45 Best Medium-Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

As women reach their 50s, they often look for hairstyles that are both stylish and easy to maintain. Medium-length hairstyles are the perfect choice for women over 50, offering the versatility to be styled in various ways while still being manageable. Whether you prefer a sleek bob, soft layers, or tousled waves, there are endless options to flatter and enhance your features. In this article, we have curated a list of the 45 best medium-length hairstyles for women over 50 to help you find the perfect look for your hair type and personal style.

Women over 50 are crushing it with medium-length hairstyles these days. From the mid-length bob to the medium-cut with wispy bangs, these are our favorite medium-length hairstyles for women over 50 right now.


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#1. Medium Layered Cut with Soft Waves

Medium Layered Cut with Soft Waves

Going in for a medium-layered cut with soft waves can freshen up your appearance. This is a perfect cut when styling hair for women over 50 with fine, boring hair to create volume and shave off some years. They offer manageability that is just right for natural hair; soft waves create easy care, and, most important of all, a naturally relaxed elegance. Blow-dry using a round brush to boost the nice soft curls, resulting in light and bulky bangs.

#2. Mid-Length Bob with Side-Swept Bangs

Mid Length Bob with Side Swept Bangs

If you are an average hair length fan, then the mid-length bob together with side-swept bangs is your style. This is a great piece of cut that works well on all face shapes and emphasizes dense hair. The thin hair seems more interesting with the help of side-swept bangs, so to speak. This look needs regular trims to keep the bob sharp and chic.

#3. Classic Shoulder-Length Straight Cut

Classic Shoulder Length Straight Cut

One timeless and flexible selection is the classic shoulder-length straight cut. It is suitable for women with straight hair or those who like a smooth hairstyle. It is a perfect medium-length haircut for those who want to show off their natural hair color or bright highlights. Avoid the use of many styling products to maintain natural and healthy-looking hair.

#4. Feathered Mid-Length Hairstyle

Feathered Mid Length Hairstyle

Mid-length feathered hairstyles are an excellent option for people with thin hair. The layers give more weight and freedom of movement, creating the illusion of thicker hair. It is a natural and elegant hairstyle that can be achieved with blow-drying combined with a round brush. It’s also a win for thick hair, giving texture without being too heavy.

#5. Textured Medium Cut with Volume

Textured Medium Cut with Volume

Textured medium cut with volume feels like salvation for fine or thin hair, adding visible density to it. This is a medium-length hairstyle with layers that give it a youthful vibrancy while adding to the naturally thick hair. Texturizing spray will take care to keep the hair voluminous and flowing, therefore offering a perfect style for wearing every day.

#6. Sleek Medium-Length Hair with Blunt Ends

Sleek Medium Length Hair with Blunt Ends

A modern and stylish option would be to have sleek medium-lenght hair with blunt ends. The hairstyle is neat and finished; this haircut on women over 50 suits thick hair. The hair’s natural texture is defined by the blunt cut that, when combined with a flat ironed look, gives it a chic and sophisticated image.

#7. Medium Haircut with Soft Curls

Medium Haircut with Soft Curls

Add a hint of romance to your style with a medium haircut with soft curls. This style is perfect for individuals who have curly or wavy hair; it increases the volume and also makes it more textured. Curling iron can help create soft curls, or they can opt for natural and loose options. For those people who want to look tender and feminine, this form of hairdo is ideally designed for them.

#8. Angled Shoulder-Length Bob

Angled Shoulder Length Bob

This hairstyle the angled shoulder-length bob is an incredibly modern look. It is an interesting medium-length haircut, especially with straight hair that gives you an edgy look. This cut conceals roundness and looks good both sleeked out or at maximum volume.

#9. Mid-Length Style with Slight Flip Ends

Mid Length Style with Slight Flip Ends

A bit of flipping of the tips makes this mid-length style with slight flip ends a tad playful for it is set in a bob cut. This is one of the hairstyles for women 50 and older that does not require much maintenance. It’s suitable for straight or wavy hair. This unique and youthful cut with flipped ends is created by the use of a superior round brush and blow dryer.

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#10. Medium Choppy Layered Haircut

Medium Choppy Layered Haircut

You can choose a medium choppy layered haircut to texture your hair and enhance its movement. For instance, this is a perfect cut for women with thick locks since it takes away the excess weight to make the hair stylish. These layers make it look voluminous for a dashing and trendy look. To make the choppy layers better, apply textual spray.

