50 New Red Hair Ideas & Red Color Trends for 2024

Are you thinking about updating your look with a bold and fiery new hair color? Look no further! In this article, we’ve rounded up the hottest red hair color trends and ideas for 2024. Whether you’re looking for a subtle pop of red or a dramatic crimson hue, we’ve got you covered with 50 stunning options to inspire your next hair transformation. Get ready to embrace the red hair trend and make a statement with your locks in the coming year!

In this article, you will find the best hairstyles for women who want a trendy red hair look. These styles have been carefully selected to cover all hair lengths and skin tones. So, no matter what your unique needs are, you will surely find a perfect style for you through the following 50 pictures.

Check out these gorgeous feminine red hairstyles to glam up your red hair.

1. Rosewood Balayage. The pinkish brown hair has quite a natural look. Incorporate some pinkish highlights into your auburn hair for a simple and classy air.

Messy Rosewood Lob

2. Balayage Red Hair. Just check this brown red balayage with a two-tone color solution and big curls. The look is stylish, elegant, and very feminine.

Long Brown Red Balayage Hair

3. Dark Copper Shade. Known as one of the natural-looking shades of red hair, dark copper is a great choice if you are after simplicity and a natural approach. Incorporate some curls into your dark copper hair to give it a sumptuous stylish twist.

Long Dark Copper Hair

4. Red Hair with Highlights. Features a double tone that endows your hair with a fiery look and shiny luster. Red hair dye can look dimensional when you apply highlighting techniques.

Light Copper Highlights for Red Hair

5. Copper Red Hair Color. Copper-colored hair is stylish and has a boho vibe to it. Simply infuse your hair with a copper color for a vibrant yet relaxed look.

Long Curly Copper Red Hair

6. Light Auburn with Rosy Tips. A light auburn lob with a rosy tip twist. Bring some rosy red to the tips of your light auburn hair for a subtle gradient.

Light Auburn Hair with Rosy Babylights

7. Brown Hair with Red Highlights. A stylish combination of brown and red hair for a basic shoulder-length cut. Use this hairstyle to accentuate your natural brown hair.

Chocolate Brown Hair with Red Balayage

8. Spicy Cinnamon Red Hair. Incorporate soft-toned highlights into gentle curls for a trendy chocolate and cinnamon balayage: a glamorous and trendy hairstyle.

Chocolate and Cinnamon Red Balayage

9. Raspberry Red Tips. Raspberry is one of the trendiest red hair shades to try if you like to experiment. Adopt this style with either long or shoulder-length hair and you’ll get a fresh and modern look.

Raspberry Balayage for Dark Hair

10. Picture-Perfect Reddish Brunette. The striking shades of auburn and burgundy highlights on this messy lob present a red hair color that is truly gorgeous. The chocolate lowlights set off and enhance the color. The dark base underneath helps to create a smashing dimension.

Red Hair Color with Chocolate Lowlights

11. Streaky Red Hair with Root Melt. When you can’t choose between red hair color shades, it makes sense to pack a whole bunch of them into a lively balayage and enjoy amazing depth created by lowlights and root melt.

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Balayage Hair with Red Hair Color Shades

12. Dark Auburn Red Hair. Feel a million-dollar fabulous with the deeply rich and luminous hue of dark red hair. This mix of red wine tones oozes a warm and captivating allure. The loose waves show off this hair to its advantage.

Dark Red Hair with Loose Waves

13. Natural Red and Brown Blend. This mix reminds us of our favorite desserts. If you like sweet, natural-looking feminine colors, this solution will be a rewarding choice.

Sweet Red and Brown Hair Color

14. Red Brown Hair. Dark brown hair with a touch of red highlights spices up the stylish and glamorous long hairstyle.

Dark Brown Hair with Red Highlights

15. Candy Apple Red Balayage for Mid-Length Hair. Girls with light skin can easily pull off bright reds, while a bit of violet glow will bring out a natural blush in complexions that have more pink undertones.

Burgundy and Red Balayage Hair with Curls

16. Burgundy Red Hair. Dark burgundy red with some great curls. A glamorous and sophisticated hairstyle with a rich dark tone.

