50 Medium Bobs from the Best Hairstylists

Looking for a fresh and stylish new look? Look no further than these 50 medium bob hairstyles curated from the best hairstylists in the industry. From sleek and straight to tousled and textured, this collection has something for every hair type and personal style. Whether you’re looking for a bold new change or just some inspiration for your next salon visit, these medium bob hairstyles are sure to make a statement. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by the latest trends in hair fashion.

They say that “Long hair inspires femininity,” but if you take a close look at these medium bob variations, you’ll forget about that in the blink of an eye! Waves, balayage, bangs, and layers – you can combine them all with a bob haircut, and you’ll never get enough of it! Get the attention you’ve always wished for with this ultra-chic cut!

So, the trendiest and the most beautiful medium bobs are:

1. Mid Choppy Bob. There’s no fresher look than a highlighted bob with accurately cut ends. These can be blunt or textured like in this example. Need no styling, and it’s perfect for effortless mornings.

Choppy Textured Blonde Bob

2. Textured Blunt Bob. The bottom is as straight as it can be! The color is suitable for any skin tone and done on a haircut like this one, it gives your hair a sophisticated look.

Sophisticated Blunt Bob

3. Brunette Textured Bob. With every single hair strand defined, your hair will be a piece of art. A one-length bob is perfect for thick hair and for those who want to get a messy look.

Messy One-Length Brunette Bob

4. Pretty Blonde Shag. A one-length cut with a shaggy finish stands out from the crowd. Be sure that this time everyone will notice your new haircut.

Shaggy Blonde Bob Haircut

5. Smooth Smoky Bob. Waves and a balayage can do a total makeover with your dull and tired hair! Whether you have to go to a meeting or dinner with your boyfriend, this is the look you cannot fail with.

Wavy Bronde Balayage Bob

6. Shoulder Length Honey Blonde Bob. Smooth waves and colors that perfectly blend is a trend this year! Spruce up your bob and get a fresh, charming look.

Honey Blonde Bob with Smooth Waves

7. Medium Wavy Bob. Every once in a while you need a new hair style, and a luscious long bob like this will reveal the best version of yourself.

Long Wavy Bob

8. Icy Blonde Midi Bob. It’s with an intense impact. It’s glamorous and needs only a simple tousle, and you’re ready to rock the world with hair like that!

Glamorous Blonde Tousled Bob

9. Razored Bob with Layers. If you want a carefree look, you should give this fantastic haircut a chance. Just get up and be fabulous!

Carefree Razored Brunette Bob

10. Beachy Bob. Can’t go to the beach? Bring the warm summer waves to you. Get a pretty sun-kissed look that you’ll adore.

Beachy Sun-Kissed Bob with Waves

11. Soft Side-Parted Bob. A chopped bob with side part is a must try if you want a nicely framed face. It’s outstandingly stylish, and it’s ideal for fine hair.

Side-Parted Bob for Fine Hair

12. Blonde Blunt Bob. Medium bob haircuts can give you a classic appearance, but you can also give it a modern twist with stylish waves or curls.

Cool Blonde Medium Blunt Bob

13. Soft Shaggy Bob. Mix a wheat-blonde color with some soft waves, and the effect will be absolutely stunning! Get ready for tons of compliments!

Shaggy Wheat Blonde Bob

14. Dark Rose Gold Bob. The color is impressive, that’s for sure! But take a look at that perfectly layered cut. Beyond comparison!

Layered Rose Gold Bob

15. Mid-Length Bob with Side Bangs. That blend between the wispy blonde layers and bronde roots is gorgeous.

Wispy Bronde Bob with Side Bangs

16. Shiny Wavy Bob. Curling wands make beautiful transformations with a medium bob, and if you have some highlighted strands, the outcome is even more delightful!

Medium Wavy Brunette Bob

17. Textured A-Line Bob. If you are ready for an edgy look, this is one of the pictures you may use to show your stylist the look you want. Combine this haircut with a balayage and the effect will be rich and bold.

Edgy Brown Bob with Subtle Balayage

18. Easy Waved Bob. Who says going blonder is only meant for summer? No way! Balayage highlights work for every season now!

Blonde Bob with Balayage Highlights

19. Bob with Face-Framing Highlights. Frame your face with some highlights and your classic bob will turn into a current look.

Current Bob with Subtle Highlights

20. Mid-Length Messy Bob. Take a little bit of texture, add ashy lengths… and it looks like hair sorcery! No magic wand needed, just a pair of scissors and some beautiful colors.

Ashy Blonde Bob

21. Dry Cut Blonde Highlighted Bob. This disconnected choppy bronde bob will give your face a warm frame. Wash and slightly tousle with a product.

Warm Bronde Choppy Bob

22. Bob with Side-Swept Bangs. The sophisticated bronde used for this sleek bob is low maintenance. It’s flattering for fair skin.

Bronde Bob with Side Bangs

23. Dimensional Caramel Blonde Bob. Craving for a Hollywood look? You won’t be able to take your eyes off this dimensional bob, and neither those who will see your deliciously colored and perfectly shaped look.

Wavy Blonde Bob

24. Full Bodied Bob. Even fairytale princesses would be jealous of a hairstyle as pretty as this one! Rich, glamorous, shiny, it has everything you crave!

