50 Medium-Length Wedding Hairstyles to Make You Shine on the Big Day

Your wedding day is one of the most special and memorable days of your life, and every detail counts, including your hairstyle. Choosing the perfect hairstyle can complement your wedding dress and enhance your overall bridal look. From classic updos to romantic curls, this collection of 50 medium-length wedding hairstyles offers inspiration and ideas to help you shine on your big day. Whether you prefer a timeless and elegant style or a more modern and trendy look, there’s a hairstyle here to suit every bride’s taste and personality.

If you are looking for trendy medium length wedding hairstyles, we have got you covered. While some ladies may think that medium haircuts lack the length to provide the desired body and volume, you will see they are totally wrong.

Mid-length styles from our collection are diverse and stunning, so let’s start this exciting journey straight away!

1. Voluminous Wavy Wrap. It doesn’t matter whether your hair is naturally straight or wavy, as you can rock this lavish mid-height twist with a bit of pre-curling.

Voluminous Updo for Medium Wavy Hair

2. Effortless High Bun. High buns provide a great jumping-off point for wedding updos for medium hair, and you can get your version as soft and relaxed as this style.

Wedding Soft High Bun

3. Loose Fishtail Braid with a Bun. This messy braided style radiates boho vibes and brings out tons of texture and dimension.

Loose Braided Bun Updo

4. Neat Twisted and Tucked Updo. Relaxed doesn’t always mean messy, as is the case with this chignon, which feels carefree yet natty.

Relaxed Chignon Updo for Wedding

5. Fine Waves Twisted into a Bun. These pictures reveal behind the scenes of messy shoulder-length wedding hairstyles where loose waves melt into a cute chignon.

Cute Wavy Wedding Chignon Updo

6. Elegant Feathered Updo. This laidback yet graceful style is constructed from layered pieces of hair shaped to ooze lightness and depth.

Elegant Updo for Layered Hair

7. Mesmerizing Waves Tucked Under. The twisted bun is not the main focal point here since the movement and sparkle of these dimensional waves steal all the spotlight.

Wedding Low Twisted Bun

8. Tender Half Up Half Down. This style looks so delicate with the loose waves and effortless braiding decorated with alabaster petals.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyle with Waves

9. Soft Updo with a Chic Hair Vine. This is how wedding accessories and hairstyles work together: when you wear a rich hairpiece, you don’t need plenty of details in your updo.

Chic Wedding Updo with a Hairpiece

10. High Contrast Bouffant. This flashy updo gains more depth with the dark base color while highlights help to perfectly emphasize the whole basket-work.

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Curled Updo for Hair with Highlights

11. Wispy Chignon with a Floral Headpiece. Here, wispy waves are packed into a tousled bun and styled haphazardly to create movement, volume, and texture.

Low Tousled Bun with a Wedding Headpiece

12. Coiled Chignon with a Stylish Accent. You don’t need to have Rapunzel’s hair to pull off such a charming spooled bun adorned with a classy accessory.

Classy Wedding Chignon for Medium Hair

13. Carelessly Wrapped Hair. Are you looking for a romantic style emitting strong undone vibes? This soft low bun with a host of flyaways is what you need.

Undone Low Bun for Wedding

14. Messy Chignon with Braided Sides. The hair braided on the sides lands a vintage look, while the relaxed bun keeps it entirely modern.

Relaxed Braided Bun Updo

15. Smooth Crystal-Embellished Updo. This style takes quite another approach to buns: the chignon is tight and sits low while the whole style is polished to perfection and serves as a canvas to show a scattering of diamonds.

Polished Chignon for Wedding

16. Low Pony with a Vine. Slicked-back hair, a well-groomed pony, and an eye-catching accessory are all you need if you are in search of easy wedding hairstyles for medium hair.

Wedding Pony for Medium Hair

17. French Twist Upside Down. It is another example of simple wedding hairstyles for medium hair since you can wrap your strands into a textured roll with little outside help.

Wedding French Twist for Medium Hair

18. Oversize Double Knot Braid. This fancy knotted braid is plaited loosely for better texture and dimension and framed with a floral wreath for a romantic touch.

Romantic Medium-Length Hairstyle for Wedding

19. Bouffant Updo with a Textured Bun. This is a modern take on the grand hairstyles where a classic lift on the crown is combined with trendy imperfections.

20. Ethereal Crown Braid. Don’t you like loosely braided wedding hairstyles for medium hair? We think this relaxed style is airy and playful while also dainty and romantic.

Medium Hair Braided Updo for Wedding

21. Clean Striped Hairdo. When you have such a distinct multi-tone color scheme, you can do with a bit of lifted crown and a polished bun showing plenty of depth and movement.

22. Rose Gold Chignon with 3D Crown. Here, the tight and sleek bun makes for a startling contrast with the sculptured waves on the top.

3D Sculptured Sleek Bun Updo

23. Heavily Intertwined French Twist. You won’t be able to track all the squiggles of this twist, but you can’t fail to notice the oomph it boasts.

French Twist with Hair Jewelry

24. Free-Spirited Waves with a Chignon. We like how the soft twists scattered on the crown are counterpointed by the loose ends sticking out from the bun.