Dark Burgundy Red Hair Color

17. Reddish Brown Hair with Seamless Highlights. Although this rusty version of brown is rich enough to shine on its own, it never hurts to make it brighter and more dimensional with copper highlights seamlessly infused into the base color.

Long Copper Brown Balayage Hairstyle

18. Flamboyant Crimson and Copper Hair. The sophisticated blend of this hair leaves us green with envy. Such an amazing mix of colors! Fortunately, the style is easy to copy. Create your own red hair day by dying your strands a dark red hair color of your choice – crimson, cinnamon, or cherry red. Spice it up with some copper or strawberry blonde highlights.

Dark Red Hair Color with Copper Highlights

19. Vivid Copper with Golden Face Framing. Among the numerous shades of red hair, copper offers the best balance between expressiveness and natural feel, and it is extremely flattering for pale skin tones.

Bright Red Hair for Pale Skin

20. Deep Mahogany with Orangey Highlights. Red represents passion. Express your feminine passion with your tresses. The deeper red set off by a fiery red balayage adds a passionate feel to your hair.

Fiery Red Balayage on Mahogany Hair

21. Brown Red Haircut with a Fringe. Deepen your red hair with a brown hue for a more natural tone. Glam it up with a fringe, and there you have it.

Natural Reddish Brown Hair Color

22. Chestnut and Burnt Orange Red Hair. Getting tired of your solid dark hair color? Why not try highlighting some strands with a lively burnt orange hue? A great way to spice up your basic brunette or dark red hair. This two-tone red hair is ravishingly classy and easy to maintain. It delivers an amazing dimension to your hair, giving you the refreshing new look, you desire.

Two-Tone Dark Red Hair Color

23. Red and Orange Highlights. A colorful combination of orange and red, layered and blended stylishly. Carefully layer the colors to adopt this stylish look.

Red and Orange Balayage Bob

24. Strawberry Blonde and Red Hair. Who said you can’t have it all? A mix of these two fascinating hair colors on your hair yields a stunning effect. Enjoy the exquisite beauty of blonde hair enhanced with fascinating red strands.

Red Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

25. Cherry Red Highlights on Brown Hair. This is for a color-shy lady who knows it’s high time she got a change. The neutral and natural-looking red brown hair color solution provides a gentle way of testing the waters. The hair color looks all modest and laid-back but absolutely adds an unmistakable glam touch to the hairstyle.

Cherry Red Brown Lob Hairstyle

26. Natural Red Hair with Golden Blonde. Lucky you if your natural hair color is red. A touch of lighter blonde or red highlights is a great way to amplify the gorgeousness of your red hair.

Light Red Highlights on Red Hair

27. Burgundy with Burnt Orange Highlights. The more movement and dimension your locks have the more fantastic your mane appears. Highlights of light red hair color add these features together with a wonderful luminosity.

Orange Highlights on Burgundy Red Hair Color

28. Auburn Red Shade. Shades in the lighter end of the red hair color palette are remarkably bright and radiant. Red hair tones like auburn give your hair a glorious sunny glaze.

Radiant Auburn Red Balayage Hair Color

29. Copper Red Balayage. Adding vivid red highlights to dark hair is a good idea for bringing radiance and dimension to your mane. It is also the perfect way of testing the waters before committing to a full color change.

Dark Hair with Copper Red Highlights

30. Dark Strawberry Red with Blonde Highlights. Red hair is an attitude. You express yours the way you like. The combo of spicy red and fabulous blonde gives off an aura of beauty, boldness, and class. The soft blend of red and blonde hues is so sexy!

Spicy Blonde and Red Balayage Hair

31. Cherry Red Balayage on Brunette Hair. You don’t need to bleach all your locks if you want to rock bright red hair — just steal this stunning color scheme that inserts bold hues into a brown base.

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Brown Hair with Bright Red Balayage

32. Autumn-Ready Pumpkin Spice Hair. Mix a teaspoon of ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, and… well, you know the recipe, so just blend the earthy reds and warm browns to add spice to your look.

