50 Stunning Twist Hairstyles Worth Taking Screenshots

Are you looking for some fresh and stylish hair inspiration? Look no further than these 50 stunning twist hairstyles that are sure to turn heads and make a statement. From intricate updos to simple yet chic styles, these twists offer a unique and captivating way to elevate your look. Get ready to take some screenshots, because you’ll definitely want to recreate these eye-catching hairstyles for your next event or casual day out.

Are you wondering what twist hairstyles would suit your personality and style? Do you want to know what hair twists are trendy in 2024? Check out the information below.

There are many different types of twists you can treat your hair to. Modern twist braids come in various sizes and styles. You can opt for smaller size individual twists, thick Marley twists, or some glamorous bob twists with cuffs. The choice is really wide!

Here are 50 twists hairstyles that are in high demand among women now, for all hair types, textures, and hair lengths.

1. Side-Parted Chin-Length Kinky Twists. These short twist braids are both classy and elegant. Add some beads and decorations for a more attention-grabbing hairstyle.

Kinky Bob Twist Braids

2. Side-Parted Neck-Length Twists. Don’t want to stay in the salon for too long? Then opt for short twist hairstyles like this one. It will also save your scalp from tension brought by heavy extensions.

Neck-Length Twists Bob Hairstyle

3. Swirling Feed-In Twisted Cornrows. Extend your hair with two strands twists for a sharp overall vibe. Be chic complementing this hairstyle with a gorgeous lip color and glasses.

Chic Feed-In Two-Strand Twists

4. Bob-Length Chunky Coiled Twists. Eye-catching and complementing any aesthetic, these twists are also easy on your scalp. They’re not too tight and let your scalp breathe better.

Coiled Bob Twists

5. Mini Twists Bob. Frame your face with the never-aging bob. Be elegant, classy, and edgy – all at the same time.

6. Short Passion Twists. If you’re after extensions that don’t seem like extensions at all, go for these side-parted braids. Do them in a shade that complements your skin tone to be glowing.

Short Brown Twist Braids

7. Middle-Parted Tribal Twists. Balance your facial features and elevate your grace with this charming hairstyle. The shiny two-strand twists are a cool hairstyle for your successful 2024.

Two-Strand Middle-Parted Twists 2024

8. Flat Twists and a Bun. Searching for natural hair twists that won’t get in the way and have an elegant feel to them? Be professional, keep your hair in place, and show off your plaits!

Updo with Natural Twists

9. Neat Lob-Length Knotless Twists. If you want twists on natural hair that are lightweight, pain-free during installation, and professional-looking as well, choose these braids.

Natural Lob Twists

10. Ombre Afro Twists in a Bun. Perfect for any skin tone and event, this hairstyle will accentuate your strong bone structure and brighten your eyes.

Updo Hairstyle with Ombre Twists

11. Short Two-Strand Twists with Cuffs. Elevate your femininity with theshort, side-parted hairstyle. Add some dainty cuffs and beads to finish your overall finesse.

Short Side-Parted Twists Hairstyle

12. Accessorized Space Buns with Twists. Go bold with one of the most decorated twist braids hairstyles out there. Feel quirky and fun by adding cuffs and charms to your twists.

Twist Braids in Buns

13. Edgy Lob-Length Hair Twists. This striking style thrives on texture and amplification — it pairs two strands of hair to create fleshy twists and gets them completed with oversized knots that shift attention to the chunky ends.

Lob Twists with Knotted Ends

14. Marley Twists and a Scarf. Choose this for full volume and a more natural look. Add some headwraps with varying designs that match your outfit for a stunning summer-ready style.

Jumbo Ponytail with Marley Twists

15. Two-Strand Twists in a Ponytail. Feel like a rockstar with this hairstyle that will make you want to whip your hair back and forth. If you’re unsure what braids to get and want something that will last, Senegalese twists can last up to 16 weeks.

Cornrows and Ponytail Twists

16. Wrapped Flat Twist Braids. If you want to keep your extensions off your neck and ears, this style is for you. It protects your natural hair and can be accessorized for special occasions.

Accessorized Flat Twist Updo

17. Long Twisted Hair with Loose Curls. These smooth ropes of hair feel absolutely velvety, which doesn’t prevent them from gaining some boho vibes with the springy ringlets at the ends and the tiny loose curls interweaved into the front twists.

Long Jumbo Twists with Curled Ends

18. Cleopatra-Inspired Twists. Feel like one of the legendary powerful women in history with this dazzling twisted hairstyle. Put some gold threads and cuffs to channel the queen in you.

Chunky Bob Twists with Cuffs

19. Headband Flat Twists. Dainty and subtle, this hairstyle doesn’t require tight or heavy twists. Feel carefree with loose curls and delicate braids.

Two Flat Twists and Ponytail

20. Midnight Black Passion Twists. If you like the messy feel of this style while wondering whether these are twists or faux locs, you are in the good company of passion twists enthusiasts now.

Messy Glossy Passion Twists

21. Half-Up Ponytail Twists. Let your hair spill on both sides of your face and add height to your hairstyle and overall look with this cute half-up pony.

Mid-Length Chunky Twists

22. Tight Top Kinky Bottom Hairstyle. This is another version of bob-themed twist hairstyles: here, different textures are combined to create a stunning contrast, with the springy ringlets adding a playful touch to the look.

Bob Twists with Curled Ends

23. Gypsy Twist Hair in Purple Shades. This vibrant style accommodates a bunch of purple shades, which emphasize the offbeat nature of bohemian twists created with irregular plaiting, random styling, and intentional fluffiness.