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Wedding Chignon with Soft Twists

25. High Bun with Face-Framing Spirals. Medium-length curly wedding hairstyles like this one allow you to embrace the natural beauty of your locks.

Wedding Bun Hairstyle for Natural Hair

26. Intricately Looped Upstyle. Indeed, there are many ways to make straight hair swirl, and this smoothed twist offers one of the most interesting patterns.

Twisted Upstyle for Straight Hair

27. Sleek Hairdo with a Knotted Chignon. Obviously, this style doesn’t require any texture on the crown, as it shifts attention to the clean and offbeat knot.

Sleek Low Knot Hairdo

28. Simple Low Bun with a Veil. The pearly headband and veil could have overwhelmed this style if it wasn’t so plain, with the main focus placed on face framing and added volume around the crown.

Wedding Simple Updo with a Veil

29. Hardcore High Bun. This updo may seem too rebellious on the top, but it feels much softer with the smoothed hair throughout the perimeter.

Messy High Bun Updo

30. Pushed Forward Curls with a Veil. Well-defined and bouncy curls can bring all the required movement, texture, and volume with no extra styling effort.

Wedding Curly Hair Updo with a Veil

31. Chunky Twists with a Bun. This style covers the entire head with well-shaped chunks of twisted hair to blend with the tightly wrapped chignon at the nape.

Voluminous Twisted Chignon Updo

32. Polished Top, Textured Bottom. Tight ballerina buns will never go out of vogue, the more so that you can give them some zest with highlights.

Low Tight Bun for Medium Hair

33. A Mass of Waves and a Pearl. The creamy hue of this hair chimes with the delicacy of the waves and sets off the stunning pearl accessory.

Stunning Loose Wavy Updo with a Pearl Accessory

34. Fun Disheveled Loops. Although this cute look can be considered too frisky for a traditional wedding, it’s just the thing for a boho-style ceremony.

Cute Boho Style Wedding Updo

35. No-Frills Twist with Marbles. To mimic this all-natural look, you just need a good texturizing product and a couple of pearly pins — it’s a piece of cake!

Medium Half Updo with Pearly Pins

36. Architectural Big Hair. This upstyle stands out for its sculptured curves stepping down from the bouffant part to the sophisticated bun.

Wedding Sculptured Bouffant Bun Updo

37. Mermaid Waves with a Flower Crown. The sunny shade of blonde hair calls for a garden-themed wedding, and the loose waves crowned with a floral wreath fit the style perfectly.

Medium Wavy Hairstyle with a Floral Wreath

38. Bold Pompadour Twist. Actually, this statement look also caters to the needs of girls with shorter hair, delivering a lot of volume and a retro-chic touch.

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Retro Chic Pompadour Updo for Wedding

39. Tidy and Seamless Interlacing. If you want to put focus on the smoothness and delicate shade of your locks, a flowing style like this will make it.

Smooth Polished Wedding Updo

40. Cool Undone Bubbles. Although this updo looks casual, we can easily imagine a bride wearing it at a beach wedding, especially if adorned with a themed accessory.

Easy Beach Wedding Updo

41. Shiny Black Plaiting. While it can be tricky to show texture on dark hair, the gloss of these raven-black tresses enhances the reflective power of the braided element.

Braided Updo for Black Hair

42. Cascading Curls and a Braid. We adore medium-length half-up wedding hairstyles with waves galore, but the sharp color scheme and braiding make this style a real hit.

Braided Half-Up Wedding Hairstyle for Medium Hair

43. Statement Bangs for a Classic Updo. The lush bangs definitely add drama to the classic chignon with the voluminous crown.

Chignon Updo with Voluminous Bangs

44. Weightless and Crimpy Updo. This sweet upstyle will be quite a find for girls with fine hair since its waviness amplifies the volume while creating texture.

Twisted Low Bun for Medium Fine Hair

45. Modern Tousled Style. Here, we have the common ‘lifted crown + low bun’ formula with a messy finish and a bunch of wisps serving as secret ingredients.

Messy Bouffant Bun Updo

46. Braided/Undone Half Up. Staying simple in general, this beachy lob provides us with a nice focal point by bringing together a braid and undone pieces.

Braided Half Up Hairstyle for Wedding

47. Whimsical Crown Braid. What we like most about this style is how the tendrils are incorporated into the plaiting to frame the perimeter.

Messy Updo with a Crown Braid

48. Mid Bun with a Vintage Touch. If you happen to have long bangs or face-framing layers, you will be able to recreate this stately asymmetrical look.

Vintage Asymmetrical Updo for Wedding

49. Corkscrew Hair with Decorated Twisted Cornrows. This charming hairstyle is totally authentic and hassle-free, not to mention its bounce and playfulness.

Medium Curly Hairstyle with Side Cornrows

50. Rose-Themed High Bun. We cannot stop admiring this gorgeous bun shaped like flower petals which add a romantic touch to the formal updo.

Formal Bun Updo for Wedding

We hope our fresh collection of medium wedding hairstyles will let you find your perfect do and tick one of the boxes on your to-do list. Make sure to book a hair trial, take your inspiration picture with you, and may the creative force be with you and your hairdresser!

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