35 Best Curly Hairstyles for Women Over 50

As women age, they may find it challenging to maintain their curly hair. However, there are numerous stylish and elegant curly hairstyles that are perfect for women over 50. Whether you have naturally curly hair or prefer to create curls with styling tools, there are a variety of options to choose from. In this article, we will explore 35 of the best curly hairstyles for women over 50, providing inspiration and tips for achieving these beautiful looks.


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Table of Contents

#1. Voluminous Layered Curls

Voluminous Layered Curls

Voluminous layered curls would breathe some life into your curly hair, especially for women over 50. Pair that with the curly system haircut that puts spring into your curls while you show off those defined curls of yours. Use a leave-in conditioner to maintain the bottom line. The style is perfect for lifting flat hair and goes well on different faces.

#2. Elegant Curly Updo

Elegant Curly Updo

Elegant curly updo is a classic curly hairstyle for women that provides a chic appearance. With this style, your natural curls are ramped up in style, which is why it is called a special event or everyday fabulous. Look out for hair care products that can be used as holding agents; this ensures that your curls remain soft. A sophisticated look can always be achieved with this hairstyle that brings out your face.

#3. Soft Curly Shoulder-Length Cut

Soft Curly Shoulder Length Cut

Soft curly shoulder-length cut is a wavy-lagging corpus hairstyle with much versatility to it, and it’s one of those curly haircuts that can be styled in absolutely different ways. Designed for the soft curl pattern person, it gives a very natural and relaxed effect. It suits different hair textures and is low maintenance in terms of daily hairstyling. This is a good pick if you want messy styling for your hair but still have some sense of order.

#4. Curly Lob with Side-Swept Bangs

Curly Lob with Side Swept Bangs

Curly lob with side-swept bangs is a modern version of the traditional bob hairstyle. What an amazing haircut idea for ladies wanting to present their faces in a playful manner. A defined curl pattern is ideal for this style, and employing hair care products that bring out curls will keep it looking great. It’s amazing for anyone looking for an elegant but easy-to-manage haircut.

#5. Tousled Medium Curly Shag

Tousled Medium Curly Shag

For a low-maintenance chic look, women with curly hair should consider tousled medium curly shag. The essence of this curly haircut is a relaxed attitude, achieved with structured curls and assured layers. This style is versatile in a way that it suits various shapes of the face and hair texture. If you are blessed with natural curls, boost the “bedhead” look by applying texturing spray.

#6. Sophisticated Curly Bob with Bangs

Sophisticated Curly Bob with Bangs

Sophisticated curly bob with bangs is a perfect curly hairstyle for mature ladies who would like to exhibit their fun side. In this bob cut, the face is clearly flourished, and hence, it is appropriate for pinpointing some brilliant aspects of your facial appearance. Invest in quality hair care products to maintain your defined soft curls free of frizz. This makes this hairstyle ideal for formal and informal setups.

#7. Classic Curly Pixie Cut

Classic Curly Pixie Cut

If you are one of those women who like their looks to have a classic touch, then the classic curly pixie cut is your ideal short curly hairstyle. It is a perfect way to reveal your natural curl pattern with a trendy and fresh look. This is especially ideal for people who don’t like the fuss that comes with styling but still desire to look good. Opt for a hair care product that acts on the natural curls.

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#8. Wavy Curly Long Bob

Wavy Curly Long Bob

A wavy curly long bob is a stylish choice for anybody with wavy curly hair. With this bob hairstyle, one can portray elegance and casual charm in equal measure. It is suitable for percentage face shapes and can be easily styled without involving much effort. To maintain natural-looking hair but stylishly chic, use products that help to define curls and waves.

#9. Romantic Half-Up Curly Hairstyle

Romantic Half Up Curly Hairstyle

The ideal look to bring out femininity and elegance with the curly hairstyle is a romantic half-up curly hairstyle. The hairstyle woman can pull off both simple and official occasions, which makes it quite versatile. Lastly, accessorize for a more personal look, or leave it plain and let your curls speak for themselves. Just focus on the health and texture of your hair for good results.

#10. Chic Curly Layered Pixie

Chic Curly Layered

Noble chic curly layered pixie is a high, restless, curly haircut for women who want a daring and practical style. This is a short, curly hairstyle for women that accentuates your natural curls with extra volume and texture. This is a low-maintenance cut that one can add minimum styling and is great for a person with a busy but active life. Routine trims will maintain the neat appearance and outline of this style.

#11. Bohemian Curly Layered Cut

Bohemian Curly Layered Cut

Bohemian curly layered cut is a hairstyle for women with curly locks who love to spend their lives loose and natural. You can see this in the form of movement and well-defined curls of this layered haircut. It is a style that doesn’t require much care and is great for women who don’t want to invest too much time in styling it. Use curl-enhancing cream to keep your natural curls looking, well, naturally good.

