What Bangs Should I Get? Pro Tips + Cool Apps + a Quiz

Are you considering getting bangs but unsure which style would suit you best? Look no further! In this article, we will provide you with professional tips on choosing the right bangs for your face shape and hair type. Additionally, we will introduce you to some cool apps that allow you to try out different bangs styles virtually and even provide a quiz to help you narrow down your options. Get ready to find the perfect bangs for you!
How to decide if I should get bangs or not?

Have you recently asked yourself standing in front of the mirror, “Should I get bangs?” Then this article is for you!

If you’re like me, then that single question should have opened the floodgates to countless others. “Is cutting bangs a good idea?” “What would I look like with bangs?”, “What kind of bangs should I get?” and so on.

It’s good to have imagination, but don’t let your questions carry you away. Bangs are a serious commitment – you can’t simply return them like a pair of heels. In this article, we take a look at your burning questions about what you need to know before you decide to go for it.

What Face Shape Do Bangs Look the Best

What Type of Face Do Bangs Look Best On?

Bangs are known for bringing out your youthfulness, and you’ll want that on full display. However, you need to find the right style for your face shape.

What Face Shape Looks Good with Bangs?

Bangs work best on an oval face. So, if your face is naturally oval, you’re in luck! Another face shape that is suitable for any kind of bang is the heart shape.

Should I Get Bangs If I Have Oval Face

However, if your face is more square or oblong, don’t be disheartened! You only need to choose the right type of bangs more carefully. You could get the time-tested curtain bangs. Choppy bangs are also an option. As long as they’re between your eye and eyebrow, you’re golden. Besides, they’ll last longer between trims since the length isn’t the crucial point!

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Should I Get Bangs for Square Face

“Should I get bangs on a round face?” is another question I get a lot. For this, you might want to go for side-swept bangs. You want them to widen around your cheeks while slimming down your face.

Should You Cut Bangs for Round Face

What About the Forehead Size?

Bangs are a godsend for big foreheads. There’s nothing better than bangs to take the attention off your forehead. Whether straight, side-swept, choppy, or curly, bangs will minimize it. Wispy bangs are also a great option and one I’d recommend.

Should I Get Bangs for My Big Forehead

“If I have a small forehead, should I get bangs?” I hear you ask. Yes, you should. In fact, short and blunt bangs make the best compliment to short foreheads. Aim to expose as much of it as possible through your hairdo. That’ll make it appear longer.

Should I Cut Bangs for a Small Forehead

Should I Get Bangs If I Have a Big Nose?

You can, and you should. You may need long hair to pull this off, however. You want your hair to complement your nose, and long bangs will make your nose appear more delicate. Short or long hair, you anyway need to experiment with styles: curtain bangs and side-swept bangs are good choices but stay away from short bangs. They’ll draw attention to your nose even more.

How Do You Know If You Would Look Good with Bangs

What Kind of Hair Is Ideal for Bangs?

Regardless of the type of hair you have, you can make bangs work. Make them look flattering. Many people worry, though. Often, I get questions like, “should I get bangs with curly hair?” and “should I get bangs if I have thin hair?”

Should I Cut Bangs for My Thick Hair

Allow me to answer these questions once and for all. Yes, you can. Curls can make your bangs look stunning. You do need to keep them longer than bangs for straight hair because of their shrinkage.

Should I Cut Bangs If I Have Curly Hair

For thin hair, too, there’s no need to worry. Yes, I know you’re afraid that bangs might take away from your volume – something you no doubt already struggle with. In reality, long, swept-over bangs will make your hair look thicker!

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Should I Get Bangs for Thin Hair or Fine Hair

Should You Cut Your Bangs?

You can, but I would not recommend doing it yourself. You might pull too hard while trimming, and everything may go wrong. Your bangs will be displayed front and center, and any misalignment will be visible for all.

However, if you understand all the pros and cons, and feel an insatiable desire to experiment, you need to get a pair of good styling shears. They will serve you better than your regular run-of-the-mill scissors, that’s for certain. Pro tip: if you cut your bangs when they’re wet, remember that they will shrink when dry.

What Bangs Should I Get

Do you know the kind of questions I get the most? It is the “Should I get (type of bangs) bangs?” I’ll try to answer the majority of them shortly:

Should I get curtain bangs? They look best on square and round faces, but work well with all face shapes and hair types.

Should I Get Curtain Bangs

Should I get side-swept bangs? Yes, especially if you have a round face, as they elongate the features.

Should I Get Bangs with a Round Face

Should I get front bangs? Front bangs are the best bet for heart-shaped and oval faces.

Should I Get a Front Fringe

Should I get straight across bangs? They are OK even with round faces, if not cut too short.

Should I get Korean bangs? These are the trendy see-through bangs. Look best on straight hair, and are a bad choice for small foreheads.

Should I Get Korean Bangs

Should I get long bangs? No, if you have a long face or a very high forehead.

How to Style Long Bangs Creatively

Should I get straight bangs? Straight bangs accentuate roundness. If you want to look slimmer, they may be a bad choice.

Should I Get Straight Fringe

However, the easy answer is: try it out. You should get a bangs app or use an online styler to see what kind of bangs go with your face. The best ones are Stylecaster’s Makeover, Loreal’s Style My Hair, Virtual Hairstyler, and these apps. And, if you are thinking: “Should I get a bangs quiz + test?” go for it to see if you’re ready for bangs. Or, if you want bangs without all the work that goes into them, check out this guide on how to make fake bangs.

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Should I Get a Fringe Meme Illustration

When You Should Never Get Bangs?

When you are nervous, disappointed, exhausted, or after a divorce / break up with your boyfriend. It may seem that you can cut off that negative vibes, and make your life easier instantly. However, if your new bangs will be spontaneous, something may go wrong. You may cut them too short, or choose the improper shape. Of course, you can hide even the worst bangs in the world. Anyway, don’t hurry up, better sleep on it. Oh, yes, and never cut bangs when you are simply bored.

Should I Get a Fringe Quiz

Are Bangs In for 2024?

Bangs are never truly out of fashion, are they? Regardless of the season, you can find a way to make them work. However, 2024 looks promising for bangs in fashion. The curtain bang dominated the quarantine era, but for 2024, something else is waiting in the wings.

What Bangs Are the Trendiest

According to expert stylists, people are exhibiting a trend of retaining their lockdown grow out. This heavy growth will result in a heavier style. Utilizing the growth by adding a straight-across bang will no doubt make you stand out.

Are Bangs In Trend for 2024

What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Bangs Anymore?

If you cut your bangs too short, or are just bored with your fringe and want to grow it out, you may do the following tricks:

– Experiment with styling your bangs

– Hide your bangs

How to Hide Bangs Cut Too Short

– Color your fringe

How to Fix Bad Fringe or Bangs

So, the main thing you should take away from this article is that if you’ve always wanted bangs, always asked yourself, “Should I get a fringe?” then you don’t need to wait any longer. There is still something you can do to make bangs work for you. Remember, where there is a will, there is a way. It’s only a matter of finding what works for your particular set of circumstances.

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