30 Amazing Golden Brown Hair Color Ideas to Inspire Your Makeover

If you’re considering switching up your hair color, golden brown may be just the change you’re looking for. This versatile shade can range from warm honey tones to rich chocolate hues, making it a perfect choice for anyone looking to add some warmth and dimension to their locks. Whether you’re a natural brunette looking to add some sunny highlights or a blonde looking to transition to a darker, more autumnal shade, these 30 golden brown hair color ideas are sure to inspire your next makeover.

Golden brown hair is a highly popular choice of it-girls in 2024. Most golden brown hair styles have a brown base with some golden blonde tresses blended into it to create a warmer and lighter shade. You can brighten up your brunette hair or tone down a blonde base to achieve a golden brown hair color.

Here are some amazing golden brown hair color ideas to inspire your next look. Feed your eyes and make your pick.

1. Golden Bronze Hair Color. Brighten up your brunette hair with a multi-dimensional shade of bronze with a red undertone. The long length and wavy curls add to the beauty of her hair.

Brunette Hair with Bronze Highlights

2. Medium Golden Brown Hair. If you want to brighten up your natural brown hair color without making it appear too light, then you should definitely try this medium golden brown hair shade. Very subtle babylights are nicely blended with natural light golden brown hair.

Light Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

3. Golden Bronze Hair Color. For golden brown hair, length is never an issue. This fabulous messy bronze brown balayage on medium-length hair attest to that. Her skin tone pairs well with the tousled golden bronze waves framing her beautiful face.

Golden Bronze Brown Medium Hair

4. Honey Golden Brown Hair Color. The perfectly soft tone of these rich honey golden highlights is so desirable. It readily complements warm skin tones, adding zest and brightness to basic brunette hair.

Honey Golden Highlights for Brunette Hair

5. Honey Golden Brown Hair Color. The length, soft golden tones, and cascading waves of this hair deliver a stunning effect. The honey golden brown hair color appears so sun-kissed and glossy. The tumble of golden brown curls at the ends is just captivating.

6. Brown Hair with Golden Highlights. Some well-defined golden highlights here are flowing from the roots down the entire length. The lights beautifully peek out from the bed of naturally brown hair and vary in intensity.

Golden Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

7. Brown Hair with Golden Highlights. This glamorous blend of dark chocolate hair with shimmering light golden brown pastels makes for the perfect goddess look. The volume, deep waves, and contrasting golden brown highlights add so much allure to this hairstyle.

Golden Brown Highlights for Dark Hair

8. Golden Brunette Hair. Introduce some deep hues of golden brown to your dark brunette base for great dimension and luminosity. This deep brunette hair with golden brown highlights is nicely accentuated by the soft curls.

Deep Brunette with Golden Highlights

9. Dark Golden Brown Hair. Add a touch of golden brown babylights throughout your naturally dark hair to freshen it up. This will effortlessly transform your dark brunette hair into a more beautiful and trendy dye job. See picture evidence.

Golden Babylights for Dark Brown Hair

10. Dark Golden Brown and Auburn Hair. So much glamor in one place. A touch of golden brown highlights and hints of red tones embedded in the dark brown base color make this lob hairstyle a sight to behold. Adding some golden brown highlights to your auburn hair will give you this unique look.

Golden Brown Highlights for Auburn Hair

11. Golden Bronde Curly Hair. Her hair is indeed eye candy. Movement. Layers. Curls. The layered wavy strands throughout the hair nicely reflect the rich golden tones of this stunning balayage hair.

Long Layered Golden Bronde Balayage Hair

12. Golden Brown Highlights and Black Roots. For the hair full of dimension and luminosity, enrich your natural brunette base with a golden brown hair dye hitting somewhere between copper and gold. The way she adorned her dark brunette hair with streaks of golden brown highlights is breathtaking.

Dark Brunette Hair with Golden Highlights

13. Golden Brown Hair with Money Pieces. This look speaks bold vibes and style. For a stylishly unique look, try this medley of rich golden brown hair and blonde money pieces on a natural brunette base. The layered cut adds tons of drama to the hairstyle.

Rich Golden Brown Balayage for Brunette Hair

14. Golden Brown and Blonde Highlights. Sun-kissed lovely golden bronde highlights on a dark brunette base with blonde balayage at the ends. The beautiful contrast between dark hair and blonde highlights is amazing.