#12. Glamorous Hollywood Curls

Glamorous Hollywood Curls

Glamorous Hollywood curls represent the most sophisticated and charming type of curly hairstyle. This is the style for that special moment, so it adds up to glamour. A curling iron should be used and then set with the help of a spray that has a stronghold. It’s a statement hairstyle, and it catches the eye.

#13. Sleek Curly Bob with Undercut

Sleek Curly Bob with Undercut

The sleek curly bob with undercut is a modern, curly haircut that has an element of current vibes and coolness in it. It is made quite sophisticated. The bob cut is ideal for women who would like to look daring and stylish. Undercut also serves as a modern trend, adding lots of zeal to the overall appearance of hairstyles that makes it an outstanding pick. Smoothing products can help you maintain clever and distinct curls.

#14. Curly Side Braid Hairstyle

Curly Side Braid Hairstyle

Curly side braid hairstyle is an adorable and low-maintenance solution for curly locks. It is a versatile hairstyle that flatters your appearance in casual as well as formal events. It is suitable for different types of hair and is one of the best ways to make your hair look neat and stylish. Increase your natural curls with a light-hold, soft feel.

#15. Casual Curly Ponytail

Casual Curly Ponytail

Practical curly ponytail for casual wear. This hairdo is ideal for all women who want to look plain but smart and let their natural curls show. It is also versatile, which means that you can wear it for different occasions. Apply curl-defining cream to elevate your curls and add some body to this timeless style.

#16. Curly Angled Lob

Curly Angled Lob

Those who like an edgy and pointy style of hair can adapt to the curly angled lob, which serves as a modification of the classic bob. Such a curly haircut idea for ladies visually stretches the face shape due to its oblique lines. It is especially worn with a volumizing mousse to define the curl. It adds a contemporary edge to your everyday hair styling in one style.

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#17. Retro Curly Bouffant

Retro Curly Bouffant

Add in volume and sophistication by opting for a retro curly bouffant if you need to feel some reminiscence for the classic, kinky look for ladies who love looking voluminous. For the desired height, use a root-lifting spray and stronghold hairspray to hold it in place all through. This style suits women, having their faces round or oval particularly well.

#18. Curly Faux Hawk Style

Curly Faux Hawk Style

Curly faux hawk style is an edgy curly haircut for women who dare. The hairstyle depicted combines tight curls with shaved sides in a way that offers bold contrast. You can apply a curl-defining gel or cream in order for the curls to hold. It’s ideal for making a statement and highlighting your individuality.

#19. Sassy Curly Mohawk

Sassy Curly Mohawk

Sassy curly mohawk is a bold and playful curly hairstyle for daredevil women. A sexy, short, curly hairstyle for women with volume right at the top. Sculpt your curls with a stronghold gel that will set them in place. It is perfect for people who love adventurists and daring looks.

#20. Curly A-Line Bob

Curly A Line Bob

The curly A-line bob is a classic curly bob that remains sophisticated and timeless for lovers of achieving that modern twist but with a classic line. The bob hairstyle softly points out your facial features. It suits women with identified curl patterns; using a light-hold mousse helps to control the shape, preventing curls from being dragged. It is a versatile cut that fits well on formal and casual occasions.

#21. Beach Waves with Curly Ends

Beach Waves with Curly Ends

The beach waves with curly ends is a reasonable, sober haircut, which seems to be easy at first for this kind of casual and laid-back style. Considered a half-half hairstyle, it is meant to produce feminine waves and spunky curly ends for women. It offers the perfect blend for people with wavy hair texture, and also, a salt spray helps to improve the beachy vibe. It is the perfect everyday wear style that doesn’t require much time to style.

#22. Curly Bob with Subtle Layers

Curly Bob with Subtle Layers

Classic curly bob with subtle layers gives movement and texture to the hairstyle. This kind of bob cut works well for those women with the soft curl pattern in that it adds volume to such hair type. A curl-enhancing product can be used to create separation in the layers and keep the hairstyle fresh. That’s why it is a great variant for stylish and simple appearance.

#23. Curly High Bun with Texture

Curly High Bun with

Sophisticated with an edge hairstyle, it combines elegance and playful elements called the curly high bun with texture. This curly women’s hairstyle is excellent for owning your natural tresses’ texture and staying in some advantageous style order. Spray a texturizing spray to give it volume and hold the bun in place. Therefore, this design is perfect for casual events and formal occasions.

