50 Trendiest Ideas of Gray Highlights to Try in 2024

Gray highlights have become a popular trend in hair fashion, offering a chic and modern way to add dimension to your hair. Whether you’re looking to cover grays or simply want to experiment with a new look, there are endless possibilities for incorporating gray highlights into your hairstyle. In this guide, we’ve curated 50 of the trendiest ideas for gray highlights in 2024, ranging from subtle, natural-looking highlights to bold, statement-making styles. Whether you have short, long, curly, or straight hair, there’s a gray highlight look for everyone to try this year.

Gray highlights work to elevate women’s hair in their golden years. However, you don’t have to wait until you reach a certain age – now you could try this amazing color, as it’s a hot trend for all ages.

It is also suitable for all hair lengths and textures. If you seem to be lacking inspiration, check out the following styling ideas and find the best gray hair highlights variation that’ll work for you.

1. Bronde Hair with Gray Highlights. Who says you can’t have three colors in your hair at the same time? Don’t hesitate to mix your blonde, brown, and gray in a vibrant balayage!

Balayage with Blonde and Gray Highlights

2. Uneven Gray Streaks in Hair. Let the world know about your creativity with hand-painted gray streaks around your face. They are unconventional, fashion-forward, and alluring!

Gray Streaks around the Face for Brown Hair

3. Marvelous Gray Balayage. Don’t worry about your original hair color growing out! With a balayage, your crown’s natural hue will transition to the dyed tone harmoniously.

Gray Balayage for Brown Hair

4. Thin Ashy Highlights. The barely-there babylights reflect the light just right to give more dimension to your beautiful brunette hair. Just look at that smooth gradient of colors!

Brunette Hair with Ashy Babylights

5. Silver Gray Highlights. Pair the stunning silver-gray highlights with a shattered cut to give your locks a bouncy, flowy feel. A perfect idea for all hair lengths, even the shorter ones.

Flowy Dark Lob with Gray Highlights

6. Silver Gray Highlights on Medium Hair. Mix and match silver white and ash gray strands to upgrade dark tones such as chocolate or dark brown.

Chocolate Hair with Gray Highlights

7. Ash Gray Highlights. Mix different tones of gray to brighten your original hair color. Combine and blend the hues until you achieve the perfect ash gray highlights that complement you best!

Ash Gray Balayage for Dark Hair

8. Dark Hair with Gray Highlights. Brighten up your world with streaks of gray highlights in your dark hair. This statement hair color brings the radiance that starts from your hair and spreads all over your face.

Gray Streaks in Dark Hair

9. Brown Hair with Gray Highlights. Get a gentler feel by blending your naturally brown hair with gray highlights in a beautiful cascade falling past your shoulders. Leave straight or curl midshaft to ends.

Brown and Gray Highlights

10. A Silky Mix of Gray, Silver, and Beige. This dreamy look is created by interspersing gray highlights with delicate splashes of beige and interweaving brighter ribbons of silver into face-framing pieces.

Gray Blonde Highlights and Lowlights

11. Gray Babylights on Raven Black Hair. Take full advantage of babylights and their ability to twist your overall look with just one session at a beauty salon.

Black Hair with Gray Babylights

12. Brunette with Gray Highlights. Upgrade your dark brown hair with gray highlights to achieve a softer, graceful overall vibe. Some long curtain bangs will make a perfect face-framing.

Gray Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

13. Black Hair with Gray Highlights. Want to be subtle about taking your hair game to the next level? Then this type of tender highlights is perfect for you!

Subtle Gray Highlights for Black Hair

14. Strips of Silver on Brown Hair. Despite the heavily sliced ends, this textured lob retains much of the body thanks to the dark base glossed by an ashy tone and made more dimensional with silver highlights.

Dark Brown Lob with Silver Highlights

15. Soft Gray Hair Highlights. This ethereal color scheme stays away from a high-contrast mix of shades and plays with soft silver and beige hues to delicately enhance the depth and movement in the loose waves.

