20 Best Short Fluffy Hair Ideas to Try the New Trend

Looking for a fresh and trendy new hairstyle? Short and fluffy hair is all the rage right now, offering a fun and youthful look perfect for any occasion. Whether you have naturally curly hair or want to add some volume to your straight locks, there are countless ways to rock this cute and stylish trend. From playful pixie cuts to bouncy bob hairstyles, we’ve rounded up the 20 best short and fluffy hair ideas to inspire your next salon visit.

Following a TikTok’s trend that started as a voluminous, loosely styled look for medium to long manes, there is now a hunt for short fluffy hair, meaning full-bodied haircuts with lots of natural texture, airy feel, and effortless vibes.

Although thicker wavy and curly hair types are better set for giving off the desired fluff, you can also achieve the lived-in fluffy flair with thin, fine, and straight strands by layering, texturizing, and some smart styling. Let’s explore how this is done on real women with different hair types and, probably, find some inspo for your next trendy crop.

1. Fluffy Short Hair with Graduated Bangs. This sweet chin-length bob is made thicker with a deep, dense fringe that hits the brows and gets longer toward the temples, and is further volumized by messy styling on the crown.

Chin-Length Fluffy Bob

2. Fluffy Non-Binary Hair with Perm. If you wonder how to make short hair fluffy for a trendy gender-neutral style, take a clue from this jet-black mushroom cut that keeps the bottom sleek and straight but fluffs up the top with loose permed waves.

Short Fluffy Messy Perm Hair

3. Undone Razor-Cut Lob. Here is a way to cut your hair short and fluffy from the get-go — ask for a layered long bob with razor-cut ends to get plenty of shaggy texture and muss up the hair to enjoy an effortless look.

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Fluffy Lob with Razor Cut Ends

4. Short Fluffy Hair with Bangs and Spikes. Sweeping longer strands of your choppy pixie from the crown toward the front is a great trick for creating a bushy style, especially when the spikes on the top are coupled with a thick, jagged fringe.

Jagged Fluffy Pixie with Bangs

5. Emo Fluffy Short Hair with a Pop of Orange. Fluffy haircuts with choppy layers and bold color insertions give you a nice chance to channel your personality, similar to this voluminous emo mullet with ragged micro bangs and electric orange strands.

Voluminous Fluffy Choppy Mullet

6. Tousled Bowl Cut with Statement Bangs. Speaking of micro bangs, let’s take note of this arched version with a shaggy finish and flicks on the sides, beautifully incorporated into the very short fluffy hair.

Short Shaggy Fluffy Hair with Micro Bangs

7. Fluffy Hair Haircut with an Ombre Effect. Apart from showing the mesmerizing color transition that makes the brown base seem deeper and emphasizes the movement of the waves, this textured lob adds some width to the sides to nicely balance out the long face.

Fluffy Textured Lob Shag

8. Little Blonde Shag for Thin Hair. This is an example of short fluffy hair a female can pull off even if her strands lack density, as the deep fringe creates a fuller appearance in the front and the mullet shape allows retaining a full-bodied look around the crown.

Fluffy Mullet for Thin Hair

9. Short Layered Fluffy Hair with a Blunt Bottom. This funky style is cut blunt at the bottom to give the illusion of fullness around the ends, with lots of exterior layering added to the top to texturize and lift the thin, straight hair.

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Thin Straight Fluffy Hair Before and After

10. Fluffy Hair Style with Parisian Chic. Cut one length at the ends and classically parted in the middle, this jaw-length bob hugs the face with slightly bent side tresses, radiating the signature French nonchalance through its effortless texture and just-out-of-bed feel.

Fluffy Messy French Bob

11. Fire Engine Red Fluffy Hair. We can’t decide what we like more about this striking pixie cut — the chunky layers creating the fluff, the retro vibes oozed by the curved sideburn bits, or the way the fierce red shows off the fair skin.

Striking Fluffy Pixie Cut

12. Short Fluffy Alt Hair with a Wispy Finish. Contrary to the previous style that thrives on thickness, this perfectly gothic short wolf cut plays up feathering with a dramatic lift at the roots added to the pack.

Gothic Wispy Wolf Cut

13. Fluffy Hair with Short Sides and Bangs. This is one of the boldest hairstyles for short puffy hair we’ve found on Instagram! It combines an undercut, a mullet, blunt micro bangs, and ruffled strands on the crown to deliver a totally cool look.

Cool Fluffy Undercut Mullet

14. Short Fluffy Hair with Curtain Bangs and Splashes of Pink. This wavy hybrid hairstyle with a touch of strawberry marries the shape of a mullet to the frequent layers of a shag and complements the formula with feathered curtain bangs.

Fluffy Mullet Shag with Curtain Bangs

15. Natural Curly Fluffy Hair. This ample above-the-shoulder Afro hair is carefully layered to give a rounded shape to the densely packed coils, and the slightly highlighted spirals gain definition toward the ends for better bounce, while the natural frizz at the roots makes part of the fleecy look.

Thick Fluffy Afro Hairstyle
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16. Short Fluffy Tomboy Hair with Side Bangs. This gamine pixie cut full of movement is a perfect choice for girls with wavy hair since it allows for maximizing the natural texture, though you won’t do without a hair wax to ensure the matte finish and hold for the messy strands on the crown.

Fluffy Pixie for Girls with Thick Wavy Hair

17. Shattered Beach Wave Lob. Some short fluffy haircuts require more styling efforts than others, and apart from a fresh lob cut with a good deal of texturizing for the ends, you will need a salt spray and a curling iron to recreate this poofy beach-inspired style.

Beach-Inspired Fluffy Lob

18. Short Inverted Bob with Choppy Finish. This picture proves that bob-based fluffy haircuts are not limited to blunt styles, as this blonde crop produces enough volume and fluffiness with the short layers stacked in the back and sliced-out strands around the exterior.

Choppy Fluffy Pixie Bob Haircut

19. Short Fluffy Wolf Cut Hair Filled with Curls. Cut shorter at the top and accompanied by longer and wispier layers in the back, this shaggy, wild style accommodates tons of messy curls and delivers the airy ‘70s texture with no sweat.

Fluffy Curly Wolf Cut Mullet

20. Cute Short Fluffy Hair with Deep Side Parting. This bouncy bixie pairs the length of a bob with the layers of a pixie and amps up the volume and puff by adding a mass of irregular curls and side-swept styling.

Side-Swept Curly Fluffy Bixie

These pictures prove that short fluffy hair is modern, diverse, and doable on different textures. Moreover, now you know how to get short fluffy hair in numerous ways based on your hair type, preferred length, and, of course, your personality. Use our collection as your inspiration source, and head to a salon for a fresh and hot chop!

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