50 Heart-Stopping Platinum Blonde Hair Colors for 2024

Looking for a bold and attention-grabbing hair color for the upcoming year? Look no further than these 50 heart-stopping platinum blonde hair colors for 2024. Whether you’re considering a drastic change or just want to freshen up your look, platinum blonde is a versatile and striking choice. From icy cool tones to warm honey hues, there’s a shade of platinum blonde to suit every skin tone and personal style. So, get ready to be inspired and take the plunge into the world of this electrifying hair color trend.

You can’t go wrong with good old platinum blonde hair. With so many possible shades and ways to wear platinum hair, anyone can find a perfect match!

It won’t take long, just scroll through these 50 amazing platinum hair color ideas we put together to inspire you to get the hairdo of your dreams.

1. Platinum Ombre with Brown Roots. A truly effortless Californian look with natural roots, a neat caramel transition, and chunky platinum highlights – it will make you the center of attention!

Californian Blonde with Platinum Highlights

2. Brown Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights. If you wish to change things up with your brunette locks, give thick platinum blonde highlights a go. Thanks to various shades of platinum blonde hair dye, you will absolutely find a perfect match for your skin tone!

Platinum Highlights for Brown Hair

3. Platinum Blonde Hair with Lowlights. If you are looking for a style that has all the perks of platinum blonde hair but don’t want to go all white, this is your option. Warm golden highlights blended with lowlights will do just fine.

Platinum Blonde Money Pieces and Lowlights

4. Platinum Blonde Highlights on Black Hair. An elegant yet edgy combination of black and silver platinum. Thanks to the contrast, your hair gets a natural look, as well as the liveliness of the striking white highlights.

Platinum Balayage on Black Hair

5. 3D Balayage with Platinum Highlights. Go for a café au lait vibe with some bold platinum highlights on a dark caramel base. Spread them throughout your hair for an even dimensional effect. A perfect option to highlight your warm or tanned skin.

Dimensional Platinum Teasylights

6. Black Hair with Platinum and White Balayage. Use the length of your hair. This rooted balayage with cold white highlights on dark hair will flatter long thick locks perfectly. Frame your face with platinum white money pieces to add an accent to your features.

Rooted Platinum White Balayage

7. Boho Chic Sandy Blonde Hairstyle. When you’re a proud owner of long thick hair, it is hard to resist getting into Shakira mode at least once. For this amazing platinum blonde curly hair, combine several tones of cold beige and sandy blonde, add white and platinum babylights to create extra dimension. Finish the look with textured, tousled curls. You’re ready to go steal some hearts.

Long Wavy Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

8. Platinum Blonde Short Hair. It seems that platinum hair looks better with a shorter cut. It’s sleek, bold, yet quite natural, with toned down roots giving a visual lift to your hair.

Platinum Hair with Dark Roots

9. Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights. Platinum highlights are a great addition to your style. They add to the dimension of the color, while darker roots get that body and volume working!

Dishwater Blonde with Platinum Highlights

10. Platinum Bleach Blonde Hair. The true boss-lady platinum blonde hair color. The icy undertone creates a mesmerizing look. With this ‘do, you will be hard to miss!

Solid Platinum Blonde Hair Color

11. Platinum Blonde with Dark Lowlights. Get the best of both worlds with dark brown lowlights and warm ashy highlights that will look even better styled in soft beachy waves.

Platinum Highlights and Dark Lowlights

12. Black to Platinum Blonde Hair. The darker your roots are the cooler the style is! The depth of black roots and the lightness of platinum highlights create a killer contrast.

Platinum Blonde Balayage with Black Roots

13. Platinum Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair. Here we have a soft balayage that offers mainly warmer tones of blonde, allowing you to achieve a beautiful honey bronde blend. The mix of highlights and lowlights will look amazing in an updo!

Bronde Hair with Platinum Blonde Highlights

14. Platinum Blonde Balayage for Long Hair. Play around with shades of blonde to create a dimensional platinum balayage. The darker tones of the lower layers make for a nice seductive base for delicate icy shades. Besides, the stretched-out technique lets your roots grow out in style.

Platinum Balayage with Darker Roots

15. Platinum Blonde with Dark Roots. If you’re thinking about a slow and elegant transition to lighter colors, consider mixing highlights and teasylights to achieve this effect. It will let you keep your hair strong and healthy in a sophisticated sandy color.

