50 Prettiest Pics of Lemonade Braids for Your Next Salon Appointment

Lemonade braids have become a popular and stylish choice for many women looking for a new and unique hairstyle. With their sleek and intricate design, lemonade braids offer a versatile and eye-catching look that can be worn for various occasions. In this article, we have curated 50 of the prettiest pics of lemonade braids to inspire your next salon appointment and help you achieve a stunning and on-trend hairstyle. Whether you’re looking for a bold and vibrant look or something more understated, these images will showcase the beauty and creativity of lemonade braids.

The term “lemonade braids” was coined in 2016, when Beyoncé released her Lemonade visual album. On its cover, she was wearing her braids to the back, and this hairstyle quickly became a staple among her fans. If you like lemonade braids hairstyles you can rock them with extensions or without.

This article will give an exhaustive answer to the question “What are lemonade braids?”, show you plenty of images of lemonade braids, and inspire you to create your unique style.

1. Short Lemonade Braids. Short-to-medium size braids are light and comfortable. After washing, they dry in a minute. It’s also a good option for the kids who get their hair braided for the first time.

Asymmetrical Medium Bob Lemonade Braids

2. Burgundy Lemonade Braids. Ladies in their 40s like classy and refined shades of burgundy. Check the photo below – this burgundy is bright but not provocative.

Bright Lemonade Braids in Burgundy

3. Lemonade Box Braids Asymmetrical Bob. For those who like shorter yet showy braids. Your hairstyle will preserve a clear geometrical shape and will always remain structured.

Asymmetrical Bob Lemonade Braids

4. Black Braids in a High Ponytail. There is so much going on with these feed-in braids. First, you have cornrows, then, you have a touch of color, and finally, everything gets into a high ponytail with a wraparound.

Ponytail for Black Feed-In Braids

5. Long Lemonade Braids in a Bun. What a cute and easy updo! Lemonade twist braids in a bun will keep its perfect shape all day long.

6. Lemonade Braids with Zig-Zag Parting. These medium-size braids are spaced closely and adorned with a fancy diagonal parting that breaks up the braided monotony nicely.

Medium-Size Lemonade Braids

7. Goddess Lemonade Braids. Play with sizes of your lemonade braids and alternate tight chunky goddess braids with micro braids filling the gaps between the rows.

Goddess Lemonade Braids and Micro Braids

8. Ombre Lemonade Braids. Long braids allow you to experiment with multi-colored extensions. To accentuate the contrast, add some twist — for example, try curly lemonade braids with ombre coloring.

Long Side Lemonade Braids with Ombre

9. Beyoncé Lemonade Braids. Among all the lemonade braids styles, this one will make you look the most like the singer. A perfect way to express your admiration to her!

Long Lemonade Braids by Beyoncé

10. Cute Curvy Braids. This example of cornrows is rather ornamental and traditional than crazy. What makes the style pop is the curvy design of the braids on top balanced out by a low wrap-around ponytail.

Curvy Cornrow Braids

11. Cornrow Lemonade Braids. Braids to the side are ideal for showcasing stylish earrings. To produce a more flirtatious impression, you might try to do it with curly ends and add some accessories.

Lemonade Braids to the Side

12. Jumbo Lemonade Braids. The term “jumbo” is used for big thick braids. If the shade of the extensions fully matches your natural color, people might believe your natural hair is that thick.

Thick Jumbo Lemonade Braids for Natural Hair

13. Skinny Lemonade Braids. Small lemonade braids create a neat, elegant, and somewhat fragile impression. This hairstyle proves that lemon braids don’t need long hair extensions to be gorgeous.

Medium Length Small Lemonade Braids

14. Simple Braids with Cascading Effect. With lemonade braids hairstyles being all the rage, this one is quite simple. However, it’s a perfect choice when you want to try something new, cute, and comfortable.

Cute Simple Lemonade Braids

15. Two-Tone Lemonade Braids. If you don’t have thick hair, small lemonade braids are ideal for you. They start a little thicker at the top and cascade down, getting smaller as they go.

Lemonade Braids with Highlights

16. Lemonade Braids with Color. If you want to create a stir and look cute, consider adding pops of color to the braids. This style uses a bold shade in the back and keeps it rolling down to the side.

Cute Bold Lemonade Braids

17. Lemonade Braids in a Big Bun. Ponytail lemonade braids are cool and hot, but you can also roll them up into a bun. Get creative and alternate your favorite updos for your favorite type of braids!

Bun Updo for Lemonade Braids

18. True Beyonce Braids. These Beyonce braids look stunning, and they may make you fall in love with feed-in braids once and for all. As they come around the head, they fall to the side, making it a classic hairstyle every woman can rock.

Classic Feed-in Beyonce Braids

19. Bohemian Braided Look. The bohemian lemonade braids are amazing, and you don’t need to add any frills to them. The intricate, asymmetrical design of the partings is an eye-catcher for sure!

Lemonade Braids with Asymmetrical Partings

20. Hanging with the Tribe. These cornrow lemonade braids feature a cute tribal design. Since the braids have free-hanging ends, you can diversify your looks and never be bored with your updos.

Tribal Design for Lemonade Braids

21. High Braided Ponytail. Most lemonade braids styles are inspiring. This one looks pretty basic, however, it’s flawless, and once you see it, you’ll probably think, “That’s it!”

Lemonade Braids Ponytail Style

22. Not Your Mother’s Lemonade Cornrows. These braids to the side have a blonde touch to some of the hair pieces. If you like to dress your hair up, add cuffs, string, or whatever feels appropriate.

Lemonade Braids to the Side with Cuffs

23. Simple Elegant Beyonce Braids. These flowy long lemonade braids are just gorgeous. The styling is simple and looks good with a casual outfit or an evening gown.