Long Vibrant Purple Twists

24. Kinky Twists Bun with Bangs. Wrap your extensions into a cute updo while still showing off your fringe in this sophisticated style!

Bun Updo with Kinky Twists

25. Flat Twists and Three Buns. Craving for something unique? This style is a sure head-turner. Make them on blonde hair, and you’re set for the runway!

Blonde Mohawk Buns with Flat Twists

26. Swirls and Mohawk Twists. This hairstyle has a gorgeous side view and boasts Mohawk twists and swirling cornrows.

Mohawk with Twists and Cornrows

27. Auburn Afro Twists. Pick this style if you want twist hair braids that come in one of the trendiest colors of the season. These twists are super-popular, and you can get them installed on the same day you visit the salon, you now need to just find a good braider near you.

Popular Twist Braids Style

28. Jumbo Senegalese Twisted Bun. Keep the focus on your face but still call attention to your twists by putting them in a high updo. Easy-maintenance and stunning!

High Bun for Jumbo Twists

29. Half-Up Half-Down Two-Strand Twists. Choose these alluring locks for maximum protection. Add some filigree cuffs with different motifs to enhance your overall style.

Half-Up Ponytail for Twists

30. Long Individual Twists and Curls. Are you inspired by Senegalese twist hairstyles but also want to keep your loose curls? Get this hairdo then!

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31. Yarn Twists in Bandana. Follow these three ways and style your twists with a bandana. Put them in a bun, bundle them in a low pony, or just let them down.

Hairstyles for Medium Yarn Twists

32. Silver and Pink ‘Box Twists’. Try a hairstyle that’ll never run out of luster! Take full advantage of the different colors offered by hair extensions and sparkle as much as you want!

Silver Twists with a Pink Accent

33. Jumbo Senegalese Twist Braids. This style maximizes the picture-perfect accuracy and smoothness of Senegalese twists by presenting them in the hard-to-miss jumbo size.

Senegalese Twists in Jumbo Size

34. Curly Twists with Filigree Cuffs. Dashing and luxurious locks for a fancy lady! Compared to loose hair, these twists can hold moisture longer, keeping it tangle-free.

Fancy Loose Curly Twists

35. Blonde Braid Twists. Lightweight, tight, and neat. Get a 2-in-1 twists and box braids hairstyle with subtle colors that will make you really stand out, especially if your natural hair color is dark!

Neat Twists and Box Braids

36. Textured Marley Braids. Long, luscious, and always current. These braids use additional hair, that’s quite affordable. Although it’s fake, it still resembles natural hair.

Chunky Marley Twists with Highlights

37. Golden Half Up Half Down Twists. Flaunt your golden plaits in a hairstyle that shows how your hair looks when bundled up and left down.

Half-Up Twists Hairstyle

38. Medium-Length Yarn Twists. If you’re planning to style your extensions in different ways, choose these shoulder-length braids. They give your natural hair a break and keep your texture.

Shoulder-Length Yarn Twist Braids

39. Short Twists Cornrows. Don’t like long extensions? You can always opt for these plaits. Add some clips for a feminine touch.

Feminine Updo for Short Twists

40. Twists with Curly Ends in Various Colors. These braids are known for how comfortable they are on the hair. Pick looser twists to promote healthy growth under your extensions.

Comfortable Colorful Twist Braids

41. Twists with Undercut. Look dapper with these bold braids that look both current and traditional. You can even put your braids in a pompadour if you want.

Braided Undercut and Pompadour Twists

42. Chunky Kanekalon Twists with Color. Get creative with scalp twists and different hues. Display your artsy side and pair your hair with your own fashion.

Scalp Twists with Colorful Ends

43. Long Curly Twists. This hairstyle oozes soft and feminine vibes. Inspired by the boho aesthetic, you can get your twists in beautiful colors and relaxed styles.

Feminine Relaxed Curly Twists

44. Extended Twists with Curls. Craving for very long twists with beads or cuffs? Choose these twists if you want lengthy plaits you can decorate to your heart’s content.

Decorated Long Twists with Undone Ends

45. Side-Parted Thick Twists. Show off your regal and sophisticated side with this hairstyle. Add some golden cuffs for a luxurious touch.

Thick Twists with Golden Cuffs

46. Twisted Updo with Face Framing. Thick hair of medium length is everything you need to create dramatic natural twist hairstyles, such as this mix of flat twists in the back and twisted braids in the front.

Flat Twists Bun Updo

47. Double Jumbo Twist Bun. If you aim to be a show-stopper, choose this hairstyle. The jumbo twists are great for temporary protection and won’t keep you in the salon for too long.

Jumbo Pigtail Buns for Twists

48. Amber Bob with Curled Twists. This cute brown bob gets the most out of plaiting and twisting by matching braided cornrows with twists and then curling the twists into spirals to produce an even kinkier and bouncier look.

Curled Bob-Length Twists

49. Cornrows and Long Twist Braids. Be versatile with braids and a high pony. Cornrows will keep the long extensions off your face and complement the loose twists and curls.

Long Twists in a High Ponytail

50. Inverted Flat Twists Updo. Stand out with this simple yet sophisticated hairstyle. Let the ends of your twists work as bangs to add volume and balance your face shape.

Sophisticated Updo for Twists

And there you have it, several dozens of twists hairstyles to bring out the goddess in you! Experiment with new twist styles and flaunt your hair. Be gorgeous with whatever hair twists you pick.

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