40 Best Ideas How to Cut and Style Side Bangs in 2024

Side bangs can add a touch of chic and freshness to any hairstyle, but finding the right cut and style can be a daunting task. Whether you’re looking for a soft and wispy side-swept bang or a bold and edgy look, there are countless options to choose from. In this guide, we’ve curated the 40 best ideas for cutting and styling side bangs in 2024, so you can find the perfect look to complement your hair type, face shape, and personal style. From subtle changes to dramatic transformations, these ideas will inspire you to take your side bangs to the next level.

Side bangs are frequently sported by celebrities on the red carpet. No wonder why. They are stylish, convenient, and suit literally everyone. You won’t spend much time and effort on a vibrant look if you choose side-swept hair!

Check out our list of the most popular side swept bangs in 2024 and find something for you.

1. Long Choppy Side Bangs for Round Face. The traditional bob haircut completed with choppy side bangs creates a super-stylish look. The hair slims down your cheeks and shows off the cute chin and graceful neck.

Short Bob with Choppy Side Bangs

2. Messy High Bun with Piece-y Side Bangs. The fringe transforms this messy bun into a romantic hairstyle suitable for going out or impressing your friends and family.

Messy Bun Updo with Side Bangs

3. Sleek Bob with Side-Swept Bangs. The side part and layered side bangs go so well together! A straight bob with side bangs like this will totally boost your confidence and make you shine, whatever the occasion is.

Long Bob with a Side Part and Bangs

4. Side Part Bangs with Shoulder-Length Waves. With those thick bangs, a sexy look from under the fringe is guaranteed. Beach waves make this hairstyle soft and romantic.

Beach Waves and Side Part Bangs

5. Voluminous Bob with Side Swept Bangs. This style features impressive volume. The side bangs and teased crown do the job right.

Voluminous Side Bangs for Short Bob

6. Layered Lob with Airy Side Swept Bangs. This handsomely tousled style with lived-in blonde highlights and wispy layers calls for an effortless fringe to draw attention to the eyes and keep up the airy feel.

Long Side-Swept Bangs for Medium Hair

7. Butterfly Side Bangs for Long Hair. This chocolaty brown mane is cut with long, chunky layers to produce bounce on the bottom and adorned with light, feathered curtain bangs to balance the volume.

Long Side Bangs and Layers

8. Smooth Black Bob with Textured Side Bangs. Blunt and fairly polished at first blush, this jet-black style gains extra texture through the point-cut, curled-under ends and long piece-y bangs swept to one side.

Collarbone Bob with Long Side Bangs

9. Tousled Bob with Long Side Bangs. This cute cut is perfectly customized for thin hair thanks to the depth created at the roots, volume-boosting styling, and lift in the front that evolves into a side fringe.

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Wispy Comb-Over Side Bangs

10. Silky Blonde Bob with Wispy Fringe. You can cut side bangs at a flattering length, for example, to create a fuller feel in the front and help a contrasting color to bring out your eyes.

Wispy Side Bangs for a Round Face

11. Traditional Ponytail with Wispy Side Bangs. If you like to wear your hair up, a long fringe is often preferable to frame and soften your face. Its length and swoopy appearance create an intriguing look.

Ponytail with Side Bangs

12. Shoulder Length Haircut with Parted Side Bangs. The long side bangs resting on the cheekbones totally transform this lob haircut. Dry the fringe with a round brush to add more volume.

Long Side Bangs for Shoulder-Length Hair

13. Shag with a Middle Part and Side Bangs. This is basically a long wavy bob with shaggy layers and a medium-length fringe that hits the cheekbones. A little chaos is ideal for street-style fashion.

14. Side Bangs Long Hair. A long fringe can add a nice accent to your entire look, delivering strong romantic vibes. If you’re tired of having your bangs fall in your face all the time, just pin them up and back for the rest of the day.

Long Shag with Long Side Bangs

15. Center-Parted Side Bangs Haircut. A medium shag with side bangs is a casual (and we mean it in the best way possible) hairdo that doesn’t require much time to style in the morning.

Shag with Center-Parted Bangs

16. Side-Swept Curtain Bangs. You don’t have to cut side swept bangs short if you don’t want to. Slightly parted curtain bangs swept to each side of your face will suffice. The beautiful transformation from plain no bangs hair to a gorgeous haircut with bangs is mind-blowing.

Side-Swept Bangs Transformation

17. Thick Straight Fringed Lob. When you want to grade bob hairstyles, give lob hairstyles with side bangs a class of their own. This lob style is chic and classy. Just a minimal touch of a side fringe completed this pretty hairstyle.

Lob with a Side Fringe

18. Stunning Dark Hair with Swoop Bangs. The hairstyle with side bangs will show best your solid hair color and the layered texture of your cut! To make the hair color shiny and vibrant don’t forget to use quality hair products.

Shiny Dark Hair with Side Bangs

19. Side Bangs Hairstyles for Mature Women. For ladies who have stepped up to the 5th floor, adding side bangs to your choice hairstyle gives your face a youthful look. More fitting when your choice haircut is a short one.

Over 40 Side Bangs with Glasses

20. Lush Side Bangs for Medium Hair. Without overwhelming the look, this full-bodied side-swept fringe plays well with the volume and texture injected to the bottom by cutting short and blatantly disconnected layers.

