50 Wonderful Short Haircuts for Women Over 60

As women enter their 60s, many begin to seek out new ways to express themselves through their personal style, including their haircuts. Short haircuts for women over 60 can be both stylish and low-maintenance, making them a popular choice for this age group. Whether you prefer a chic bob, a sassy pixie cut, or a stylish shag, there are countless options to choose from that can help you look and feel your best at any age. In this article, we’ll explore 50 wonderful short haircuts for women over 60 to help inspire your next hairstyle.

You may be getting older, but your hairstyle can remain timeless. Check out these 50 beautiful hairstyles for women over 60.

When you’re growing older your haircut should stay young and current – short haircuts for women over 60 are getting more elegant and sophisticated every year. With more hairstylists joining the field daily, there are tons of new hair ideas generated which means there’s definitely something out there to fit your needs and preferences.

Check out these 50 beautiful hairstyles for women over 60.

1. Short Feathered Cut. For women with fine hair, thicken up your piece-y layers with hair curlers or some texturizing spray.

Feathered Cut for Women with Fine Hair

2. White Hair Over 60. White pixies with undercuts will always look stylish on older women.

Stylish Undercut for Older Women

3. Pixie Haircut with Highlights. Getting highlighted feathers will spice up your hairstyle and your overall look, so have no fear and go experiment with your hair color!

60+ Short Feathered Pixie Hairstyle

4. Short Gray Hair for Women over 60. This hairstyle is very elegant and graceful, making any woman look classy and young. Use purple shampoo to keep your natural gray brass-free and get side-swept bangs – and voilà! Compliments guaranteed.

Over 60 Elegant Gray Pixie Bob

5. Classic Stacked Bob Cut. Bob cuts will always be included into the list of the best short hairstyles for women over 60 for their versatility and timelessness. The bob cut is convenient and feminine. Add bangs and color for a complete re-styling and turn heads wherever you go!

Over 60 Stacked Bob Cut

6. Cropped Pixie with Layers. Picking short haircuts for women over 60 can go as far as selecting an ultra-short pixie. Why not? Pixie cuts have always been a favorite when it comes to total makeovers, so start yours now!

Gray Pixie with Layers Over 60

7. Neat Pixie with Layered Bangs. Layering can create a whole range of effects in short haircuts for women over 60, and this feathery layered fringe injects a good deal of movement into the static, closely cut crop.

Salt-and-Pepper Layered Crop Over 60

8. Feathered Tapered Pixie Cut. This is one of the most popular short haircuts for women over 60 as it’s very stylish and, thanks to its tapered shape, it’ll make you look taller.

Short Tapered Pixie Over 60

9. Tight Back, Voluminous Crown. This salt and pepper pixie with a fun pop of teal remains short and clean (read: easy to style) at the nape but produces plenty of volume around the crown with longer top pieces.

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Voluminous Salt-and-Pepper Pixie with Nape Undercut

10. Accentuated and Pulled Forward. Apart from safely burying grayness in a stunning mix of ashy and pale blonde hues, this perfectly gamine pixie radiates youthful ardor and a bit of coquetry with its swept-forward styling and spiky tips.

Spiky Gray Pixie with Blonde Highlights

11. Wavy Pixie Haircuts for Over 60. A pixie hairstyle suits women with all hair types and all hair textures. For thinner hair, waves work perfectly as they deliver more volume and dimension to the haircut.

Over 60 Gray Wavy Pixie Hairstyle

12. Extra-Short Blonde Pixie. Not every woman is willing to rock silver hair. If you are more into warm hair colors, consider dyeing your hair blonde! The short pixie is definitely one of the best short hairstyles for fine hair over 60.

60+ Short Blonde Pixie for Fine Hair

13. Mussed-Up Pixie with Micro Bangs. This sassy lavender-tinted crop uses both white blonde highlights and tousled styling to disguise thin hair while the elongated sideburn bits and choppy micro bangs add zest and fullness to the front.

