50 Super-Stylish Dark Brown Hair Colors for Chic Brunettes

If you’re a brunette looking to switch up your hair color, dark brown is the perfect choice for a chic and sophisticated look. With a wide range of shades and tones to choose from, dark brown hair colors can complement any skin tone and bring out the natural beauty of your hair. Whether you’re looking for a subtle change or a dramatic transformation, there are countless super-stylish dark brown hair colors to elevate your brunette locks.

Don’t ever think that wearing a dark brown hair color means being sentenced to a lifetime of drab and boring hair. In this article, we share 50 dark brown hair color ideas that will meet your exact taste.

Whether you like your hair simple and elegant or dramatic and attention-grabbing, you won’t be disappointed. Go on and choose your style.

1. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair with Black Lowlights. The natural feel of this brown hair color speaks elegance. Dimensional chocolate hair is more eye-catching on medium-to-long tresses.

Long Dimensional Chocolate Brown Hair

2. Dark Chocolate Brown Hair. The rich chocolate and golden shades of this mocha hair have just the right shine and dimension to create the most gorgeous look for your mane.

Golden Chocolate Hair with Lowlights

3. Dark Brown Hair with Balayage. Sun-kissed brown balayage highlights look so adorable on a dark brown hair color. Especially if you also have dark brown eyes.

Sun-Kissed Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

4. Hand-Painted Highlights on Dark Brown Hair. This is one of the dark brown hair color ideas you can try to add more pizazz to your hair. Ideal highlights for your hair should be 2 – 3 shades lighter than your base hair color.

Dark Hair with Light Brown Highlights

5. Long Black Brown Hair. A mix of caramel brown highlights and dark brunette hair is stunning. It gets more delightful if you have long hair, but will look good on shorter lengths too.

Long Dark Brunette Hair with Highlights

6. Dark Brunette Hair with Subtle Highlights. This voluminous layered style replaces high-contrast face-framing highlights with delicate sparkles of a lighter brown to create a totally natural look just slightly illuminated from the inside.

Layered Brunette Hair with Face-Framing Highlights

7. Dark Brown Hair with Cinnamon Highlights. Sprinkles of cinnamon brown highlights on chestnut-colored hair present the most resplendent glitz. They also add a lovely warmth that complements your dark brown hair.

Warm Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

8. Dark Brown Hair with Chestnut Highlights. Befitting dark brown hair highlights would be those that add depth, dimension, and radiance to your brunette hair. You can choose to give your highlights a pattern or just go spontaneous with them, whichever way they look tantalizing.

Metallic Chestnut Highlights for Brunette Hair

9. Dark Brown Hair with All-Over Toffee Highlights. Radiant brown highlights in toffee brown color sit perfectly on dark brown hair despite the season. The warm tone of the highlights makes them a hit on all hair textures.

Dark Brown and Toffee Balayage Hair

10. Textured Dark and Light Brown Blend. If you’d like to give your dark brown hair a real revamp, try blending it with a lighter brown hair color like milk chocolate. For the best results, mix the two shades of brown homogeneously without leaving any noticeable demarcation.

Milk Chocolate Highlights on Dark Brown Hair

11. Dark Brown Hair with Bronze Highlights. To recreate this irresistibly beauteous hair, you have to add warm brown highlights. Caramel, auburn, light cinnamon, and bronze will be great color suggestions. Curl your hair into big soft waves to get it looking this gorgeous.

Dark Bronze Brown Balayage Hair

12. Hazelnut-Colored Streaks in Dark Brown Hair. This wavy lob incorporates soft medium brown strips to enrich the dark base with some golden hues and land a balanced blend of cool and warm tones flattering for every complexion.

Dark Brown Hair with Cool and Warm Highlights

13. Ash Dark Chocolate Brown Balayage. Here, the dark brown base was locally lifted to reveal its reddish undertones and then got glazed to keep the warmness at bay.

Long Chocolate Brown Hair

14. Dimensional Espresso Brown Hair. Girls with olive skin will look gorgeous in a cool dark brown shade, and this espresso brown infused with soft beige highlights has just the right tones and some contrast to add shimmer.

Brown Hair with Beige Highlights

15. Caramel Ribbons in Very Dark Brown Hair. The insertions of warm caramel brown seem even more dimensional when set against the deep brown base seamlessly blended with the highlights thanks to the root smudge.

