an all-time show-stopper.

Red hair comes in different hues and tones; from cool-toned dark auburn red to vibrant hot shades like copper and burgundy. Whatever shade of dark red hair you find appealing and pick, one thing you can be sure of is you get statement hair decked with a deeply rich sophisticated vibe.

In this article, we have rounded up a lookbook of the 30 poshest dark red hair color ideas for your style inspiration. Discover the ones that suit your personality and skin tone best and book an appointment with your colorist straightaway.

1. Medium-Length Dark Burgundy Red Hair. Red wine shades of dark red hair are brighter and offer an alluring feminine feel to dark hair. Such shades of red are usually exquisite or rustic and do bring out a sexy allure in your eyes.

Dark Red Wine Hair Color

2. Dark Red Curled Hair. Dark red hairstyles take on a seductive flair especially when the hair is curly. Shimmering dark red curly hair paints a perfect picture of classy and feminine. If you’re thinking of adding a sophisticated feel to your appearance, dark red dyed hair is sure to give you all that and more.

Feminine Shimmering Dark Red Hair

3. Dark Cherry Red Hair. Looking for dark red hair color ideas to make your hair flip into the most enchanting look? We would eagerly recommend that you try dark cherry red hair. The depth and dimension of this color are really beautiful.

Chery Red Balayage with Purple Lowlights

4. Dark Red Balayage. Dark red hair color has this unique richness and depth it immediately imparts to your locks. A well-done dark red balayage on dark hair roots offers a lovely contrast that is really awesome.

Dark Red Hair with Dark Roots

5. Dark Red Hair with Highlights. These highlights are chock-full of dimension and richness to enliven your hair. Highlights in a brighter shade of red like copper or orange-red lighten up dark reds. The awesome dimension and movement of this gorgeous hair say it all.

Burgundy Hair with Red Copper Highlights

6. Auburn Dark Red Hair. A wonderful fierce and fiery dark red hair is what you get when you choose a high quality dark red hair dye. Auburn red hair color is a cool hot shade to try out. Blended with a darker base, it forms an elegant combo that is a beauty to behold.

Auburn Red Hair with Burgundy Roots

7. Dark Red Brown Hair. The difference between brown hair and dark red-brown hair is as clear as the difference between night and day. Not only is dark red-brown hair stunning, but it also looks shinier and healthier. Besides, it is a great transition color for brunettes who are going for a sexy deep red hair color.

Deep Red Brown Hair for Brunettes

8. Dark Two-Tone Wine-Red Hair. For a tastefully rich and elegant dark red hairstyle, a ruby red shade is a wonderful idea. This color delivers multi-tonal dimension and richness to your hair. Wine red highlights can make the dullest hairstyle come alive in glory.

Dark Purple Hairstyle with Wine Red Highlights

9. Dark Red Highlights on Brown Hair. Tired of the everyday look of your brown hair and in need of a change? Try bringing in dark red highlights to ginger up your brown mane. Highlights in a lovely dark red hue will bring an instant glow to your hair.

Lovely Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

10. Long Dark Red Hair. Dark red hair is beautiful. Absolutely. Dark red on long hair? Jaw-dropping gorgeous! So, to maintain a model-on-the-walkway look 24 hours 7 days, dye your long locks dark red. The seemingly endless cascade of flaming red tresses creates a totally captivating appearance.

Long Dark Hair with Red Balayage

11. Dark Ginger Hair Color. Ginger is a very feminine shade of red hair. A dark ginger hair color sits well with most skin tones and lends you a graceful, girlie appearance. Try it if you need a quick change to lift your mood in this fast crazy world.

Long Feminine Ginger Red Hair

12. Wavy Dark Red Hair. Paint the town red with your fabulous bright red waves. If you’ve got hair as glorious and flaunt-worthy as this layered dark red haircut, you’ve got every reason to show it off. Dark red curls can never go unnoticed.

Fabulous Long Red Haircut with Waves

13. Bright Dark Red Hair. There is a reason why redheads are considered to be natural beauties. Red hair is bold, beautiful, and, in addition to these, rare. The fierceness of dark bright red hair makes you appear passionate, daring, and attractive.

Bright Red Hairstyle with Dark Roots

14. Dark Red Hair Bob. Bob hairstyles are super-cute themselves, but use a dark red hair dye and you’ll spice up your bob even more. Short dark red haircuts like the one in the picture below are chic and make you look more fashionable. The blunt edges of the bob add extra gorgeousness to it.

Blunt Dark Red Bob Haircut

15. Dark Red Highlights in the Front. To say dark red highlights look great on dark hair would be an understatement. The beauty is simply out of this world. Dark red highlights blend in perfectly with dark roots and add a cool contrast and shine to your hair. Money pieces in dark red hues make your complexion appear livelier.