#11. Straight Medium Cut with Wispy Bangs

Straight Medium Cut with Wispy Bangs

Another sleek and stylish solution is a straight medium cut with wispy bangs. Bangs are a great idea for women over 50 who have fine hair, and they are just perfect as they add volume to the hairstyle, making them fuller. The wispy bangs make it so soft and feminine, which makes this hairstyle perfect for those looking for not too obvious but rather dramatic change.

#12. Medium Length Hair with Beachy Waves

Medium Length Hair with Beachy Waves

The hair in medium-length beachy waves is simply relaxed and carefree. These beachy waves are youthful cut for natural or styled hair. You can either make loose waves with a curling wand or a hot tool to flaunt your natural curls. It is an impeccable hairstyle for a relaxed yet impressive appearance.

#13. Mid-Length Cut with Deep Side Part

Mid Length Cut with Deep Side Part

It is a classic elegant alternative for mid-length with a deep side parting. For any woman with straight or wavy hair, this hairstyle is ideal for a glamorous look. Its deep side part provides a sense of drama, which makes it ideal for formal occasions or everyday sophistication.

#14. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut with Fringe

Shoulder Length Layered Cut with Fringe

One good option is the shoulder-length layered cut with fringe which is modern and very versatile. It is the best medium-long haircut to create volume for thin hair, plus it has a youthful and flirty fringe. For a smooth and big look, blow dry this cut with a round brush.

#15. Medium Straight Hair with Tapered Ends

Medium Straight Hair with Tapered Ends

Another possibility is to select a sleek and polished style with medium straight hair that tapers at the ends. The great thing about this hairstyle for women over 50 is that it’s ideal for those with fine or straight hair, as it adds shape and movement. Its tapered ends give it a refined and classy appearance, making it suitable for cars with an elegant look.

#16. Mid-Length Wavy Cut with Center Part

Mid Length Wavy Cut with Center Part

With a center part, this wavy cut mid-length style is ideal as it provides balance and flatters. On the other hand, this style is best for women with waves as it brings out the texture in hair. It is centered, which gives symmetry to your face and makes it suitable for almost everyone. Curl-enhancing cream will help define the waves created, adding sizzle to this trendy take on a casual look.

#17. Shoulder-Length Cut with Undercut Layers

Shoulder Length Cut with Undercut Layers

The undercut layers of the shoulder-length cut give it a fresh and sharp new outlook. The hairstyle is ideal for women over 50 who want to bring in more volume and dimension, particularly on thick hair. With this style, the undercut layers are concealed, thus making it flexible in appearance for work and fun. Blow-dries using a round brush for extra body.

#18. Medium Length Hair with Soft Bangs

Medium Length Hair with Soft Bangs 1

Today, it’s all about an ageless cut – neither too short nor too long medium-length hair with soft bangs adding up for the endearment look. The bangs make this hairstyle suitable for fine or thin hair in that they give an impression of thickness. Soft bangs will add an elegant frame to your face, enriching your facial features. Spray some light hold to the bangs.

#19. Medium Bob with Rounded Ends

Medium Bob with Rounded Ends

Choose this sleek and modern round-ended medium bob. Women can also opt for this medium-length haircut and have straight or a little bit of wavy shining hair. The ends are rounded into a softer finish, which really suits all face shapes. Use a flat iron to have that perfect shine; great for a sleek, serene look.

#20. Shoulder-Length Hair with Layered Ends

Shoulder Length Hair with Layered Ends

A good alternative is for hair to be at shoulder length and layered ends. This hairstyle brings about the illusion of movement and texture, which is great, especially for thick hair. With fun-styled ends that are layered, it can be fitting for formal and informal affairs. Blow-dry with a round brush to style the layers.

#21. Medium Cut with Gently Tousled Layers

Medium Cut with Gently Tousled Layers

Medium cut with gently tousled layers and a degree of negligence in the style. This allows thin hair to be styled for added volume that gives a youthful and vibrant look. Tousled layers provide a more natural and easygoing appearance that works for the everyday routine. Take a texturizing spray to keep the tousled and casual touch.

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#22. Mid-Length Sleek Hair with Side Bangs

Mid Length Sleek Hair with Side Bangs

Sleek mid-length hair with side bangs is a sophisticated variant. This is the hairstyle for women above 50 to show off their straight, lovely, natural, shiny hair. There is an element of style in the side bangs, which are lightly curled, framing the face chicly. Tame with smoothing serum for sleek and straight hair.