Simple Long Lemonade Braids

24. Vibrant Lemonade Braids. Feel like a star as you step out with some orangey-red hair done in cornrows or Beyonce braids. Check the funky contrast between the bright extensions and delicate waves of baby hairs.

Bright Red Beyonce Braids

25. Large and In Charge Braids. These lemonade braids with curls start as larger cornrows that wrap around the head and open up to luxurious waves flowing down the side.

Large Lemonade Braids with Waves

26. Side-Parted Burgundy Braids. The tribal style isn’t intricate, but it still shows what she’s made of. Plus, the braids start with a side part and run backwards, so you can pull them up into a high ponytail or wear them freely hanging if you want.

27. Dark Maroon Lemonade Braids. Note that these medium lemonade braids aren’t evenly spaced. The design looks like stitches, and they’re grouped haphazardly to run around the head and cascade to the side.

Medium Lemonade Braids to the Side

28. Chic Lemonade Braids with Accessories. These side lemonade braids start at the top of the head and race all the way around so that the style looks very dynamic, although the plaits are quite thick. A few cuffs are added, and a piece of string is woven through to add some sparkle.

Dynamic Large Lemonade Braids

29. Lemonade Braids with Perfect Spacing. This classic cornrow lemonade braid style features cornrows that are evenly spaced and curve gracefully for a sophisticated updo look.

Classic Lemonade Braids Style

30. Neat Lemonade Braids Protective Style. Some women don’t like their scalp showing and prefer not to have a middle part in braided hairstyles. Dense Beyonce’s braids make an ideal option in this case.

Protective Beyonce’s Braids

31. Fulani and Lemonade Braids. This woman shows off a fancy cornrow style with braids coming in different sizes and directions. Most of them flow to the right, but she’s got a few on the opposite side to add uniqueness to the style.

32. Large Lemonade Braids with Cuffs. These jumbo lemonade braids are ideal for heads with thick hair. Weave in highlights and dress it up with a few cuffs.

Jumbo Lemonade Braids with Highlights

33. Teeny Tiny Braids. If you’ve got time, why not try tiny lemonade-style braids. They start small and stay relatively small, even at the widest point.

Tiny Lemonade Braids

34. Braided Look with Highlighted Braids. The next medium lemonade braids are eye-catching yet not flashy. You’ll definitely show your good taste with them.

Medium Highlighted Lemonade Braids

35. Blonde Lemonade Braids with Dark Roots. You might not claim these to be big lemonade braids, but they are a bit bigger than some of the other styles, with a parting that grows from parallel cornrows and goes outwards in a circle.

Big Blonde Lemonade Braids

36. Lemonade Braids with Blonde Ends. This is a lemonade style, featuring kinky highlighted braids. They go all over the place and pool together into a low ponytail on the right side.

Kinky Black and Blonde Lemonade Braids

37. Brown and Blonde Lemonade Braids. When you want a few colored braids, this is the style to choose. A few blonde pieces are inserted to make a statement.

Brown Lemonade Braids with Blonde Pieces

38. Bright Yellow Lemonade Braids. Those who prefer bold looks are sure to appreciate this style. The color is impressive, and everyone is going to see you coming.

Yellow Lemonade Style Braids

39. Kick It Freestyle Braids. These large lemonade braids start quite small, though they get bigger as they move around the head. It’s amazing how different the same style can look on different ladies!

Freestyle Lemonade Braids

40. Shiny Lemon Braids. These smaller braids mainly start on one side of the head, but there are a few that begin from the opposite side. It creates an amazing flow.

Smaller Lemonade Braids

41. The Bigger the Better Side Braids. With these large lemonade braids, you won’t stay in the shadow. They move to the side of the head so that the ends hang over the shoulder.

Side Lemonade Braids

42. Lemonade Braids in a Swirly Knot. Dare to be different with these cornrows. They’re designed to create a swirl effect all around the head that you may enhance with a high bun.

High Bun for Lemonade Braids

43. Beaded Glory Braids. These chunky lemonade braids with beads run in the opposite directions with a single braid hanging straight down. Beads are added at the bottom for extra flair.

Chunky Beaded Lemonade Braids

44. Feed-In Protective Lemonade Braids. From the top, you can see that each braid starts in a different point. Some curve up, others across and down, and there’s one that separates the two sections.

Feed-In Braids with Highlights

45. Lemonade Braids with Curls. These goddess-style braids feature cornrows, freely hanging braids, and curls. In the end, there are cute baby hairs styled in waves to liven up the party even more.

Goddess Braids and Curls

46. Lemonade Braids with Bright Ends. Ask your braid master to add your favorite color to your lemonade braids. Your hairstyle will look gorgeous undone, in a bun of any type, and in a low ponytail.

47. ‘To the Left, To the Left’ Hairstyle. With this style, the tight cornrow braids are kept small. Everything moves to the left to hang over the shoulder.

Side Cornrow Lemonade Braids

48. Fancy Lemonade Braids Design. These goddess braids blend a variety of styles. The design is intricate, the braids are small, and the partings are gorgeous.

Gorgeous Small Lemonade Braids

49. Very Long Lemonade Braids. ‘Perfection in every turn’ could be used to describe these amazing braids. They are sharp, fast, and tight.

Long Tight Lemonade Braids

50. Blonde Lemonade Braids with Black Roots. The intricate angled parting of the cornrows and a perfect blonde shade are what make this a beautiful style. A great idea on how to enjoy a new hair color in a harmless way.

Hopefully, these pictures have given you enough inspiration, and now you are ready to wear lemonade braids! Feel free either to choose one of the lemonade braid styles offered in the article or to create your own one-of-a-kind look!

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