A Detailed 2024’s Guide on Curly Hair Cutting

Curly hair can be stunning and unique, but it also requires a specialized approach to cutting and styling. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore everything you need to know about cutting curly hair in 2024. From the best techniques and tools to the latest trends and styles, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to give your clients the perfect curly haircut. Whether you’re a professional hairstylist or someone looking to enhance their own curly locks, this guide has got you covered.

Knowing various curly hair cutting techniques is vital for your curls. Some curly-haired ladies make a big mistake when they walk into the first salon they see to get their curls cut. Curly hair isn’t like other types of hair, and thus curly hair cutting is different. You need a salon and a stylist that specialize in curls!

The unique patterns of different curly hair types dictate the technique or method that would be best for cutting each type. This is why there are so many ideas out there. Your stylist would assess your curls and discuss the best cutting techniques for your curl pattern.

How to Cut Curly Hair

To help you make an informed choice, we’ve compiled all the curly hair cutting styles that hairdressers do for their clients. Read through this article carefully to gain knowledge on how to cut your curls before heading to a salon.

1. The Curly Shag. One more important question is how often should curly hair be cut. This will depend on how healthy your hair is. However, whether you need to give your damaged hair a trim or you’re going for a complete restyle, we recommend cutting those curls regularly. Getting a haircut at least 2 – 3 times a year is advisable for healthy curly hair.

Medium-Length Curly Shag Before and After

2. CC1 Curl Cutting Technique. You should consider this method of cutting curly hair if you would like to rock curly hair and still reserve the option of wearing your locks straight once in a while. CC1 Technique, also called the Curl Cutting Technique, involves cutting your hair vertically to create airy volume and have all the curls in equal length.

3. Curly Hair Cutting Using Shears. Cutting curly hair with shears is OK unless these are thinning shears that cause frizz. Your stylist must use really good scissors for cutting curly hair. Cutting your curls with a very sharp shear will help maintain the integrity of your curls and prevent bent or split curls, as well as frizz.

Medium Curly Cut to Avoid Frizz

4. DEVACUT Cutting Technique. A Deva Cut is a dry cutting technique that isn’t just about keeping curly hair trim. Here the hairdresser follows the natural pattern of your curls and cuts the curl one after the other. Cutting the curls individually helps to improve the overall look of your hair.

Mid-Back U-Cut Deva Cut for Curly Hair

5. Cut in Circles. Cutting curly hair in a circular pattern and blending the different textures of your curls help you achieve your desired volume. Curly hair is best cut when your hair is dry and in its natural state. The hairstylist used the “praying hands” and scrunch methods for styling these marvelous curls.

Collarbone Dry Curly Cut with Volume

6. Diametrix Cut. Specially designed to reduce the bulky feel of thick curly hair, the Diametrix Cut is one of the best curly hair cutting methods available for those with voluminous curls. Cutting the inner layers of curls right eliminates that dreadful pyramid shape every curly-haired girl hates.

Bob-Length Diametrix Cut for Voluminous Curls

7. Curly Bob Haircut with Bangs. When it comes to taking proper care of your curly hair, embracing the natural texture of your curls is the best thing you can do. It’s important to take into account the density and texture of your locks. Remember that you will possibly need several haircuts when you transition to your natural texture after massive damage, straightening, etc. Sometimes it can take 1,5-2 years, but it’s worth it.

Curly Bob for Natural Hair Texture

8. CURLSYS Cutting Technique. In this technique of cutting naturally curly hair, individual curls are cut in a special way to make the hair strands in each curl stick together towards the ends. This gives your curls better definition and minimizes frizz.

Curly Cutting Technique to Minimize Frizz

9. Ouidad Cut. The carve and slice cutting technique as the Ouidad cut is also called, is ideal for ladies with thick and voluminous curly hair. It lessens your curl volume, making your hair more manageable and reducing the frizz.

Ouidad Technique on Thick Curly Hair

10. Cutting Curly Hair in Layers. Cutting layers in your hair is one of the most valuable tips for cutting curly hair. Layers give your curls great definition, movement, and bounce. They help to shape your hair and keep it from appearing hefty. But, once again, a good hairstylist with the right skills is a must if you want perfect curls.

Medium Curly Cut with Layers

11. Rezo Cut. Invented by Nubia Suarez, this is probably the most popular technique for cutting curly hair, especially naturally wavy and curly hair. Rezo cut defines your curls neatly and makes your locks take on more volume. An even curls length is maintained. Look for a Rezo-certified specialist.

Medium Rezo Cut for Curly Hair

12. The Mona Cut. If you’re looking at enhancing the natural texture of your hair, go for this curly hair cutting style. The Mona Cut is named after Mona Baltazar. It adds a good measure of movement to your curls.

Long Layered Natural Mona Cut

13. Curly Girl Method Cutting Hair. As the name suggests, this method is basically for natural curly hair, at least 2B hair. It won’t create curls in your hair, but it’s for shaping curly hair and enhancing the natural curl pattern to give you healthier and more defined curls. The curls are cut dry.

Mid-Length Dry Cut for Defined Curls

14. Global Curl Concept. This concept goes beyond curl cutting techniques to include some special hair treatments made to keep the curls healthy. The curls are also cut individually, thus giving them much body and keeping frizz away.

Above-the-Shoulders Curly Cut to Minimize Frizz

15. Ri Ci Cut. RI CI cut can be done on curly hair of all types, but only when your hair is wet. This curl-cutting technique places more focus on the weight and density of your hair, rather than the curl pattern.