Soft Beige and Gray Highlights for Dark Hair

16. Gray Highlights on Dark Brown Hair. Tap into your feminine side with these mellow gray highlights on dark brown hair. You can also add some curls for extra refinement.

Brunette Curls with Gray Highlights

17. Gray Highlights with Dark Brown Hair. The gray-colored highlights on dark brown hair cast a mesmeric shade that sits somewhere between dirty-blonde and dusky brown. This adds a good amount of dimension to brunette hair.

Dirty Blonde and Gray Highlights for Brunettes

18. Gray Highlights on Brunette Hair. You can create a fantastic dimension in dull hair. All you need is a fitting hair color and the right highlighting technique. Gray highlights don’t disappoint in this regard.

Brunette Hair with Metallic Gray Highlights

19. Rusty Gray Highlights. For more even and natural blending, choose to brighten your black hair with some gray and dark copper-brown highlights.

Gray Brown Highlights and Black Roots

20. Dark Ash Gray Hair with Glow. Here we have dark brown hair totally transformed into a dimensional smokey look where a violet tinge gives way to silver shimmer invoked by seamlessly blended highlights.

Gray Highlights with Silver Shimmer

21. Cool Brown to Gray Color Melt. This color job keeps the base color deep and close to the natural shade and then lets it nicely melt into ash gray highlights getting up steam toward the ends.

Cool-Tone Ash Gray Highlights for Brown Hair

22. Light Brown Hair with Gray Highlights. These amazing gray highlights took a hair color that would have sat limply on her skin tone and transformed it into an exquisite balayage that beautifully set off her complexion.

Tan Complexion and Gray Balayage

23. Brunette with Gray Babylights. Boost your elegance and sophisticated style with a sprinkle of gray babylights combined with some soft and loose curls.

Sophisticated Gray Babylights for Brunettes

24. Gray Balayage with Bronze and Silver. This lovely lob is visually volumized by the well-blended combination of highlights and lowlights, and it feels extremely glossy thanks to the metallic gray finish.

Gray Balayage with Metallic Finish

25. Gray Highlights on Dirty Blonde Hair. A generous spread of gray on a dark shade of blonde lifts the dullness out and introduces a magnificent glow into your hair.

Magnificent Gray Highlights with Glow

26. Beautiful Transition to Gray Hair. Gracefully transition to gray hair by completely covering your lengths to blend with your crown showing off some splendid salt-and-pepper highlights.

Salt-and-Pepper Highlights for Gray Hair

27. Wheat Blonde Hair with Gray Highlights. Look angelic by upgrading your warm blonde hair with gray highlights for a blurred and muted yet phenomenal hair color.

Warm Blonde and Gray Highlights

28. Silvery Highlights on Shoulder-length Hair. As radiant as sun-kissed hair goes, this amazing mix of silver and gray highlights on the medium-length black hair is one of the best. The shimmering highlighted ends are a showstopper.

Sun-Kissed and Gray Silver Highlights

29. Charcoal Gray Balayage Hair. This moody set of gray highlights is carefully implanted into a deep brown base to deliver depth and visual interest without lifting the natural color very much.

Natural Dark Hair with Gray Highlights

30. Silver Babylights for Metallic Brown. Go ahead and hop on the gray highlights train! Blend metallic brown highlights and bright silver-gray babylights for elevated grace and elegance.

Metallic Brown Hair with Gray Highlights

31. Lavender Gray Hair with Barely-There Highlights. The gray of these mesmerizing long waves is shot with a muted shade of purple and further spiced up with some splashes of ash blonde for better movement and dimension.

Dimensional Gray Balayage Hair

32. Gray Balayage Hair. Refresh your hair by blending natural shades into a gray balayage and enjoy the compliments that are sure to come your way!

Black Hair with Gray Balayage

33. Icy Gray Hair Highlights. These dark brown strands with hints of natural grayness at the roots beautifully transition to the shiny silver at the tips through a masterfully customized blend of shades.

