40 Incredibly Stylish Wedding Hairstyles for Black Women

When it comes to wedding hairstyles, black women have a multitude of stunning options to choose from. From elegant updos to glamorous curls, the versatility of black hair allows for a wide range of beautiful and stylish looks. In this article, we will explore 40 incredibly stylish wedding hairstyles that are perfect for black women, providing inspiration for brides-to-be looking for the perfect hairstyle for their special day. Whether you prefer a sleek and sophisticated style or a more natural and textured look, there is a hairstyle to suit every bride’s unique taste and personal style.

Modern wedding hairstyles for black women are extremely diverse and range from classic polished looks and natural Afro styles to bold dreadlocks and all kinds of braids.

Whether you need an idea for styling short hair or look for half updo black wedding hairstyles to show off long curls, our pick of trending ‘dos borrowed from the most popular Instagram pages will help you out.

Scroll down to see the best black wedding hairstyles 2024 and draw inspiration for your special occasion.

1. Sleek Front, Massive Back. This pearly bun is a stunning example of long-hair black wedding hairstyles with the length converted into impressive volume.

Black Wedding Bun with Pearl Pins

2. Twisted Wedding Hairstyle for Black Bride. This style creates dimension both around the front and in the back by accurately sectioning and intricately twisting the naturally textured hair.

Black Wedding Updo Hairstyle

3. Old Hollywood Glam Locks. Black wedding hairstyles with relaxed hair will allow you to recreate the glitz of the Gatsby era with smooth and shiny locks styled with utmost precision.

Hollywood Curls Hairstyle for Wedding

4. Polished Beehive Bun with Sculptured Face Framing. This is a modern take on Brigitte Bardot’s iconic beehive with curtain bangs but in a more polished and statelier version.

Wedding Black Polished Bun

5. Fleecy Rolled Updo. We like roll & pin natural hair wedding styles for the unique shapes they can create and the authentic feel they deliver by playing up the kinky texture.

Wedding Updo for Natural Hair

6. All Curly Updo with Bun. This soft and bouncy style thrives on silky, well-defined ringlets, and it doesn’t require many bells and whistles to shine out.

Soft Black Curly Bun Updo
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7. Black Braided Wedding Hair with Massive Chignon. This gorgeous head is full of braids, with the whimsical plaiting in the front echoing the huge braided bun at the nape.

Black Wedding Bun with a Tiara

8. Low Bun Buffed to a Shine. While many black bride hairstyles are filled with details, this style keeps it simple and creates a perfectly smoothed canvas for a spectacular headpiece.

Black Chignon with a Headpiece

9. Vintage Curls with Curvy Hairline. This amazing blast from the past pairs polished curls with flapper waves to land an extremely detailed, voluminous, and chic look.

Chic Vintage Black Wedding Updo

10. Asymmetric Jumbo Twists. If you are after elegant wedding hairstyles for natural black hair, this artfully twisted updo has the necessary authentic touch.

Elegant Twisted Updo for Black Women

11. Low Bun with Extreme Braiding. Those who are not impressed with regular braided chignons will be certainly wowed by this gigantic piece of plaiting popping out against the smooth crown.

Gigantic Braided Bun for Natural Hair

12. Big and Bold Hair Pulled Back. This natural hair complemented with curly extensions is a show-stopping alternative to black ponytail hairstyles for wedding parties.

Sleek Black Wedding Updo with Curly Extensions

13. Cute TWA with Braided Accent. You can easily create an effortless and unique look by adding a bit of braiding to short black wedding hairstyles and completing them with an eye-catching accessory.

Wedding Short Black Hair with an Accessory

14. Neat Low Bun with Crimped Detail. Showy accessories don’t leave much place for sophisticated styling, but this updo proves that even a piece of crimped hair can be a real catch.

Sophisticated Wedding Bun Updo for Natural Hair

15. Retro-Chic Low Bun with Crystals. With the retro craze of recent years, this pinup style is anything but outdated, and its sparkling beauty ensures you’ll have your red-carpet moment.

Sparkling Black Pinup Bun for Wedding

16. Lady of the Rings Afro. We are not sure whether to classify this Fro as a half-up, half-down black wedding hairstyle, but it definitely has some strands tamed and decorated to emphasize the volume.

Wedding Black Afro Hairstyle

17. Lavish Pony with Corkscrew Curls. This is one of the natural wedding hairstyles that comes with built-in drama thanks to the outstanding texture and dimension.

Natural Pony Hairstyle for Wedding

18. Glossy Copper Chignon with Swirls. The loops of this lush bun chime well with the curves around the face and radiate texture set off by the smoothed crown.