#23. Straight Medium Hair with Feathered Layers

Straight Medium Hair with Feathered Layers

One of the classic lightweight haircuts includes straight medium hair with feathered layers. Suitable for fine or thin hair, this medium-length hairstyle has feathered layers that create volume and texture. The layers contribute to a sense of movement, which makes the hair seem voluminous and full of life. Blow-dry with a round brush to increase the feathered impact.

#24. Shoulder-Length Wavy Bob

Shoulder Length Wavy Bob

It is a stylish and modish shoulder-length wavy bob. This is perfect for ladies with natural waves or those who like a little texture in their hair. This longer bob is simple, keeps a fresh, slightly futuristic look, and is great for styling. For special occasions, use a curling iron to further define the waves.

#25. Medium Hair with Flip-Out Styling

Medium Hair with Flip Out Styling

Another option is medium hair with flip-out styling that gives you a little retro feel. The hairstyle is ideal for medium, thick hair that makes a statement. To get the flipped ends, a medium round brush and blow dryer do the trick, making this classic style playful and fun.

#26. Shoulder-Length Layered Cut with Side Part

Shoulder Length Layered Cut with Side Part

A shoulder-length layered cut with a side part looks great and is easy to use. For example, a medium-length haircut is perfect for any hair type as it brings in volume and movement. It has a side part, which gives it an exquisite look, thereby making it ideal for official and unofficial environments. Mousse lightly to maintain defined layers.

#27. Medium Cut with Gradual Layers

Medium Cut with Gradual Layers

Medium cut with soft gradual layers will provide depth and dimension to your hair. For example, this hairstyle is good for women who have thick or wavy hair owing to the inclusion of layers that are necessary to distribute the weight of hair. Choppy ends with gradual layers provide an alternative, more subtle but forceful style.

#28. Mid-Length Soft Curly Hair with Layers

Mid Length Soft Curly Hair with Layers

Soft curly hair with the mid-length and layers is the most dreamy and romantic. It is one of the best hairstyles for people whose hair grows in natural curls since it tends to bring out a unique curl pattern. The soft, curly hair adds a boost of volume and texture for an easygoing, girlish look. Apply a curl-defining cream to help keep the curls and make them shiny.

#29. Straight Mid-Length Cut with Slight Curl at Ends

Straight Mid Length Cut with Slight Curl at Ends

It is a simple, classic look for a straight mid-length cut with just a slight curl at the ends. When it comes to hair, this hairstyle for women over 50 is ideal with straight hair as well, giving that mini flip at the end. The slight curl creates a delicate texture in the regular straight cut, and this makes it easy to re-styling.

#30. Medium Layered Bob with Texture

Medium Layered Bob with

A modern version is the medium-layered bob with texture. It is a perfect haircut to increase the volume of fine or thin hair, making it look dynamic and youthful. It is ideal for those who desire a contemporary and low-maintenance hairstyle because the layers provide texture and movement.

#31. Shoulder-Length Hair with Subtle Waves

Shoulder Length Hair with Subtle Waves

Achieve this timeless, ‘old-is-gold’ appearance in shoulder-length hair with subtle waves. A beautiful and charming medium-length hairstyle that goes with all hair textures. Gentle waves produce a tenderly romantic look that will work wonders with your hair. Create these waves with a large barrel curling iron and finalize them with just a little hairspray of light hold to make it look effortless.

#32. Medium Length Cut with Face-Framing Layers

Medium Length Cut with Face Framing Layers

The new shape with medium-length cut layers that frame the face combine to make it ideal for rejuvenating your look. The hairstyle for women over 50 will emphasize your face, so it fits best for ladies with round or oval shapes. The layers create the body, particularly around the cheeks, and can be blow-dried with a round brush to refine curls. It can fit nicely in people with straight and wavy hair.

#33. Mid-Length Hair with Voluminous Curls

Mid Length Hair with Voluminous Curls

Consider going glamorous with mid-length hair with voluminous curls. It is ideal for people with thick or curly hair as it gives body to your strands and life to your hair. So as to realize these look, you have a curling iron and a volumizing mousse. With curls, you get a rich, elegant, and romantic look that can be worn for special occasions or daily.

#34. Shoulder-Length Straight Cut with Asymmetrical Bangs

Shoulder Length Straight Cut with Asymmetrical Bangs

The asymmetrical bangs and straight cut with the length of the shoulder render a modern look. The platform is a medium-length haircut that is best for straight-haired ladies seeking the contemporary touch. These asymmetric bangs give a sassy look to any girl who wants to be different from the rest. Flat ions style for a sleek finish.