Dark Brown Hair with Root Smudge

16. Dark Brown Hair Color with Contrast. Those searching for dramatic looks should appreciate the idea of pairing neutral dark brown with golden blonde placed predominantly around the face and at the very ends.

Dark Brown and Golden Blonde Hair

17. The Darkest Brown Hair with a Touch of Burnt Umber. Adding some reddish hues instead of blonde can result in equally impressive depth while requiring fewer bleaching efforts and causing less damage to the hair.

Brown Lob with Subtle Reddish Highlights

18. Rich Chocolate Brown Hair. This stunning dark brown hair dye feels extremely creamy, yet it perfectly catches the light to produce tons of sheen and delivers both cool and warm undertones.

Warm Brown Hair with Added Sheen

19. Short Dark Brown Hair with Golden Highlights. Cut with few layers but plenty of textured ends, this bob intended for thin hair gets extra body thanks to the dark brown base and gains further dimension with highlights.

Textured Dark Brown Bob with Highlights

20. Dark Brown Bob with Pops of Blonde. According to hair experts, dark brown with a pop of color in the front to add some richness and a little edge is among the most popular dark brown hair ideas for this season.

Dark Brown Hair with Blonde in the Front

21. Chestnut Brown Hair for Fair Skin. This warm dark brown shade chimes with the peachy undertones in the girl’s complexion and gives her a brightening boost rather than washing her out.

Warm Brown Hair Color Idea

22. Straight Brown Bob with Golden Mist. Since intense weight removal can lead to scarceness in thin hair, this blunt bob tries to avoid over texturized hair and uses highlights shifted toward the bottom to add fullness to the ends.

Brown Bob with Highlights for Thin Hair

23. All-Over Cocoa Brown Hair. All-over dark transformations are predicted to reign supreme this year, so make sure to don a deep coffee-inspired hue with some gloss to reflect a bit of light as this choppy style does.

Medium Choppy Brown Hairstyle

24. Bronze-Tinted Dark Brown Hair. Fair-skinned girls with pink undertones can steal both this cute shag and the soft color to flatter their complexion while balancing out the redness.

Long Bronze Brown Wolf Cut

25. Dark Brown with a Glimpse of Blonde. Here we have a nicely textured bob wrapped in a cool brunette hue which is a wee bit spiced up with a contrasting blonde to accentuate the movement in the hair.

Textured Brunette Bob

26. Dark Brunette with Auburn Glow. This really dark brown hair amazes us with a vivid, perfectly fall-ready color palette featuring a seamless transition from deep mahogany brown to shiny auburn red.

Mahogany and Auburn Brown Hair

27. Soft Brunette Shade with Minimalist Highlights. The soft brown base of this new “Rachel” doesn’t drain focus from the bounce it is famous for, while the barely visible highlights add sparkle to the movement.

Brunette Mid-Length Hair with Money Piece

28. Glossy Cold Brew Brown. This amazing head of hair accommodates a nice mix of neutral and golden hues, which, together with the “wet” glossy finish, excellently mimic the feel of an iced coffee.

Iced Coffee Brown Hair Color

29. One-Color Espresso Brunette. If you want to rock a rich dark color with no reds visible in your locks, this neutral brown shade is neither too dark nor light and can be your safe bet.

Neutral Dark Brown Hair Color

30. Effortless Lob with Bronze Hues. A true bronze shade that doesn’t lean gold or orange is the trendiest incarnation of warm dark brown hair 2024, and this girl shows how to nail it.

2024 Dark and Light Brown Balayage Bob

31. Medium-Length Dark Brown Hair. Try highlighting the front pieces of your dark brown hair with a sunny golden-brown color for a smashing effect. The hint of reddish-brown undertones in her locks adds a luscious feel to her hair.

Dark Brown Hair with Golden Money Piece

32. Medium Dark Mocha Brown Hair. Radiant warm brown hair colors like light caramel or sandy brown are eye candy – a cute idea for medium dark brown hair.

Medium-Length Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

33. Dark Brown Hair with Copper Ribbons. These dark copper brown highlights introduced an irresistible luminosity into the dark brown hair. Choose lowlights in a shade close to your base hair color for the best results.

Dark Brown Highlights and Black Lowlights

34. Dark Brown Hair with Ashy Highlights. Black roots fading into glamorous dark ash brown hair. What a stunning work! A dark brown hair dye will make your black hair appear richer.