Red Front Highlights for Dark Hair

16. Dark Red Ombre Hair. Let your hair go wild like fire. An ombré in a dark red shade will do the job well. The ombre technique is a fantastic way of rocking your hair in the colors you love. Retain your cool black hair in the front and set the fire blazing behind with a vibrant dark red ombre to create a sweet and sensational hair statement.

Fantastic Dark Red Ombre Balayage

17. Dark Red Highlights on Short Hair. If you’re color-shy or not ready to make a full commitment to overall red hair color, you can try adding subtle details of dark red highlights to your hair. The result is colored hair that isn’t as brazen as bright red hair but still very much attractive.

Dark Hair with Bright Red Highlights

18. Dark Red Purple Hair. This shade features a delightful reddish-purple tinge. Dark red purple hair suits most skin tones but looks awesome particularly on those with a cool skin tone. Pair it with a matching lipstick color for a chic look.

Chic Red Purple Balayage

19. Dark Scarlet Red Hair. Scarlet red hair color stands for sexy and seductive. This tone does really well in imparting an illusion of movement and dimension to your hair. A cute hairstyle with full bangs turns ethereal with this shade of red.

Cute Layered Scarlet Red Hairstyle

20. Magenta Dark Red Hair. Jazz up dark hair with a funky magenta shade for a striking feel. Highlights or balayage in this hue of red can take your hair’s beauty from “just there” to “eye-popping gorgeous”. The mix of warm and cool tones of magenta makes this dark red hair befitting for most complexions.

Striking Magenta Balayage Hair

21. Dark Copper Red Hair. A glamorous hair color for bold ladies. Dark copper red hair lends a fun and merry vibe to your appearance. This deep shade is a bit less conspicuous than bright red copper. Thick face-framing bangs in this shade brighten up your complexion.

Bold Copper Red Hair with Bangs

22. Red Velvet Hair Color. The vibrant luster of red velvet hair color coupled with the velvety feel of the wavy mane makes this hairstyle a vision. Make your hair lively and express your fun personality with such a fascinating dark red hair color.

Velvety Wavy Dark Red Hair

23. Shoulder-Length Dark Red Hair. A touch of dark red on shoulder-length hair is invigorating. An ombre, full highlights, money pieces, or a flattering solid shade of dark red make your shoulder-grazing mane take on a gorgeous look.

Gorgeous Dark Red Hair with Black Roots

24. Dark Brownish Red Hair Color. The reddish chocolate hair tone flatters brunettes and looks almost like a natural hair color. It is less showy than bright reds and blends in with brown hair perfectly. This shade flatters those with a fairer complexion most.

Dark Chocolate Red Balayage Hair Color

25. Mahogany Dark Red. The deep red hair color like mahogany blended with dark roots results in red hair that is less overpowering in intensity. The subtle hues of deep red and purple reflected by mahogany hair make it a great idea for those who don’t fancy vividly red manes.

Deep Red Purple Hair with Dark Roots

26. Burgundy Dark Red and Black Hair. Strike a mysterious fashionable poise with your red hair. Burgundy-colored locks will help you achieve just that. Burgundy in a darker shade is less vibrant and makes a befitting red hair color for classy ladies.

Black Hair with Burgundy Highlights

27. Dark Red Wine Hair. This deep red hair color is a spicy blend of purple, mauve, and dark brown. Wine red hair is warm, rich, and vibrant. Red hair, in general, is high-maintenance but red wine hair on a dark base is relatively low-maintenance compared to other shades of red. Worth considering.

Dark Base with Mauve Balayage

28. Dark Red Short Haircut. Ready to make that big style transition? Here is an inspo – in addition to getting a big chop, try changing the color to a trendy shade. Dark red looks fantastic on short haircuts like bobs and pixies. Short bright copper or burgundy looks make for fabulous and edgy hairstyles.

Edgy Dark Red Bob Hairstyle

29. Dark Crimson Red Hair. When you hear crimson red, you may go “No, that’s not for me” if you are not big on showy colors. But looking at the image below you’ll agree that this hair color is mild and cool. That’s a dark crimson red hair color. Stylish in an elegant way.

Elegant Mild Crimson Red Hair Color

30. Dark Red Hair with Dark Skin. Dark red hairstyles are adorable on ladies with dark skin tones. The warm undertones of red hair flatter different black skin tones. If your skin is dark, choose a deeper shade of dark red hair like dark mahogany, burgundy, wine red, etc. A dramatic splash of brighter shades here and there isn’t a bad idea either.

Dramatic Dark Red Hairstyle for Black Women

There you have it. All the trendiest dark red hair colors in one place. We hope that you’ve got inspired to copy one of these dark red hairstyles! A quick tip: choose a hair colorist who really likes to work with bold hair shades and has pictures of red hair color transformations in their portfolio.

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