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#35. Medium Wavy Hair with Layered Bangs

Medium Wavy Hair with Layered Bangs

The hairstyle is youthful and playful with medium wavy hair with layered bangs. The cut is perfect for enhancing texture and movement, particularly in naturally wavy or curly hair. These bangs are in layers that accentuate your face, making it look more attractive. Dry using a diffuser in order to keep the natural wave pattern and achieve a sleep-bohemian look.

#36. Mid-Length Blunt Cut with Soft Waves

Mid Length Blunt Cut with Soft Waves

For a mid-length blunt cut with soft waves achieve a youthful look. Perfect for short afro hair or thick straight locks, which works very well as a hairstyle for women over 50. The style incorporates waves in blunt cuts, giving it a soft appearance best suited to anyone with thin, fine hair. Soft waves can be included using a curling wand to enhance the structure style.

#37. Shoulder-Length Hair with Tousled Layers

Shoulder Length Hair with Tousled Layers

For a natural appearance, long layers that are tousled at shoulder length are ideal. The medium-length hairstyle creates volume and dimension, which is perfect for people who have thin or fine hair. All these carelessly tousled layers evoke the air of relaxation and informality, which is inherent to everyday style. You can apply a texturizing spray so that the layers look more visible and move after.

#38. Medium Length Straight Hair with Rounded Layers

Medium Length Straight Hair with Rounded Layers

Rounded layers on straight hair of medium length provide a much softer and more feminine version of the classic straight. The hairstyle is among the viable options for giving the hair a substantial volume, more so for ladies with delicate fine hair, featuring layers that essentially fall on and around someone’s face. Finally, blow dry the strands with a round brush to bring about a glossy and gentle result that will provide an ideal look of refined perfection.

#39. Mid-Length Hair with Swooping Layers

Mid Length Hair with Swooping Layers

Dynamic and stylish with mid-length hair with swooping layers. The style is appropriate for thick or wavy hair and gives it dynamism. These layers fly around lightly, creating an active and vivid image. Blow dry with a drier and round brush for the layering to be evident and glamorous.

#40. Medium Layered Hair with Gentle Curls

Medium Layered Hair with Gentle Curls

Go romantic and feminine with medium layers and gentle curls. When looking for a style to add texture and volume, especially for fine or thin hair in women over 50, this is it. The soft curls take the weight off the layers, making them light and fine. Take a curling iron to make the curls more definite, and finish with light parts of hairspray in place.

#41. Shoulder-Length Sleek Bob with Side Swept Fringe

Shoulder Length Sleek Bob with Side Swept Fringe

A shoulder-length sleek bob with side swept fringes is a trendy and contemporary hairstyle. This is a medium-length haircut that is perfect for straight hair to give one a neat and classy look. The light side swept fringe finishes off the look softly. Moreover, it accentuates the beautiful frame of the face. Apply a light serum to provide shine, and use a flat iron for a sleek finish.

#42. Mid-Length Hair with Soft Flip and Layers

Mid Length Hair with Soft Flip and Layers

Modern retro look with soft flip and layers in mid-length hair. Thus, it’s a volumetric hairstyle with movement appropriate for medium and thick hair. Layers give added texture, and the soft flip at the ends is a playful touch. Flip the ends, using a round brush and blow dryer to style.

#43. Medium Length Cut with Natural Waves

Medium Length Cut with Natural Waves

Choose a basic stylish look with a medium-length cut with a natural wavy style. It is the ideal low-maintenance but classy hairstyle for women over 50. The flowing waves, being natural, give it a texture and movement that is perfect for a casual appearance. Create a beachy texture by spritzing the waves with a sea salt spray.

#44. Shoulder-Length Straight Hair with Textured Ends

Shoulder Length Straight Hair with Textured Ends

A shoulder-length straight haircut with some texture at the ends is a twisted fit. This in-vogue, medium-length cut is perfect to introduce attention into otherwise straight hair. The chunky yet refined look is also given by the textured ends. To add texture, you can use a texturing spray and then finish off with a flat iron.

#45. Medium Hair with Loose Curls and Layered Bangs

Medium Hair with Loose Curls and Layered Bangs

Charming and feminine hairstyle of medium hair with loose curls and layered bangs. The best hair covered by this cut is one with volume and softness, especially for curly or wavy hair. With the face-framing layered bangs and loose curls, a casual yet romantic effect is created. To give the curls a definition, use a curling iron and finish with a light hairspray.

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