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Lush Curled Bun Updo for Black Ladies

19. Flat Twisted Halo Upstyle. If you are looking for African wedding updos for natural black hair, this amazing set of flat twists wrapped around the crown will reliably keep your strands out of the face and shoulders.

Natural Black Wedding Updo with Flat Twists

20. Starry Style with Puffy Curls. With quality hair extensions and a handful of unusual accessories at hand, chic medium-hair black wedding hairstyles like this one are really a piece of cake.

Chic Wedding Hairstyle for Medium Black Hair

21. Loopy Updo Crowned with Jewelry. This whimsical style incorporates numerous bends climbing up the crown to create a beautiful frame for a set of floral pins.

Beautiful Black Loopy Updo with Floral Pins

22. Flawlessly Shaped Bun with Headband. There are few black bridal hairstyles that present Afro-textured hair in such a simple yet absolutely picture-perfect way.

Bridal Bun Updo for Black Natural Hair

23. Bubble Mohawk with Stitch Braiding. This bold look oozes a tribal aura and lets brides of African descent embrace their natural texture proudly.

Tribal Mohawk Updo for African American Brides

24. Dramatic Top Knot Wrapped in Spirals. Those in search of bohemian wedding hairstyles for black brides can mimic this free-spirited bun adorned with multiple loose ends.

Black Wedding Bun with Loose Spirals

25. Messy Curls in Soft Bun. This style has nothing extra in the front, with all the focus shifted to the oversized swirly chignon accentuated with a luxe headpiece.

Swirly Wedding Chignon for Black Brides

26. Intertwined Bun Updo with Accentuated Sides. Detailing is what distinguishes this gorgeous updo from many black women’s wedding hairstyles made with a bun.

Black Women's Wedding Bun

27. Glitzy Merlot Red Hairstyle. This rich color alone would be enough to make a strong statement, but the sculptured waves turn the style into something totally jaw-dropping.

Wedding Updo with Sculptured Waves

28. Hefty Crimped Hair Chignon. Make sure to give this seamlessly rounded bun a second glance to admire its beautiful texture and clean shape.

Clean Bridal Updo for Natural Hair

29. Giant Locked Bun with Pouf. If you haven’t considered black wedding updo hairstyles constructed with locs yet, this fabulous example may inspire you to keep your dreads for the big day.

Black Wedding Updo for Dreads

30. Flat Twist Queen Upstyle. This beauty gets almost all of her head wrapped with textured ropes of hair to build tons of volume around the top and at the nape.

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Textured Flat Twists Updo with a Tiara

31. Mermaid Waves with Pearls. Don’t forget to properly select accessories for black wedding hairstyles with a veil: this girl makes a hit with the pearl pins in her hair to complement the smaller pearls on her veil.

Bridal Curly Bun for a Veil

32. XXL Bun with Hair Décor. The fantastic size of this bun doesn’t require further prettification, yet the crisscross weaving and the hair intertwined on its top add visual interest.

Big Black Bun with Details for Wedding

33. Kinky Top Knot with a Twist. The fanciful bends in this high bun create a strong focal point, but we cannot miss the carefully styled baby hairs which make all the difference.

Fanciful Top Knot Updo for Kinky Natural Hair

34. Cornrowed and Locked Bun Style. We can keep staring at these locs for hours, admiring the unique pattern, shaggy texture, and yummy color combo.

Unique Bridal Bun for Black Locs

35. A Bunch of Wedding Dreads. This fun style with looped brown dreads sticking out of the crown would be a cool pick for a boho wedding.

Boho Wedding Updo with Dreads

36. Burgundy Crisscross Chignon with Pearls. This vibrant red wine hair is carefully tucked to demonstrate the elegant crisscross styling and accommodate a good scatter of pearls.

Elegant Twisted Chignon for Black Brides

37. Ghana Braids Wrapped at the Nape. The two chunky braids raised above the smoothed crown create a perfect frame for the face to garner attention and they are balanced with more braiding spooled in the back.

Perfect Black Braided Updo

38. Sectioned Braided Updo. You can opt for only one Ghana braid running along the hairline and flowing into a grand bun stuffed with plaiting.

Ghana Braid and Braided Bun Updo

39. Garnet Red Chignon with Opulent Accessories. If you dream to appear in all your finery at a classic wedding, bundle a deep color, a glamorous rolled-up hairstyle, and a splendorous headpiece as this bride did.

African American Wedding Rolled Chignon

40. Cornrows and Softly Textured Bun. This extravagant style starts with tight cornrows and ends unexpectedly in a seemingly plush top knot.

Curvy Scalp Braids and Braided Top Knot

We did our best to pick wedding hairstyles for black women to suit different natural hair types, wedding themes, and even brides’ personalities, so we hope you’ll find your perfect coif in our collection.

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