Spicy Earthy Red Hair Color

33. Red Hair Color with Burgundy Feel. With only some hints of violet around the roots and barely visible splashes of orangy red towards the ends, this rich color scheme showcases how to embrace a subtle cool-to-warm transition.

Rich Red Hair Color for Brunettes

34. Light Red Hair with Darker Roots. Gradient coloring always has a classy appeal to it. A darker red at the roots that fade into light red at the tips – simply gorgeous.

Dark to Light Copper Red Fade

35. Deep Copper All Over. To recreate this vibrant style, you will need to find red hair dye that delivers the perfect balance of red and brown tones and has plenty of shimmer sealed in the formula.

Copper Hair with Shadow Roots

36. Glossy Mix of Red Highlights and Lowlights. While one-color red hairstyles may lack dimension, this is not the case with this cute bob that gains depth with red-brown lowlights and boasts enhanced light reflection thanks to copper highlights.

Red Bob with Copper Highlights

37. Ruby-Red Hair. Ruby red is one of the brightest red hair shades, and it’s quite versatile for different lengths. Illuminate your look with the glowing ruby red hair color.

Long Bright Ruby Red Hair

38. Short Red Hair with Soft Money Piece. This no-frills blunt bob is mostly kept on the muted auburn side yet gets a bit of a zing in the front through brighter pieces framing the face.

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Blunt Red Bob with Bright Face-Framing Pieces

39. Caramel Red Hair with Dark Roots. A combination of sweet caramel lengths with dark roots. The darker roots accentuate the yummy red.

Caramel Red Balayage Hair

40. Dark Brown Hair with Red Tint. Copper tones are not only for fair-skinned girls, and brunettes with darker complexions can upgrade their brown to this stunningly rich shade of auburn red.

Auburn Red Balayage for Dark Brown Hair

41. Golden Red Brown Hair. Red hair with a brown tint looks awesome on both cool and warm skin tones. This mane boasts a ginger red hue that reflects light nicely to give it fabulous depth and dimension.

Long Ginger Red Hair

42. Shiny Ruby Red Balayage. Those looking for red hair color ideas on the brighter end of the spectrum should immediately snatch this brilliant purple-tinged style with flawlessly integrated highlights.

Purple Red Hair with Copper Highlights

43. Medium Brown Hair with Rusty Highlights. This great color job makes it into red hair styles that add a plethora of depth and movement to straight or slightly wavy hair.

Rusty Red Balayage with Dark Underneath

44. Rose Gold Hair. Bright rose gold hair. A vibrant copper look with rosy and strawberry blonde pieces. Quite invigorating!

Rose Copper Hair with Strawberry Blonde Highlights

45. Lived-In Copper Balayage. Choosing a base shade close to your natural hue is a smart way of easing into red hair colors, which ensures low maintenance while your hair is growing out but doesn’t prevent you from rocking a bunch of vibrant copper tones.

Low-Maintenance Copper Brown Hair Color

46. Bright Reds in Tiny Ribbons. If you are brave enough to sport less natural and extremely bold shades, this eye-catching blend of red and orange highlights with metallic sheen is just the thing.

Orange Highlights on Copper Hair

47. Deep Auburn with Delicate Highlights. Although less dramatic than fancy coppers, deep red tones like this tend to last longer and can be made a wee bit brighter with soft highlights placed here and there.

Deep Auburn Hair with Soft Highlights

48. Light Auburn Shade of Red. One of the more natural-looking red hair shades, the light auburn oozes a tranquil and simple vibe.

Light Auburn Hair Color

49. Redwood Ombre Hair. Girls having cool undertones in their skin can’t go wrong with reds that contain pinkish hues while a darker shade around the face will make fair complexions pop.

Long Half Burgundy Half Red Hair

50. Red Wine Hair Color. The thick, lush, rich color of red wine. Jazz up your hair with wine red highlights on a dark base.

Dark Hair with Red Wine Highlights

When it comes to styling red hair, it is important to remember that your hair should reflect your style as much as your personality. Red is a brilliant color, so you can be sure the result will be a gorgeous look and feel.

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