30 Cute Chignon Bun Hairstyles for Casual Wear and Special Occasions

If you’re looking for a versatile and elegant hairstyle for both casual wear and special occasions, chignon buns are the perfect choice. This timeless style is known for its sophistication and ease of wear, making it a popular choice for women of all ages. Whether you’re heading to a formal event or simply want a polished look for everyday wear, these 30 cute chignon bun hairstyles are sure to inspire your next look. From sleek and classic to relaxed and bohemian, there’s a chignon bun for every style and occasion.

Whether you are late for work or gearing up for a special day, we bet a chignon bun is your go-to hairstyle, although you may not really know how to name your updo correctly.

The Difference Between a Bun and a Chignon

Basically, a chignon is a low bun sitting somewhere at the nape and incorporating most of your strands into some kind of wrap. A bun, on the other hand, is a part or all of your hair spooled around itself anywhere on the head, and there can be multiple buns in your style, as with space buns or Bantu knots.

30 Cute Chignon Bun Ideas for Every Life Situation

To cut a long story short, we are going to show what chignon buns are and how diverse they can be in our collection of chic styles for big days and casual wear.

1. Bridal Chignon with Definition. Several strands raised intentionally in chignon bun hairstyles can be nicely complemented by the pieces pulled out from the hair wrapped at the nape.

Simple Bridal Bun Chignon

2. Subtle Bouffant with a Low Bun. It’s easy to add a wow factor to a simple bun or chignon by teasing your hair into a subtle bouffant and letting the side tresses envelop the crown.

Chignon Updo with a Bouffant

3. Strawberry Blonde Chignon with a Classic Touch. What is a classic chignon? You will get a clue from this elegant updo with the hair tucked into a polished roll and just a bit of relaxed tresses on the sides.

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Elegant Chignon Roll

4. Careless Rosewood Blonde Wrap. Although it might be tricky to replicate this fancy color, you will have no difficulties gathering your strands into a loose pony and spooling its bottom part around the base.

5. Dreamy Chignon Made of Curled Hair. This chignon tutorial illustrates how the mix of light brown and silvery locks can be transformed into a romantic upstyle full of waves and swirls.

Curled Chignon Tutorial

6. Looped Low Bun on Straight Hair. How to do a simple chignon yourself? This pictorial proves you don’t even need to prep your strands with a curling iron to arrive at a classy, uncomplicated updo.

Uncomplicated Chignon How to

7. Uplifted Chignon Do. While most chignon hairstyles sit lower on the neck, this updo changes the game by lifting both the crown and the knotted part to boost volume on the top and open more of the neck.

Messy Wrap Around Chignon Hairstyle

8. Ginger Chignon with Braid Galore. This red-brown hairstyle with glimpses of blonde beautifully connects double side braids to a low bun, creating a textured and neat look.

Neat Braided Chignon Updo

9. Tousled Low Loop Chignon. This purposefully imperfect style is a great pick for layered hair since it involves the sticking out ends and flyaways into the chic game.

Chic Loop Chignon for Layered Hair

10. Loose Chignon with Twisted Sides. Here is a chignon bun tutorial teaching us how to get a relaxed updo by winding side locks around a pony pulled halfway through an elastic.

11. Put-Together Low Bun Swirl. Instead of wrapping the ends of your hair around the chignon sloppily, you can carefully twist the strand and let it hug your neat low bun for a seamless and flowy look.

Perfect Seamless Chignon Updo

12. Intricately Braided Chignon. It’s amazing to see the choppy shoulder-length hair transitioning step by step into a soft and natty upstyle oozing plenty of texture.

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Chignon with Feed-In Ponytails

13. Sculptured Brunette Chignon with Highlights. Although we have already seen some chignon updos with defined bits, this masterpiece stands out for its stunning precision and trick of the light.

14. Voluminous Creamy Blonde Chignon. This is another tip on how to do chignon hairstyles by pulling out texture at the crown while pumping volume into the bottom.

Woven Chignon How To

15. Messy Chignon with a Pop of Color. Apart from adding interest to the whole color scheme, these inky strips do a great job of accentuating the whirls of the messy style.

Chignon Updo with a Messy Touch

16. Easy Chignon Bun for Shoulder-Grazing Hair. You don’t need Rapunzel hair for this cute low bun that allows the shorter strands to escape the knot and channel a good portion of nonchalance.

Easy Low Loop Bun Chignon

17. Tight Chignon with Color Melt. We can’t take our eyes off the hypnotic alternation of the blonde and brown strips in this wrap, not to mention the sleek overall finish and the perfectly polished crown.

Polished Chignon with Sleek Finish

18. Streaky Top, Sleek Bottom. This style has a tight and heavy chignon covered with a wide band of hair to set its smooth finish against a slightly rough crown with emphasized highlights.

Wide Chignon for Hair with Highlights

19. XXL Chignon Hair. This formal updo strikes the right balance between the massive low bun and the volumized top while giving some movement to the hair through a couple of bends and twists.

Massive Bridal Chignon for Thick Hair

20. Messy DIY Chignon. Modern messy chignons are much more forgiving than classic sleek buns, so you are welcome to recreate this disheveled hairstyle with a lifted crown and uneven wrap.

Disheveled Chignon with a Lifted Crown

21. Wispy Chignon for Thin Hair. As long as you have enough length to secure the hair at the nape, you can get such an airy upstyle with volume, texture, and strong boho vibes.

22. Threefold Twisted Chignon. Here, the simply styled hair on the crown serves as a perfect backdrop for the smartly twisted bun sitting low at the neck.

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Simply Styled Twisted Chignon for Long Hair

23. Heavy Off-Center Chignon Bun. This is a great example of asymmetric chignon styles where the off-center placement adds some playfulness to the massive crisscross roll and makes it less formal.

Massive Sleek Asymmetric Chignon

24. Relaxed Low Bun with a Wave. Thanks to the mesmerizing waves flowing around the crown, this blonde upstyle with an intertwined loose chignon feels totally ethereal.

Ethereal Wavy Chignon Upstyle with Flowers

25. Bohemian Wrap with a Bulk of Loops. This free-spirited style features a soft, a bit lifted top combined with a messy tuck and a host of heavily woven strands.

Bohemian Messy Twisted Chignon

26. Double Bun with Texture. Boasting not a hair out of place, this clean double-bun updo manages to radiate tons of texture with the help of masterfully defined strands.

Bun Updo with Defined Strands

27. Glossy Wedding Chignon with Pearls and Diamonds. The lustrous and smooth finish of this tucked and twisted brunette hair creates a stunning canvas for the gems to shine out.

Short Hair Wedding Chignon

28. Undone French Chignon. This blonde updo seems fairly rough and ready, but the unrefined styling doesn’t prevent it from delivering dimension, texture, and movement, along with effortless Parisian chic.

Parisian Messy Chignon Updo

29. Full Overlapped Low Bun. If you believe you can’t pull off voluminous chignons because your hair lacks length and density, here is the pictorial that proves the contrary.

Volumized Bun for Fine Hair

30. Casual Side-Pinned Chignon Updo. This set of jumbo bobby pins adds a new twist to the soft and fluffy style with the lush tendrils and loose ends left out of the bun.

Soft Bun with Loose Ends

We are quite sure you have spotted more than one chignon bun you want to copy and at least some of them are totally doable at home. Pair your chignon with bangs, face-framing pieces, braiding, and various hair accessories, and we will be waiting for your unique styles to appear in our Instagram feed.

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