40 Chic V-Cut Hair Ideas You Need to See Before You Hit the Salon

Are you considering a new hairstyle and want to make a statement with a bold and modern look? Look no further than the v-cut hairstyle! This edgy and sophisticated cut adds a unique and fashionable twist to your hair, giving it a sleek and dramatic appearance. Whether you have long, medium, or short hair, there are endless ways to incorporate the v-cut into your look, and we have gathered 40 chic v-cut hair ideas to inspire your next salon visit.

Looking for V-Cut hair styles to get inspiration for your next salon visit? In this article, you’ll discover 40 V-Cuts to show your hairdresser as a reference!

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our selection of the most beautiful and creative V-Cut hairdos.

1. Wispy V-Cut with Bangs. Want your hair to feel lighter but don’t want to cut it short? Then try a wispy V-Cut with long side bangs.

Blonde V-Cut with Wispy Layers and Bangs

2. Chocolate Brown Layered V-Cut. Boost your hair color with smooth and rich shades of brown and add multiple step layers.

V-Cut with Step Layers

3. V-Cut Brunette Hair. Voluminous brunette hair can appear too dense and heavy. Break the bulkiness with a professional v line haircut. Matching highlights, as in the hairstyle below, also helps to ease the “dragging” feel of thick hair.

V-Cut Thick Hair with Highlights

4. V Shape Long Hair with Layers. Feel like a romantic with this delicate hairstyle featuring soft curls. Match it with a solid shade like dark chocolate brown for a stylish look.

5. V-Cut with Fine Layered Ends. Bring out the texture of your hair with highlights added to your V-Cut. Hazel, mahogany, and chocolate are our top picks for dark hair!

Dark V-Cut with Chocolate Highlights

6. Messy V Shape Hair Cut with Layers. Can you go messy and bedhead with v cut hair? Why not. Take a look at the v layered haircut below. The v shape highlights the ruffled layers, making the messy hair more stylish.

Messy Long V Cut Hair

7. V-Cut Long Hair. These fancy highlights add contrast to the dark background. Applying them to your V-Cut will make your hair color pop.

V-Cut Dark Hair with Highlights

8. V Shape Thick Long Layered Hair. Make your thick, long hair more manageable and fun by giving it a two-tier layered V shaped haircut. Get ready to hand out your stylist’s contacts a good number of times because your hair will look stunning!

Two-Tier V Haircut Long Hair

9. Fan-Out Long Hair V-Cut. To recreate this style on your long thick locks, your stylist will create multiple layers beginning from the middle of your back. Each layer will be cut to flare out at the tips. The effect is V-shaped hair that splays all over your back like a waterfall.

Long V Cut for Thick Hair

10. Blonde V Cut Hair with Fade. A color fade in a soft shade close to your hair color makes a sophisticated finish for a v shape hair cut! Check out this fine, soft, and alluring mane in the dreamiest shade of blonde. It’s impossible not to notice the flared-out V cut.

Blonde Feathered V Shape Hair

11. V Cut Hairstyle with Cute Warm Balayage. Soft balayage highlights and wavy curls offer an exquisite touch to this V cut hair. Caramel blonde highlights on basic light brown hair make for a gorgeous, super-soft, feminine look.

Feminine Long V Cut with Soft Balayage

12. DIY V-Cut. How can I cut my hair V shape at home? If this question still bothers you, this means that you need a really good video tutorial. It is better if somebody else cuts your hair. If this is impossible, then follow one of the easy v-cut Youtube tutorials, like this one.

V-Cut at Home Tutorial

13. V-Cut with Lowlights. If you need a non-banal hair color to flatter your naturally thick hair with a fresh v-cut then try the cute salt-and-pepper hair trend. The thicker your hair, the more visible texture it will gain!

Cute V-Cut with Thick Layers

14. Streamlined V-Cut for Straight Thick Hair. Upgrading the color of your hair and giving it a V shape will make your locks look and feel lighter. Regular trims and color updates are a must for every modern woman.

Straight Modern V-Cut

15. Wind-Swept V Haircut. We’re hooked by the wind-swept, outdoorsy vibes of this hair. It’s like her hair just got caressed by a gentle summer breeze. Screenshot and show your stylist to be able to replicate the style correctly.

V-Cut Hair with Gentle Butterfly Layers

16. V Haircut with Multiple Flipped-Up Layers. Multiple layers, curls, and flipped ends lend this long v haircut a unique, magnificent look. The wild wavy, flipped ends take on a chic dimension that stands out from the typical style of v shaped haircuts with layers.

Long V Haircut with Layers

17. Chestnut Brown Highlights on Dark V Cut Hair. Your v haircut will get even more attractive when you give it some color. Highlights in a radiant or even a subtle hue light up your hair all over, and make your v cut hair more eye-catching.

Eye-Catching Dark V-Cut Hair

18. Disconnected V Layered Medium Haircut. Parting your hair in the middle creates a different effect and may even be used to advantage to mask or soften some facial features. A v layered haircut will take the gorgeousness several notches higher. The v shape and graded layers yield a glamorous look to the hair.

Disconnected Layered V Haircut

19. Rooted Blonde V Cut Hairstyle. Blonde hair is naturally beautiful. Do you know what else can make your blonde hair look even more alluring? A v shape hair cut with layers. Whether short v cut hair, medium v cut hair, or a long v mane, a v shaped blonde hairstyle looks fantastic.

