Guide to Flattering Hair Colors for Brown Eyes to Suit Your Skin Tone

Finding the perfect hair color for brown eyes can be a game changer in enhancing your overall appearance. When choosing a hair color that complements your brown eyes, it’s important to consider your skin tone as well. There are certain hair colors that can make your brown eyes pop and your skin glow, while others can wash you out. In this guide, we will explore the best hair colors for brown eyes based on different skin tones, helping you find the most flattering hair color to suit your unique features.
What hair color looks good with brown eyes?

Picking the best hair color for brown eyes can be a challenge, and that’s not because there is a scarcity of them. Quite the contrary, you have an abundance of options and can approach the task differently depending on whether you want to make a statement with a stark contrast or prefer less dramatic color combinations.

That’s why we have tried to slice and dice the topic based on the whole array of factors so that you can easily find the best brunette hair color for brown eyes, the most flattering shade for pale skin tone, or the cutest hue to bring out the golden flecks in your hazel iris.

1. Golden Brown for Warm Skin Tone and Brown Eyes. Golden shades have the power to enhance a healthy glow in warm complexions and ignite a sparkle in a light brown iris, so don’t hesitate to try out similar hues, such as golden blonde or warm caramel brown.

Golden Brown Balayage Hair for Brown Eyes

2. Mulled Wine for Brown Eyes and Tan Skin. This deep berry-red base melting into spicy orange hues toward the ends plays well with the eyes and makes the tan skin look brighter. You can arrive at the same brightening effect by going golden brown, strawberry blonde, or medium red-brown.

Brown Eyes and Red-Brown Highlights

3. Deep Black for Brown Skin and Brown Eyes. Choose dark mocha or deep black hair for brown eyes if you want to emphasize their natural depth and complement cool undertones in your skin, or add a hint of red or chocolate to accentuate a warm complexion.

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Black Hair for Dark Brown Eyes

4. Espresso Brown with Freckles and Brown Eyes. Experts recommend espresso brown hair color for brown hazel eyes because they look brighter against a dark shade. You can also draw out the flecks of green with auburn hues or emphasize the gold in your eyes with honey blonde.

Black Bob with Brown Highlights for Dark Eyes

5. Light Mahogany Red Hair with Brown Eyes. While this neutral red shade with a soft mahogany tint flatters a fair complexion, girls with darker skin tones may opt for auburn, cherry coke, merlot, and deep cinnamon hues, depending on their undertones.

Dark Eyes and Light Mahogany Hair

6. Buttery Blonde for Neutral Skin Tone and Brown Eyes. Be it brunette or blonde color family, muted shades make for a safer choice, as saturated hues can look harsh on neutral skin tones. Meanwhile, both creamy blondes and soft browns look totally natural with brown eyes.

Blonde Balayage for Dark Brown Eyes

7. Pumpkin Spice Hair with Brown Eyes. If you wonder what hair color brings out brown eyes with a tint of red, this rich mix of red, chestnut, and copper gives you a clue, along with other red-brown shades that can play up the warmth in your eyes.

Brown Eyes and Chestnut Balayage Hair

8. Hazelnut Brown Hair for Olive Skin and Brown Eyes. This brown shade is light and balanced enough to save any olive complexion from looking washed out, while caramel highlights would better illuminate warm undertones, and cool brown shades would neutralize the yellowness.

Light Brown Hair Color for Brown Eyes

9. Half Copper Half Blonde Color Blocking. Color blocking is a huge trend this year, and this dark copper fits the color of the eyes exactly to a T, but you can find the best unnatural hair color for brown eyes in the pastel family too, for example, pale pink or lavender.

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Brown Eyes with Blonde and Copper Gemini Hair

10. Pearly Blonde for Fair Skin and Brown Eyes. Featuring subtle violet tints, this cool blonde provides a striking contrast to the earthy eye color without clashing with the pale complexion, which can be alternatively paired with auburn, dark chocolate brown, or pastel pink.

Dirty Blonde Hair for Dark Brown Eyes

11. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair for Brown Eyes. Unless you have hazel eyes with tinges of blue and grey, you cannot go wrong with brown shades, including warm golden brown, chestnut, and caramel brown, as well as cool-toned cocoa, espresso highlights, and dark chocolate.

Brown Eyes and Espresso Brown Hair

12. Bright Face Frame for a Girl with Brown Eyes and Blonde Hair. Illuminating the face with bright highlights, this neutral blonde lets the rich brown eyes stand out, but you can use icy hues to neutralize redness in warm complexions or warm up cool undertones with honey and golden blondes.

Neutral Blonde with Face-Framing Highlights

13. Rich Cinnamon Brunette with Brown Eyes. If you don’t know what hair color goes with brown eyes that read more warm-toned, cinnamon brown, chocolate brunette with copper highlights, warm blondes, and caramel hues are among your options.

Chocolate Hair with Copper Highlights

14. Milk Chocolate Brunette with Cool Skin Tone and Brown Eyes. Although girls with brown eyes and pink or blue undertones in their skin can safely rock creamy blonde, sangria, and pale red copper, they can also try warmer shades that are not too yellow to avoid looking sallow.

Brown Hair for Pale Skin and Brown Eyes

15. Burnt Copper for Pale Skin and Brown Eyes. Since many fair-skinned girls are natural redheads, their skin will thrive on a wide range of reddish hues, from dusty red and strawberry blonde to auburn and copper, with other options including silver, sandy blonde, butterscotch, and burgundy.

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Auburn Balayage for Brown Eyes

16. Dark Mahogany for Brown Eyes. All red-meet-brown shades are good hair colors for brown eyes, yet a hint of amber or purple added to the formula makes mahogany a versatile option that can suit light, olive, tan, and brown skin with both warm and cool undertones.

Mahogany Hair with Purple Tint

17. Ash Blonde Balayage for Light Skin and Brown Eyes. Ash blonde can be the best hair color for dark brown eyes if you have a light complexion with cool undertones, as the lightness creates contrast for the iris to really pop.

Dark Brown Eyes and Blonde Balayage Hair

18. Earthy Bronde with Dark Eyebrows and Brown Eyes. Neither too cool nor too warm, a beige color scheme delivers a neutral frame with earthy tones complementing your dark eyes and eyebrows and can come in beige blonde or beige brunette variations.

Beige Blonde Highlights for Dark Eyes

19. Candlelit Balayage for Light Brown Eyes. The best hair color for light brown eyes can be found in a warm palette, for example, auburn or golden blonde. You can also create a contrast with a deep brown base and highlights flattering your skin tone and setting off the eyes.

Brown Eyes and Brown Hair with Bronze Highlights

20. Coppery Brunette with Honey Brown Eyes. To intensify the amber speckles in your iris, you can use a range of honey, golden, and red tones tailored to your complexion or go for neutral blonde and soft brunette shades to bring out the gold in the eyes.

Copper Brown Hair and Warm Brown Eyes

So, what is the best hair color for brown eyes? Obviously, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, as flattering hair colors for brown eyes are extremely diverse, yet they need to be customized to your skin tone as well. Take our pictures as your reference and discuss with your stylist how the looks you like can be adapted to your features.

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