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Long Layered Side Bangs for Thick Hair

21. The “Tigress” Side Bangs and Wavy Layers. This is the ultimate combination for a goddess. Long side-swept bangs and long blonde hair with a loose wave. You can add highlights and lowlights for extra dimension.

Long Wavy Hair with Side Bangs

22. Layered Side Bangs Haircut. Apart from a stunning graduation, this sassy angled bob catches the eye with the no less impressive contrast between the sleek perimeter and the choppy finish around the edges, bangs included.

Angled Bob with Blended Side Bangs

23. Medium Length Hair with Layered Side Bangs. Anyone can easily pull off any hairstyle with these side swept bangs. Style your hair in quick messy waves or straighten it – side bangs are universally flattering and comfortable to wear.

24. Straight Hair with Side Bangs. Straight shoulder-length hair with side bangs on a slant is a traditional look. The fringe provides volume and texture, hiding the cheekbones.

Long Side Bangs for Straight Hair

25. Side-Swept Bangs for Long Blonde Hair. Bangs are amazing on blonde hair, especially when they blend with face-framing layers. If a middle part is your most flattering part, ask your stylist to cut side bangs to go with your hairstyle.

Long Hair with Middle Part and Side Bangs

26. Feathered Off-Center Fringe for Blunt Shoulder-Length Hair. Cut at one length all the way around, this dense hair could have dragged the girl’s face down if it weren’t for Farrah Fawcett’s bangs that make the look balanced.

Farrah Fawcett’s Feathered Bangs

27. Wind-Blown Side Bangs for Messy Bob. Getting waves is not the only way to add dynamics to your straight-hair bob, the more so that a deep side part plus messy styling equals tons of volume.

Voluminous Long Side Bangs for Straight Hair

28. Side-Swept Bangs with Wavy Hair. My hair is wavy, are side bangs haircuts going to look good on me? Sure. Side-swept bangs aren’t for straight hair only. They look just as fantastic on wavy and curly hair too.

Medium Wavy Haircut with Side Bangs

29. Red Lob with Parted Side Swept Bangs. The uneven choppy finish and curtain bangs guarantee a cool tousled look. Choose a refreshing color, like this light copper, and be ready to fall in love with your new style.

Tousled Lob with Curtain Bangs

30. Swoop Bangs. A side bangs style that delivers a hot and fresh look for any occasion is swoop bangs. They flatter your face regardless of its shape, draw attention to your eyes and cheekbones, and look just so fashionable.

Long Hair with Side Swoop Bangs

31. Ginger Lob with Layers and Lifted Roots. Unless you have a long face or a large forehead, it never hurts to give your hair some extra height by blow-drying your lengthy side bangs with a large round brush.

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Long Side Bangs for Lob-Length Hair

32. Long Hair with Blended Curtain Bangs. Although having minimal layering, this bombshell blonde hairstyle keeps the look on the shaggier side by exposing sliced ends on the bottom and pairing them with fluffy bangs.

Fluffy Curtain Bangs for Long Hair

33. Lob with Long Side Bangs and Highlights. This long bob with side bangs gives you an effortlessly trendy look, and it’s still a very basic, girl-next-door look. Match it with some waves, and you’re good to go!

Trendy Bob with Side Bangs and Waves

34. Swoopy Side Bangs with Money Piece. This version of long hair features not only shaggy layers but also a good deal of blonde strips to lend depth, enhance movement, and accentuate the fun flippy pieces on both sides of the face.

Long Hair with Flipped-Up Side Bangs

35. Side Swept Bangs with Tousled Long Hair. The beach look that has become so popular in street-style fashion is guaranteed. Parted in the middle, with a wispy fringe and soft waves to complete the beach effect.

Long Hair with Side Bangs Parted in the Middle

36. Cinnamon Brown Flip Around. Whether you have longer curtain bangs or shorter face-framing layers, you can push them to one side and combine them with combed-over hair to arrive at this voluminous and free-spirited look.

Voluminous Bangs to One Side

37. Side-Swept Bangs for a Big Forehead. These adorable bangs can become your go-to solution when you need to cover your forehead for a reason. Side-swept bangs hide a wide forehead, reshape your face, and keep wrinkles out of sight if any.

Long Wavy Hair and Side-Swept Bangs

38. Side-Swept Bangs with a Side-Part. Copy this style if you have a round face. Combed-over side-swept bangs work like magic. With the added height and one side of your face neatly hidden, your face looks much slimmer.

Long Side-Swept Bangs for a Round Face

39. Highlighted and Layered Side Swept Bangs. This sweet honey bob is beautifully complemented with feathery layers and bright blonde highlights in the front to frame the face and place it in the spotlight.

Long Feathered Side Bangs with Highlights

40. Side Bangs Blended into Face Framing Layers. Volumized by layering around the face, this smokey brown hair gets another dimensional addition with lavish yet lightweight bangs blended seamlessly into the face-framing pieces.

Lightweight Side Bangs Before and After

As you see, there are dozens of hairstyles with side bangs: longer and short, wispy and chunky. Hope our list of side bangs ideas has helped you not to waste too much time surfing the net or looking through fashion magazines, and you have now chosen your next look. Which one would you try? Comment below!

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