Shiny Golden Bronde Bob

25. Layered Blonde Bob. Man, those hair strands look angelic! Have a fresh and sexy appearance every time you get out the door!

Sexy Bronde Bob

26. Dark Blonde Balayage Bob. It does look classy in the first place but why not spice things up a little with a tousle or some waves. So many hairstyles you can do with this!

Classy Sleek Balayage Bob

27. Medium Layered Bob with Fringe. Layers, layers and more layers! Just tousle, that’s all you need to do to make your hair look great all the time. Nothing easier!

Bob with Layers and a Fringe

28. Blonde Angled Bob. That moment when an angled bob is mixed with warm and ashy tones changes everything. Don’t be afraid to transform your hair into a vivid blend of blonde shades!

Angled Warm Blonde Bob

29. Layered Bob with Bangs. This is the layering done right, girl! Style your swoopy bangs and get ready to yell confidence!

Black Bob with Swoopy Bangs

30. Angled Bob with Rounded Back. Not only this hairstyle looks astonishing, but its caramel color is so yummy! The highlights are well-blended, and the softened angled shape perfectly frames your face.

Caramel Stacked Angled Bob

31. Icy Blonde Straight Bob. If you want to make a radical change, try a young and fresh white blonde look with darker roots.

White Blonde Bob for Straight Hair

32. Dark A-Line Bob. Medium bob hairstyles can entirely transform your mane; take for example this A-line cut with a well-defined shape.

Medium A-line Bob Hairstyle

33. Effortless Dimensional Bob. A highlighted medium bob suits all ages, and if it also implies a balayage, the impact is unimaginable.

Effortless Medium Bob with Brown Balayage

34. Stacked Bob. Just WOW! Milky white chocolate in your hair, and you’ve never looked better!

Angled White Chocolate Bob

35. Bob with Long Front Pieces. Not everyone has volume and texture, but this bob haircut is excellent for fine hair. If you make some waves and use a bit of hairspray, you’ll get the mane you’ve always desired.

Bob with Waves for Fine Hair

36. Balayage Bob. The blend between these shades is marvelous. The shaggy disconnected ends work in tune with the color to show off the beauty of the shorter hair and a variety of its texture.

Bronde Balayage Bob with Shaggy Ends

37. Graduated Bob. Not everyone wants to line up with trends, and this type of bob haircut does an excellent job for a bohemian girl. Dare to be different!

Bohemian Graduated Bob

38. Medium Faded Bob. Delightful creamy shades combined with wispy layers create a dreamy look in no time.

Wispy Creamy Blonde Bob

39. Neck-Length Curly Bob. Whether you have straight or curly hair, a neat bob haircut will do a great job in both cases.

Neat Curly Bob Haircut

40. Messy Medium Length Bob. Are you ready to have fun? Choose your color, get a bob haircut that suits your texture and start playing with hairstyles. Mess it up just a little, and you’re good to go!

Medium Messy Brunette Bob

41. Razored Bob with Side-Swept Bangs. If you’re a lucky girl who has dense hair, get a bob hairstyle for thick hair to emphasize your precious locks with an accurate shape.

Accurate Angled Bob for Thick Hair

42. Waved Shaggy Blonde Bob. You’ll never grow old with a hairstyle like this one, that’s for sure! A bit of shagginess and wave, as well as a light blonde color, simply won’t let you.

Light Blonde Bob with Shaggy Layers

43. Platinum Med Bob. The stylish choppy edges go hand in hand with a fresh platinum color and darker roots. Get ready to see some heads turn!

Choppy Platinum Bob with Darker Roots

44. Bob with Highlighted Ends. What an awesome balayage! Those blonde highlights perfectly mix with the light brown base color.

Light Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights

45. Black Razored Bob with Bangs. Consider adding bangs to a shaggy bob, and you’ll find yourself feeling like a high school girl.

Black Bob with Razored Ends and Bangs

46. Bright Blonde Medium Bob. If ultra-chic is the style that defines you, blonde strands and dark roots will suit you. A feathered bob haircut might be just what you need.

Wavy Feathered Blonde Bob

47. Curly Bob with Ash Blonde Balayage. Come to the blonde side; we have cookies! Yes, we are sure that you won’t forget these ashy wavy strands with darker roots.

Ash Blonde Balayage Bob with Dark Roots

48. Classic Highlighted Bob. Do you want to highlight your face and at the same time keep a classic look? All you need to do is book an appointment at your favorite salon.

Classic Brunette Bob with Subtle Highlights

49. Burgundy and Red Bob. Tired of boring hairstyles? Try a red balayage with some smooth pink highlights and get noticed everywhere you go!

Red Balayage Bob with Black Roots

50. Blunt Inverted Bob. Everybody loves it and so should you! What’s not to like about the inverted bob! It’s simple to style, and you’ll get a fresh look in the blink of an eye!

Inverted Blunt Cut Brown Bob

When it comes to medium bob hairstyles, there are no limits. One thing’s for sure, they’re in trends, and they’ll make you look younger and fresher. And everybody seems to love them!

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We can’t wait to know which one is your favorite, so tell us in the comment section below!

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