60+ Choppy Crop with Micro Bangs for Thin Hair

14. Pixie with Pointy Sideburns. Pointed sides at the ears make for cute details on short haircuts for women over 60.

Extra Short Haircut for Women Over 60

15. Lavender-Gray Spiky Haircut. Lavender looks so good on older ladies and goes well with short spiky haircuts for over 60. This piece-y hairdo brings a lot of texture and dimension to your locks.

Spiky Pixie Haircut for Older Ladies

16. Layered Short Gray Hair with Side-Swept Bangs. This tapered pixie version has many short layers to produce movement and texture, but it remains soft throughout the perimeter, including the neat bangs.

Over 60 Neat Gray Pixie with Bangs

17. Fine Hair with Bangs. Ladies over 60 years old with fine hair may try a parted pixie haircut with minimal bang action.

Over 60 Years Old Short Haircut with Bangs

18. Elegant Buttery Blonde Pixie. We never mind bringing joyful summer vibes into short hairstyles for women over 60, and this creamy, natural-looking shade with some depth at the roots makes the piece-y texture really shine out.

Piece-y Blonde Pixie for Women Over 60

19. Creamy Blond Bob with a Layered Fringe. While many short haircuts for women over 60 are choppy from top to bottom, this sassy bob is pretty blunt at the ends yet textured and volumized in the mid-length.

Blond Bob for Women Over 60

20. Layered Bob with Choppy Bangs. Besides giving a nice shape to the thick strands, this tapered cut with edgy side-swept bangs does a great job of balancing out the roundness of the face.

Choppy Bob with Side-Swept Bangs for Seniors

21. Short Spiky Cut with Shadow Roots. Apart from stunning texture and volume, this daring style boasts plenty of depth created with a darker color at the roots, which is a nice body-adding trick.

Over 60 Daring Short Cut

22. Choppy Feathered Pixie Hairstyle. Pixies are common short hairstyles for women over 60 because they are very easy to style and don’t need any special maintenance. Besides, a pixie cut is great for thin hair. Here we also see a very interesting ”patchy” frosted highlighting technique.

Pixie Hairstyle for Thin Hair Over 60

23. Layered Cut with Long Sides. For a different take on the pixie haircut, try having longer sides and longer layered locks on the crown rather than a cropped top.

Short Layered Gray Cut

24. Curly Hair with Undercut. Turning 60 and want something really different? Try a salt-and-pepper undercut topped with tousled layered curls.

Curly Salt-and Pepper Undercut Hairstyle

25. Light Blonde Pixie with Piece-y Face Framing. Some short hairstyles for women over 60 seem bold since they open up your face completely, but this cut gives you a safety blanket with long pieces all around the front.

Over 60 Short Blonde Pixie

26. Silver Pixie Bob with Lowlights. For those who are into a bit longer hair than pixies, pixie-bobs and short bobs for women over 60 would be an excellent choice. Add lowlights to your natural gray for more texture.

27. Pixie Bob Haircut with Sideburns. Sideburns make your face visually thinner and lend some special charm to your whole look. A great option for fine straight hair.

Short Gray Haircut for Fine Straight Hair

28. Piece-y Haircut Over 60. Short hairstyles for fine hair over 60 look even better when you upgrade them with delicious colors, such as this golden blonde with babylights.

Short Piece-y Hairstyle for Fine Hair Over 60

29. Straight Cropped Pixie. Pixies are your best option when it comes to short hair over 60. Spend less time styling with a low-maintenance haircut.

Low-Maintenance Short Haircut Over 60

30. Classy Long Pixie with Wispy Bangs. If you are after sophisticated short haircuts for older women, this gorgeous greige cut with a depth-adding root melt has seamlessly blended layers for a more polished, voluminous, and textured look.

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Over 60 Voluminous Textured Greige Pixie

31. Short Cut with Body. The short feathered cut with teased roots and babylights provides a voluminous hairstyle flattering for most women.

32. Big Short Hair for Women Over 60. This is the volume and movement ladies with thin hair can get just by asking for a longer pixie and styling it up and back.

Gray Pixie for Women Over 60 with Thin Hair

33. Short Shaggy Blonde Cut. Not only does this style direct attention to the eyes and sharpens the cheekbones, but it also creates nice fullness in the front.