#24. Dynamic Curly Layered Midi Cut

Dynamic Curly Layered Midi Cut

The dynamic curly layered midi cut is a modern hairstyle that suits women who like medium strands of hair. This style of layered haircut is all about motion and depth that adds value to your natural curl pattern. This style works well on a variety of hair textures and face shapes, and a light cream or mousse can define the curls without weighing them down.

#25. Curly Pixie with Long Bangs

Curly Pixie with Long Bangs

With a curled pixie with long bangs, you get to have playful curls in an edgy hairdo, and it is most trendy. A short, curly hairstyle for women is ideal for ladies who require a simple but fashionable cut. Apply some curl-enhancing product to improve the texture and give the bangs a soft, natural look. It provides a sharp definition for your facial features and brings some boldness to your style.

#26. Edgy Curly Undercut Bob

Edgy Curly Undercut Bob

Edgy curly undercut bob is one of the creative curly haircuts that incorporate a bob cut with an audacious undercut. This style lets you flaunt your natural curl pattern with a contemporary flair. Made for statement-making, this hairstyle is great for curl-defying cream to keep the shape of the curls and a little bit of pomade on an undercut. It provides the best way to look avant-garde yet still easy to manage.

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#27. Classic Curly Coiffure

Classic Curly Coiffure

Classic curly coiffure forever openers to the style that speaks out class and grace. A proper choice of this curly hairstyle for women can be made in case there is some formal event or if you just need to add some sophistication to your look. Toward this style, use a small barrel curling iron, high-holding power gel or curl-enhancing mousse, and gentle pinning of the curls. It is perfect for showing off your clear curl pattern yet maintains a neat hairstyle.

#28. Curly Tapered Pixie Cut

Curly Tapered Pixie Cut

The feminine short curly hairstyle is the curly tapered pixie cut. This is a great cut to bring out your natural curls and give you a young, fresh-face look. Apply a lightweight gel to define and hold your curls. The style is good for low maintenance but has stylish cuts.

#29. Flowy Long Layers with Curls

Flowy Long Layers with Curls

Enchanting curls with flowy long layers is a hairstyle that any woman who has a passion for showing off her long curly hair can have. This layered haircut has a soft, romantic look with movements and texture. Use a hydrating leave-in conditioner to keep your curls locked in moisture and a diffuser dryer for a better curl pattern. The style is perfect for low-maintenance clients who love a natural and easy-looking feel.

#30. Curly Crop with Volume

Curly Crop with Volume

For women who need a vibrant, playful, and curly look in a short yet captivating hairstyle, there is the curly crop with volume hairdo. This hairstyle centers on the crown of the head, where you create volume, bringing out your curly hair texture. To add the desired lift, use a volumizing mousse and a light-hold spray to hold the curls in place. This design is great for a brave and sassy appearance.

#31. Bold Curly Pompadour

Bold Curly Pompadour

The bold curly pompadour is a striking hairstyle that marks the fusion of curly hair and the classic pompadour. It is the ideal style for making a statement and revealing your individuality. A stronghold gel or pomade is used to spike the hair upwards so that the pompadour stays intact. It is perfect for those who are into the vintage but modern youthful look.

#32. Curly Side Parted Bob

Curly Side Parted Bob

Curly side parted bob is a classy and fashionable hairstyle for women who like to keep their account by sitting in one prominent place. An exaggerated bob cut with a side part does well to lift your features and adds a classic charm. Remember to use a smoothing serum to maintain the curls defined and without frizz. This style is perfect for a professional environment as well as while one has gone out with friends.

#33. Airy Curly Bob with Fringe

Airy Curly Bob with Fringe

This is one of the top 10 light and heathy-looking curly bob hairstyles with fringe – the airy curly with fringe. The curly bob comes with a soft fringe, which frames your face and accentuates your eyes. To maintain the bouncy and natural curls, use a light curl cream. This hairstyle is very natural, can be worn casually, and it doesn’t require much effort.

#34. Elegant Curly Chignon

Elegant Curly Chignon

For a curly hairstyle, the elegant curly chignon is a timeless updo that imparts elegance. This style is appropriate for formal occasions that consist of almost all curls being gracefully picked back to form a beautiful bun, revealing neck and face properties. To keep everything in place, use pins to secure the chignon and apply a light hairspray. It’s a perfect hairdo for that polished and sophisticated appearance.

#35. Curly Cascading Layers Cut

Curly Cascading Layers Cut

Another beautiful hairstyle for the ladies ready to rock with long curly hair is the curly cascading layers cut. The depth and the movement in this layered haircut provide a dynamic appearance full of volume. Put a layer in your hair by using a curl-enhancing spray. Again, this style is perfect for people who desire a simple, but that creates a significant impact.


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