Wet Curl-Cutting Technique Ri Ci

16. Twist Cutting Curly Hair. Ask for a twist-and-cut technique if you’d like to make your curls move by removing excess weight from them. This style of cutting for curly hairs is like creating invisible layers in your hair. The strands are twisted a bit. Then a hairstylist makes small cuts with shears along the length of the strand. In general, the length of your curls won’t be affected.

Curly Hair Cutting with Invisible Layers

17. Razor Cutting Curly Hair. Here comes the controversial method. Some curly hair stylists object to using a razor on curly hair. Though many agree that razor can be used on glassy curls, but not on fuzzy curls. Cutting curls with razor thins out the ends of your curls, making them less bouncy. If your type of curly or wavy hair needs this – you are welcome to use this method.

Razor Cut for Wavy and Curly Hair

18. Dry Cutting Curly Hair. Should you cut curly hair wet or dry? Most hairdressers would say yes to the dry cutting method. The reason being that in dry-cutting the natural curl pattern can be clearly seen, and this allows the stylist to follow the pattern properly and give you the best cut. You get exactly what you see in the mirror during your hair appointment.

Medium-Length Dry Cut Curly Hair

19. Wet Cutting Curly Hair. Although it’s hard to tell how your curls will lie when your hair is wet and when it dries, cutting curly hair wet has its own advantages. It allows your stylist to see the true nature, qualities, and tendencies of your curls. This gives the stylist better control over the curls. The ends come out consistent and neat, not shattered.

Shoulder-Length Neat Curly Cut

20. Cutting Bangs on Curly Hair. Who doesn’t love haircuts with bangs? Cutting bangs in your curly hair makes it appear lovelier, especially short curly hair. It helps to thin out the weight around your face. It’s the best practice to cut bangs on dry hair.

Above-the-Shoulders Curly Cut with Bangs

21. Cutting Curly Hair at Home. Of course, you can cut your hair at home if you wish so. Before cutting your own curly hair, wash it. Should you leave it wet or cut it dry? It may be easier for you to cut your curls dry if you are a beginner. However, there are a lot of tutorials that show easy at-home wet curls cutting. You choose. Just ensure you stick to the simple tasks, like sniping off a few damaged ends or trimming out your hair a bit. Leave any major changes for your stylist to avoid a very uneven cut or damage.

At-Home Curly Hair Cutting Tutorials

22. Big Bouncy Curls. Where should you make a cut? The pattern of curly hair follows alternating shapes of a big “C” and a small “c” letters. Cutting hairstyles for curly hair, most stylists prefer cutting the hair across the curve of the larger C. Doing so helps to maintain the integrity of your curl pattern and keep the ends frizz-free.

Long Bouncy Hairstyle for Curly Hair

23. Curly Shaggy Wolf Cut. Whether you’re just cutting dead ends of curly hair or giving your hair a major chop, there are some rules for cutting curly hair that you shouldn’t joke with if you want to see your curls healthy. These include washing your hair, making sure there’s no hair product on it before cutting, and not pulling at your curls when cutting.

Long Blonde Wolf Cut for Curly Hair

24. Thick Glossy Long Curls. Let’s move to the myths and readers’ questions. Does cutting curly hair make it straight? Actually, cutting your curls won’t make them straight. Your genes determine the shape of your follicle and your hair type. Curly hair has oval follicles. When it comes to how curly hair should be cut, there are really no hard and fast rules. While some curly hair cutting techniques are all about following your curl pattern and texture, some focus more on your hair type and volume. However, a good haircut won’t make your curls go flat. A bad curly haircut can make your curls look flatter and frizzier.

Long Haircut for Thick Curly Hair

25. Cutting from the Top. One more idea on how to cut curly hair; your stylist will wash, dry, and detangle your hair, and then begin the haircut at the top of your head to debulk the weighty look. The way your stylist manipulates the curls at the top determines how the lower sections will appear.

Voluminous Curly Blonde Cut

26. Drab to Fab Curly Haircutting. Does cutting curly hair make it curlier? Although cutting curly hair will not make it curlier, a good cut will enhance your natural curl patterns. This makes your curls healthier and bouncier as in the before and after images we see here, and so improves the overall look of your hair. A splash of color will add more interest to your locks too.

Long Curly Cut with a Splash of Color

27. Curls Reshaping. Your curly hair shouldn’t be cut to the side you wear it often. For more versatility and even growth, it should be cut down the middle instead. This yields a more balanced shape with an even hair length all around your head. You can then part and style your hair to any side you like.

Reshaping Cut for Long Curly Hair

28. Hair Cutting with Coloring. Coloring your curls makes a big difference to how gorgeous your curly hair looks. If you choose to dye your curls, work with your hair colorist in order to achieve an amazing job like this. Mind that most likely you will need two different specialists to cut and color your curls.

Bright Curly Cut with Highlights

29. Long Thick Curly Shag Cut. One more question is whether curly hair should be cut straight across. Most hairdressers would cut with the curl. That means that they cut your hair according to your curls flow, and this entails following your curly pattern. Cutting curly hair straight across may disrupt your curls.

Long Shag for Thick Curly Hair

30. Cutting Short Curly Afro Hair. The shorter your hair is, the firmer your curls appear. Your curls may look coilier and springier because of their short length. Your hairdresser will take the nature and type of your curls into account to choose the best curly hair cutting techniques for you.

Adorable Short Blonde Afro

As you can see, there are several dozens of curly hair cutting techniques. According to your curl type and personal preferences, your hairdresser should be able to give your curls the best cut. Good luck in your perfect curly hair journey!

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