Dark Hair with Golden Blonde Highlights

15. Brown Rose Gold Hair. The soft look and classy beauty of this hair make you want to reach out and touch it. A magical brown rose gold ombre graduating from rich brunette roots. This is for you if you’re looking for a chic golden brown hair dye idea.

Soft Golden Brown Rose Gold Ombre

16. Golden Strawberry Hair Color. For those who are moving from brunette to light golden brown hair, the golden strawberry can make for a perfect transition hair color. Glossy and high-shine, with great definition and lots of dimension. Opt for a reddish shade if you prefer warm hair shades.

Reddish Light Golden Brown Hair

17. Light Golden Brown Balayage. To add an instant glow to your brown hair, ask your hair colorist to give your hair a nice balayage with a golden brown hair dye. Cutting her hair in layers made it look fuller and richer.

Nice Golden Brown Balayage for Long Hair

18. Reddish Golden Brown Highlights. If you are aiming at freshening up your appearance without overpowering the natural brown color of your hair, try introducing some reddish golden highlights to your hair. The result is stunningly cool.

Reddish Brown Hair with Golden Highlights

19. Very Light Golden Brown Hair. These are high-shine strands of light golden brown hair starting from the base. The professional shoulder-length cut makes her hair look sophisticated.

Shoulder-Length Light Golden Brown Cut

20. Golden Brown Highlights for Black Lob. The mid-shaft reddish brown balayage lends her a stunning dimensional effect. The shoulder-length textured cut is finished with a touch of golden blonde towards the ends.

Black Hair with Midshaft Golden Brown Highlights

21. Golden Brown Balayage. Subtle hints of golden brown highlights are melting down into the beautiful sea of voluminous chocolate waves. We love the way her hair color complements her eyes with golden specks.

Golden Brown Balayage for Chocolate Hair

22. Golden Blonde Before and After Transformation. Still wondering if golden brown hair can do the trick for you? Check out this brunette hair color with golden brown highlights. The aftereffect of this balayage achieved with a light golden brown hair dye is stunning. The transformation of her look from laid-back to fabulous is amazing.

Light Golden Brown Balayage for Brunettes

23. Platinum Money Pieces for Brown Hair. This look packs many shades of beauty to itself. The light blonde pieces framing both sides of her face, the tousled ‘just out of bed’ vibe, and the rich blend of platinum, caramel, and brown towards the ends add to this fashionable hairstyle.

Golden Brown Hair with Money Pieces

24. Light Golden Hazelnut. Here we see light golden brown highlights on medium brunette hair with a good dose of bounce. Go for this soft and sultry style if you want to change your look without overpowering your dark hair. It’s also low-maintenance.

Golden Hazelnut Highlights on Brunette Hair

25. Auburn and Golden Brown Balayage. Glamor, glitz, and style are on top of their game here. So spicy and captivating. The blend of warm auburn, rich golden, and medium brown tones on her hair is just so alluring. The stripy arrangement of the shades and the blunt cut lends a unique, daring, and fierce look to the hair.

Brown Hair with Auburn and Golden highlights

26. Golden Brown Balayage with Money Pieces. These face-framing golden blonde money pieces are nothing short of fabulous. It is a simple style, but so powerfully attractive. Copy this idea for that upcoming party and watch heads turn in admiration.

Golden Brown and Blonde Balayage

27. Light Golden Brown Hair. For a unique and angelic look, try this beautiful blend of soft ash blonde babylights and light brunette hair. Both colors are exquisitely blended into each other to create a sophisticated and stunning effect.

Light Brunette Hair with Ash Babylights

28. Soft Golden Brown Balayage. A great transition hair color for those who are moving from light brown to golden brown hair color. The golden balayage highlights and layered cut come together to lend a sophisticated look to this hairstyle.

Layered Cut with Copper and Golden Balayage

29. Soft Golden Brown Hair. Beauty is in simplicity. This light golden brown hair is sure to steal attention anytime and anywhere. The soft golden tones, rippling waves, and glossy finish deliver a sophisticated look.

Glossy Light Golden Brown Waves

30. Matte Golden Brown Balayage. This long brown hair with golden highlights and lots of layers dancing around the back and shoulders is simply fantastic. The blend of balayage and ombre paired with long layers is so eye-catching.

Matte Golden Balayage Highlights

Trust you’ve found one or two golden brown hair ideas to try out on your next visit to your hair colorist. Adding layers and gloss to your hair will help to kick out the shine of your golden highlights.

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