Sandy Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

16. Caramel and Blonde Balayage. For a mild sun-kissed look, add a dash of platinum highlights. A warmer blonde tone goes incredibly well with darker caramel colors and a brunette base, making the total look very wholesome and cozy.

Platinum Highlights for Sun-Kissed Hair

17. Platinum Blonde Ombre on Brown Hair. One of the most popular recent trends is blending icy blonde into your darker hair. For our ladies with eyes brighter than the sky, cooler white shades will highlight your royal features and render everyone speechless.

Brown Hair with Platinum Ombre

18. Dreamy Icy Blonde Hair. When you haven’t been to the beach lately and miss that salty air and sun-bleached hair, it’s time for a visit to your hairstylist. A rooted balayage will go stunningly well on a platinum blonde bob with waves.

Icy Platinum Blonde Bob Hairstyle

19. Beige Highlights for Dark Blonde Hair. Platinum shades are an ideal pick if you’re looking for a beachy style. Frame your face with a couple of platinum blonde highlights to recreate this romantic tousled look. Show off your locks by styling them in loose ringlets that sit best on shoulder-length hair.

Dark Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

20. Warm Platinum Blonde on Fine Hair. The haircut does only half the job for this flawless hairstyle. Complement your rounded stacked bob with a warm beige balayage. The blend of warmer tones with cool ones adds the necessary dimension creating amazing volume and body all over your head.

Warm Blonde and Platinum Short Hair

21. Sleek and Soft Ashy Lob. Pinkish skin tones will benefit from this ashy platinum hair color. The subtle balayage is complemented by a textured lob with long side bangs that create a natural transition from lighter frontal shades to the deeper colors in the back.

Ash Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

22. Golden and Platinum Highlights on Brown Hair. Among many fabulous shades that pair well with the cool tones of platinum blonde, the subtle shades of strawberry blonde are definitely winning. When these meet in a spicy balayage, they produce a fiery combination. The breathtaking dimension will turn heads wherever you go, just don’t forget to style your hair in loose beachy curls.

Brown Hair with Platinum Highlights

23. Beige Highlights on a Gray Blonde Bob. Liven up your blunt bob with a delicate cool beige tone. It will go wonderfully with sun-kissed skin! Make sure to stock up on health care products to keep the colors from fading away. We cannot help but love the shaded feel the lowlights create on this short platinum hair.

Beige Highlights for Short Platinum Hair

24. Bronde Ombre Hair Color. Nothing beats a good old sun-kissed hairstyle. The textured waves recreate the carefree feeling of being under the summer sun. The soft platinum hair color adds to the mix with the faded salty look we can’t help but miss during the colder days.

Platinum Hair Color for Bronde Base

25. Lilac Silver Blonde Hairstyle. For something a little more different, try an out-of-this-world lavender-toned platinum blonde hair color. It will definitely take you a while to get there but make sure to protect your hair well, and the results will be worth the effort.

Medium Length Platinum Blonde Hair

26. Metallic Silver for Long Hair. Prepare yourself for a special hair routine if you commit to a breathtaking color such as this one. The roots give depth and dimension to the overly cool platinum tone with a metallic silver shimmer. It will certainly become a conversation starter at any event you’ll go to.

Long Metallic Platinum Hair

27. Champagne Blonde Bob. Check out something a little smoother and delicate with a bubbly platinum blonde hair color. This hue nicely highlights peachy skin and acts as an elegant background to green or gray eyes. Darker roots will naturally bring dimension and volume to dull and thin hair.

Platinum Blonde Hair Color for Peachy Skin

28. Platinum White Money Pieces. The shimmering shade of platinum blonde against the bronde base creates a nice contrast suited best for the girls who are after something low-maintenance and subtle. Added money pieces lighten up the face and emphasize your eyes!

Bronde Hair with Platinum and White Highlights

29. Ash Blonde Balayage. This adorable combination of colors is ideal for girls with medium to long hair. Darker roots hold the dimension that softly melts into the calm crème shade of platinum blonde. The sophistication of this balayage is best shown through loose curls that you can easily do with a curling iron.

Platinum Blonde Hair Balayage with Darker Roots

30. Brown and Platinum Blonde Short Hair. Avoid any damage by using eco-friendly and low on chemicals toners and color conditioners. Keep your natural shade, if you’re a dark blonde, and combine it with some cooler shades of platinum blonde.