Dark Brown Highlights on Black Hair

35. Dark Brown Highlights on Black Base. A good way to keep the attention where it is needed. The soft, dusky reddish-brown hue of these chocolate highlights took attention away from her hair and attracted it to her face.

Black Hair with Chocolate Brown Highlights

36. Wavy Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Money Piece. Not saying that straight dark brown hair isn’t gorgeous, but wavy curls in dark brunette hair put the G on gorgeous. Does anyone else think highlights are more enticing on curly hair?

Golden Brown and Blonde Highlights for Brunettes

37. Black Brown and Blonde Lob. A wavy long bob haircut looks so good on dark brown hair. Highlight the ends for a fancy finish.

Dark Brown Lob with Highlights and Lowlights

38. Dark Brown Hair with Rum Highlights. Along with the sassy cut of this dark brown hair, the laid-back rum-brown highlights contributed alluring, edgy vibes to this hairstyle.

Warm Brown Highlights on Dark Hair

39. Short Pixie-Bob Dark Brown Hair. The first thing that arrests your attention on this stunning short hairstyle is the cute side-swept fringe. Then on a closer look, the dark brown hair color with hints of violet totally holds you spellbound.

Dark Brown Pixie with a Side-Swept Fringe

40. Dark Brown Hair with Money Highlights. It’s all about placing those highlights where they’ll do the job best. These money pieces brought out the fire in her eyes.

Blonde Money Piece on Black Brown Hair

41. High-Contrast Brown Blonde Highlights. Here’s a fantastic balayage idea for an effortless messy look. We’re fascinated by that gradual move from black hair color to golden brown and blonde ends.

Brown Blonde Highlights for Black Hair

42. Long Thick Highlighted Dark Brown Mane. Brown highlights and lowlights can add a cool, hearty feel to the color and dimension of your brunette hair. A good quality dark brown hair dye with lighter shades in chunky highlights done by a pro can handle this.

Dark Brown Hair with Chunky Highlights

43. Shoulder-Length Dark Brown Hair. You can never go wrong with a shoulder-length hairstyle. It’s easier to style and maintain than a short or too-long haircut. The dusky look of cappuccino brown hair here is delightful.

Shoulder-Length Dark Brown Bob

44. Dark Brown with Frontal Blonde Highlights. If you want more vibrance in your dark brown hair, consider highlighting the pieces of hair framing your face with a lighter shade like this delicious butter blonde.

Dark Brown Hair with Butter Blonde Money Piece

45. Dark Brunette and Red Brown Hair. Try balayage highlights in reddish brown shades like dark brown auburn or chocolate cherry on your dark brunette hair for a stunning vibrance.

Face-Framing Dark Reddish Brown Highlights

46. Chunky Highlights on Dark Brown Hair. Pronounced highlights in a brighter shade sit well on dark brunette hair despite its type and texture. Try not to go overboard with the chunky strips in order to keep your highlights easy on the eyes.

Dark Hair with Face-Framing Chunky Highlights

47. Dark Brown Hair with Sun-Kissed Highlights. This refined brown hair color has amazing depth and dimension thanks to the shiny bronde highlights. Dark brown hair colors need as much attention as blonde shades in order not to look dull and lifeless.

Shiny Bronde Balayage Highlights for Dark Brown Hair

48. Copper on Dark Brown Hair. Strips of copper highlights scattered all over a dark base will give you a stunning result like in this picture. Create loose waves in your hair for a splendid finish.

Brown and Copper Highlights with Black Underneath

49. Red Wood Contouring on Dark Brown Hair. The dazzling radiance of this stunning hairstyle can keep people staring at your hair all day in admiration. Sheen spray can give that glossy appearance.

Glossy Dark Brown and Red Wood Hair

50. Sun-Kissed Chocolate Cherry. The mysterious depth, sun-kissed vibrance, and amazing dimension of this dark brown hair make us want to steal the idea straight off your device.

Sun-Kissed Dark Brown on Blue Black Base

What do you think about the rich dark brown hair color palette? Dark brown hair color can’t be called boring anymore! This is not just one hair color, as many may think. From black brown, cool dark brown, and bitter chocolate brown, to warm shades of toffee brown, reddish dark brown, and even dark plum brown hair tones, you have plenty of choices. Moreover, there are dozens of types of highlights you can add to your dark brown locks for more dimension and interest. Choose what suits your mood most and enjoy your new hair color!

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