Short Shaggy Cut for Older Ladies

34. Gray Short Hair. Older women tend to color their hair as they age, but why not embrace your elegant gray color with a cute pixie?

Cute Gray Pixie for Older Women

35. Messy Grown-Out Pixie for Thinning Hair. This sparingly textured and layered cut keeps most of the body intact and allows the messy styling to conceal thinning spots in the hair without much effort.

Textured Pixie for Thinning Hair

36. Golden Blond Hair with Piece-y Texture. This long pixie is full of layers accentuated with thinned-out ends and highlights to deliver both volume and texture.

60+ Long Pixie with Layers

37. Inverted Bob in Honey Blonde. Great volume at the crown and enhanced fullness around the face are only a few reasons for choosing inverted short bobs for women over 60.

Over 60 Short Inverted Bob

38. Low-Maintenance Hybrid Cut for Thick Straight Hair. The vintage hair trend is now introduced into short hairstyles for older women since this shaggy mullet crop reminds of Jane Fonda’s helmet hair of the 70s.

60+ Layered Mullet for Straight Hair

39. Soft Stacked Cut for Silver Hair. If you are looking for older short hairstyles for fine hair over 60, this cut can work for you since it creates a fuller crown with stacking and adds texture with the help of sliced ends.

Short Stacked Silver Hairstyle Over 60

40. Lifted Hair with Slicked Back Sides. This heavily-layered cut features feathered ends all around which lets it feel absolutely airy while encouraging lift at the top.

Short Feathered Cut for Older Ladies

41. Auburn Pixie with Wind-Blown Bangs. When wearing glasses, you might want to keep your hair away from the face to avoid overwhelming it, and this auburn cut with a side-swept fringe opens the face and brings out the blue eyes.

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Over 60 Pixie with Glasses Before and After

42. Two-Tone Graduated Bob. This cut combines hair stacked in the back with a fairly darker color to make the upper part feel even more elevated with no extra layering.

Stacked Blonde Bob with Darker Nape

43. Wash-and-Go Shag with Gray Blending. Here is an off-beat alternative to the dimensional salt and pepper color scheme, including insertions of peach blonde and emphasizing the shaggy texture of the pixie crop.

Shaggy Pixie with Blended Grays

44. Elegant Salt-and-Pepper Pixie with Wispy Bangs. Here is a cool example of a mature lady embracing her natural graying with the help of dark gray lowlights blended with her beautiful silver.

Over 60 Silver Pixie with Lowlights

45. Messy Pixie with Two Shades of Blonde. In the hunt for short hairstyles for ladies over 60 with glasses? This fun crop opens the face for oversized frames while retaining oomph and texture.

Pixie with Glasses Over 60

46. Chic Bob with Deep Bangs and Face-Framing Layers. We like how this short bob hugs the face, softening its contour and amps up the volume at the crown, leaving enough body in the front.

Chic Blonde Bob for Older Ladies

47. Bobbed and Feathered Short Hair for Older Women. This silver bob handsomely shapes the thick tresses and turns the heavy hair into an airy style with the help of a swoopy fringe and feathered layers.

Short Feathered Gray Bob for Older Women

48. Playful Tousled Pixie Cut. Actually, you can blow dry this long pixie to get a much smoother look, but it will remain gorgeously textured and low-maintenance anyway.

Over 60 Low-Maintenance Pixie Cut

49. Chunky Bixie with Dramatic Coloring. This silver fox hairstyle comes with two killer combos: it pairs the choppiness of a pixie with the length and shape of a bob while also mixing gray and silver.

Short Gray Bixie with Lowlights

50. Wispy Pixie for Fine Hair. This layered style carefully releases the thin strands from weight and gives them a good lift at the roots while the totally lived-in blonde highlights add depth to the pack.

Fine Hair Lived-In Dark Blonde Pixie Over 60

Hopefully, you feel a little better about the abundance of options you have in short haircuts for women over 60. The nice thing about short hair is low-maintenance and freedom to transform into another style in a short time.

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