Natural Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

31. Platinum White Hair. Highlight your beautiful fair skin and brighten your eyes with a refined white platinum blonde hair color.

Short Platinum White Hair

32. Platinum Purple Hair. Stand out with a beautiful muted purple. Here, the dimension of the color is achieved by weaving in tiny platinum highlights, making the style even more alluring!

Purple Hair with Platinum Highlights

33. Icy Platinum Blonde Hair. If your skin has a pink undertone, this cool icy shade of platinum will suit you well! The great thing about it is that you can use a hair toner at home to maintain the color.

Short Icy Platinum Hair

34. Platinum Hair on Dark Skin. A cool, icy shade of blonde will only make your chocolate skin shine more, trust us.

Icy Blonde Platinum Haircut with Dark Skin

35. Lavender Platinum Blonde Hair. The stunning lavender gives you a soothing makeover, while random icy platinum highlights bring a little edge to the romantic hairstyle.

Lavender-Tinted Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

36. Platinum Blonde Curly Hair. To get platinum blonde hair like this, ask to keep it on the warm, natural side, and the innocent baby look will be yours.

Medium Curly Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

37. Platinum Silver Hair. A fresh and eye-catching hairstyle you will want to get for hot days! Choose the main color and change up the tone of your roots every other month!

Medium Length Platinum Hairstyle

38. Platinum Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair. A transition from brown to blonde can highlight your warm skin and make your hair look like you’ve spent the last couple of days on the beach!

Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

39. Platinum White on Tan Skin. Want an absolutely jaw-dropping look to flatter your beautiful tan? Then get these white locks crowned with colorful roots.

Platinum Blonde Hair on Tan Skin

40. Platinum Blonde Balayage. A lazy girl’s favorite hairstyle. Luscious beach waves with a soft dark-to-light gradient are a dream! To bring an accent to your face, get platinum money pieces.

Platinum Blonde Money Pieces

41. Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Roots. This innocent shade of platinum has more white than gold in it, bringing that soft, angelic, and serene feel.

Short Soft Platinum Blonde Hair

42. Rose Gold Platinum Blonde Hair. Even the trendiest colors have variations so that you can adjust the color you like to your individual features. Try adding thick and thin platinum highlights through your rose gold hair for a lighter and even more romantic look.

Rose Gold Hair with Platinum Color Highlights

43. Platinum Ash Blonde Hair. Ash undertones mixed with the traditional whiteness of platinum blonde will suit any pale-skinned girl. Keep the roots natural for a lifted feel.

Ash Blonde and Platinum Hair with Balayage

44. Platinum Pink Hair. Tired of being on the safe side? Get this neon pink shade with platinum weaved through the ends and you will never feel boring again.

Pastel Pink Hair with Platinum Highlights

45. Platinum White Blonde Hair. Show off your matte platinum shade with a messy bob. A layered hairstyle lets the traditional color shine in a new light.

Messy Platinum White Blonde Bob

46. Platinum Blonde Medium Hair. A light golden undertone in a style like this brings out the spark in green and blue eyes, as well as compliments a warmer complexion nicely.

Light Golden and Platinum Blonde Hair

47. Platinum Blue Hair. Feel as if you’re from a fairytale with this extremely sweet hairstyle. The platinum tips add nicely to the glazed, icy look.

Icy Blue Hair with Platinum Babylights

48. Platinum Silver Blonde Hair. A cooler shade of silver with slight ashy undertones to upgrade your blonde. Looks perfect with a sleek blunt bob cut.

Silver Blonde and Platinum Balayage Bob

49. Platinum Blonde and Brown Hair. It is impossible to resist the shine of these amazing platinum blonde highlights and the volume the contrasting light brown brings to the style. A truly cozy and romantic hairstyle.

Light Brown and Platinum Toasted Coconut Hair

50. Ombre Platinum Blonde. Another fuss-free style for low-maintenance ladies. Brunette to platinum blending lets you choose whether you want to appear sassy and edgy or sweet and cute because this hairdo has it all!

Brunette to Platinum Ombre Medium Hair

Platinum blonde hair is as universal and chic as it can get, no wonder there are so many variations of it. We have collected the latest and trendiest ideas in this article; hopefully, they have inspired the need for change in you!

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