Zambian Meat Website: The Truth Behind The Horror Story

Zambian Meat Website:

The Creepypasta Scary Stories website story about Zambian Meat is an imagined horror story about a dark web called Zambian Meat. The story depicts that the site sells human flesh and regularly features videos of killing and processing corpses. In the story, a character is exploring this site and comes when he is locked in a cold storage and is locked by humans who are trying to kill him for processing into meat.

However, this story is just a horror fantasy and there is no proof that the website actually exists. In fact, if there is a website that sells human flesh it would be a serious criminal activity and would be traced and punished by the authorities.
However, has aggregated and discovered that, once at the website/forum with tene zambian meat website, and there have been murders related to the website, this forum was posted on the pages. Newspapers such as CNN, Global News,…So what’s the real story, let’s find out below.

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Doubts about zambian meat website

some conversations on the Reddit thread “Is the Zambian Meat website real?”, along with their respective dates:

  1. User “TheMightyCucklord” comments on the thread, June 3, 2021: “I highly doubt it. Sounds like another internet hoax.”
  2. User “techtankerous” responds to the thread, June 3, 2021: “There’s no real evidence to suggest that it’s real. It’s probably just a creepy story someone made up and spread around.”
  3. User “Draco25240” expresses their skepticism on the thread, June 4, 2021: “I’ve looked into it and there doesn’t seem to be any concrete proof that it exists. It’s just a creepy story that’s been passed around online.”
  4. User “A_Random_Guy_On_Reddit” shares their thoughts on the thread, June 5, 2021: “I think it’s just an urban legend that’s been passed around for years. There’s no evidence to support its existence, and it’s just too bizarre to be true.”
  5. User “SpicyTuna15” expresses their belief that the website may be real, June 6, 2021: “I think it’s possible that the website exists, but we may never know for sure. The internet is a strange and mysterious place.”
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“Zambian Meat” website is real?

  1. Reddit thread, June 3, 2021: The thread asks the question “Is the Zambian Meat website real?” and features a range of responses from users expressing skepticism and curiosity.
  2. TikTok videos, various dates: A number of TikTok users have posted videos discussing the “Zambian Meat” website and the rumors surrounding it, with some expressing concern and others dismissing the claims as hoaxes.
  3. Creepypasta Scary Stories website, date unknown: The website features a post titled “Disturbing Deep Web Horror Story – Zambian Meats” that uses the rumors surrounding the website as the basis for a work of fiction.
  4. Global News website, August 11, 2020: The website features an article discussing the rumors surrounding the “Zambian Meat” website and the lack of evidence to support its existence.
  5. CNN website, November 29, 2013: The website features an article discussing a separate case involving cannibalism in Germany, which some users have connected to the rumors surrounding the “Zambian Meat” website. Article link
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Dresden police said Detlev G. and his victim met through an online chat room on the website “Zambian meat.”
The two men met on Zambian Meat, an Internet chat forum where people discuss their sexual and cannibalistic fantasies.

Website has been registed on Namecheap in 2025

Upon checking the domain registration website Namecheap, it is confirmed that has been registered since 2005. This confirms that the website did in fact exist at some point in time.

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