Gray Blend for Dark Hair

34. Ash Babylights on Black Hair. Get away from a dull black color and play with lights by simply getting ash and bronze babylights.

Black Hair with Babylights

35. Gray Milk Tea Balayage. Here is an ashier take on the trending milk tea hair color, which melts subdued blonde, brown, and gray tones into a yummy cold brew hue.

Gray Balayage with Warm and Cool Tones

36. Metallic Highlights on Black Hair. Silver and gold highlights are perfect for brunettes with strands that started turning gray early.

Silver and Gold Highlights for Black Hair

37. Dimensional Balayage with Taupe Highlights. Beige shades chime well with both brown and gray, which results in this stunning color scheme where depth at the roots is coupled with dimension toward the ends.

Beige Gray Balayage Highlights

38. Subtle Smoky Gray Highlights. Get classy and sophisticated with smoky gray highlights running down your hair. Blend them into your natural brown hair color.

Brown Hair with Smoky Highlights

39. Rooty Dirty Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights. Here, the whole look is kept on a much brighter side veering to platinum blonde yet toned down a bit with the glimpses of gray on the top and throughout the mid-length.

Platinum Highlights and Gray Lowlights

40. Gray Highlights on Brown Hair. Run currents of gray strands through your hair for a picturesque look. Bring out your curling iron and add in curls for a truly electrifying hairstyle.

Chocolate Brown Curls with Gray Highlights

41. Curly Warm Gray Balayage Hair. Looking to keep your hair highly low-maintenance? A gray balayage on a dark base readily offers you that. The graduated move from dark to gray hair is beautiful.

Low-Maintenance Gray Balayage for Dark Hair

42. Dark Gray Highlights. Go for a refined and sophisticated shoulder-length hairstyle with dark gray highlights to look equally stunning every day and at parties and formal occasions.

Shoulder-Length Dark Hair with Gray Highlights

43. Gray Highlights Revive. The difference between the two pictures below is as clear as night and day. What the weakened mane needed was a good haircut and reinvigorating touch of gray highlights to bounce back to life.

Silver Gray Highlights Before and After

44. Low-Contrast Black to Gray Fade. If you want to safely start your journey with gray highlights on black hair, a low-contrast color scheme like this smoky fade won’t require much commitment and will grow out gracefully.

Smoky Fade with Black Roots and Gray Highlights

45. Salt-and-Pepper Highlights. Pick muted salt-and-pepper highlights for a more natural look. They will look especially amazing on medium-length hair.

Medium-length Salt-and Pepper Hair

46. Barely-There Ash Highlights. The fine ash strands with a hint of dirty blonde complement this brunette hair perfectly. Add waves or curls for extra glow.

Brunette Hair with Ash Highlights

47. Midshaft-to-Ends Gray Underlights. Warm brown hair and gray highlights are a match made in heaven. The blend is so smooth and none overpowers the other. You can even throw in a lovely gray money piece, and have it subtle and sophisticated.

Gray Highlights in Warm Brown Hair

48. Gray Foil Highlights for Mid-Length Hair. Brighten your hair with gray strands and invite more shine into your look. Layers and subtle waves will make this style even more captivating.

Mid-Length Hair with Gray Highlights

49. Cute Gray Foil Highlights. For an ultra-natural feel, opt for a shade of gray that is very close to your hair color. A technique like foil highlighting delivers a resplendent finish.

Cute Subtle Midshaft Gray Highlights

50. Platinum Highlights. Build more dimension and volume in your hair with these high-shine platinum and gold highlights!

High-Shine Gold and Silver Highlights

Do you think gray highlights will look great on you? You can pick several gray coloring options and combine them if you want. Besides, you can also make a bucket list of styles to try one after another. We also recommend asking your stylist for advice tailored to your appearance. Find what feels best and enjoy your gray highlights!

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