V Shape Long Hair

20. Deep Curls V Shaped Haircut. Show your stylist this picture if you worry that your curly tresses may mar the shape of a v haircut. Although your gorgeous curls are eye-catching, bringing in some exciting details like a V shaped haircut can make your hair more fun and fashionable.

21. V Cut Hair with Flipped Ends. Thick hair is a blessing no doubt, but sometimes the sheer thickness of your locks can be somehow overwhelming. A v shape hair cut with layers does a good job of taming thick locks. These looped flips must be a brainchild of a creative stylist. It made her hair less dense and added a good sway.

Thick V Cut with Swoopy Layers

22. Long Wavy V Cut Hair. Is your hair long and wavy? Your long hairdo likely gets noticed often. Now, to make your wavy hair attract even more attention, ask your stylist to give you a v cut haircut. Color your hair this good, and it would literally be screaming “Look at me!”.

V Cut Bronde Balayage Hair

23. Blonde Curly Long V Haircut. This hair boasts everything fabulous in the mix. Blonde, long, and curly. A perfect combo for a glam-filled hairstyle. The v shaped haircut goes ahead to turn the hair from beautiful to stunningly beautiful.

V Shaped Haircut Blonde Curly Hair

24. V Cut Hair with Designed Flips. Several details went into creating this head-turning v-cut hairstyle. Though it may take some maintenance and re-styling every morning to keep the style looking fresh and lovely.

Lovely Brunette V Cut Hairstyle

25. Auburn Highlights on V Cut Hair. Auburn brown highlights on dark brown hair – that’s absolutely an eye candy. A great choice of highlights to bring out the gorgeousness of the v cut wavy hair.

V Cut for Long Wavy Hair

26. V Shape Long Hair with Beach Curls. Hold everyone spellbound with admiration. Your wavy hairstyle can actually take on more movement and glam than you can imagine. The secret? Give it a v haircut. Your stylist can tweak the ends to look as full or as thinned out as you like.

Long V Haircut with Thinned Out Ends

27. Messy Medium V Cut Hair. Does it seem like your hair has a mind of its own and just won’t yield to all those styling thing-y? Cut it medium-length, give it a v shape hair cut with layers, and allow it to do its own thing. You’ll be amazed at how effortlessly stylish and gorgeous your hair will turn out.

Medium Layered V Shape Hair

28. Super Sleek Long V Haircut. A vision straight from the faraway world of Tangled. Bet even Rapunzel would give anything to have her hair look this good. We know you already get some attention with your long hair. Amp up your style with a v line haircut and watch mouths drop open in awe.

V Haircut for Long Straight Hair

29. Thin V Layered Hair. Every length of hair can benefit from the trendy v haircut style. Your hair doesn’t have to be full or thick either. A V shaped haircut imparts an illusion of length and volume to your hair. The delicate feathered layers give a glamorous messy appearance to this hairstyle.

Long Thin Hair V Haircut

30. V-Cut Hair with Bumped Ends. To show off the lovely v shape of your hair, bump the ends. The bumped ends drag attention to the cute design of your haircut as well as make your hair appear more voluminous.

Cute Voluminous V-Cut Hair

31. V Cut Hair with Curly Ends. This, right here, is the beauty of a long hair v cut in full display. A blonde balayage on contrasting dark roots, v shape haircut, and curly ends lend an enthralling romantic feel to this fascinating blonde hair.

Long Blonde Curled V Cut Hairstyle

32. V Cut Hair with Wispy Ends. A V-cut hairstyle that went the whole nine yards. It’s got the type of layers, length, and a touch of color that make for the most beautiful v cut hairstyles. The movement and volume are on another level too.

V Cut with Midshaft-to-Ends Layers

33. Waist-Length Deep V-Cut Haircut. Create the perfect illusion of an hourglass figure with v shape long layered straight hair. A waist-length deep V cut that stops just at the small of your back makes your waist look slimmer and your hip wider.

V Shape Haircut for Long Thick Hair

34. Curly Long Hair V Cut. What highlight color looks good on you? You can try golden brown or blonde highlights if you are a brunette. See how captivating this golden brown balayage looks on her brown v cut hair.

Wavy V Cut Hair with Highlights

35. V-Cut Hair in Soft Waves. Be beach-ready with this sun-kissed hairstyle! The styling not only gives mermaid vibes but also remains easy to maintain regardless of the season.

Sun-Kissed V-Haircut with Beach Waves

36. V Shape Hair Cut with Layers. Smooth and light, this silken hairstyle is best for those who don’t like spending much time in beauty salons but want to look runway-ready.

37. Medium V-Cut Hair. V-Cuts can be performed on any hair length and work differently according to your hair texture. However, mid-length V-Cuts, such as this style with balayage, are among our favorites.

38. Hip-Length Disconnected V-Cut. Look carefree without being weighed down by your thick mane with the help of a V-Cut. Add some waves for extra cuteness!

Thick Layered V-Cut with Waves

39. Jagged V Shape Hair Cut. Add a quirky element to your hair when you opt for irregular hair lengths that still make up that undeniable V shape.

Quirky V Shape Cut for Straight Hair

40. V-Cut Curly Hair. Craving for the bounce of locks like in TV commercials? Then get a V-Cut with layers and style big curls generating volume and movement.

V-Cut with Layers and Curls

There you have it! Now you have 40 different V-Cut styles up your sleeve to choose from to fit your aesthetic and lifestyle. Screen or pin your favorite V-Cut hair style, book your hairstylist, and flaunt it wherever you go!

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