50 Best Blonde Hair Colors Trending for 2024

Blonde hair has always been a symbol of beauty and elegance, and in 2024, the trend continues to evolve with a variety of stunning shades and styles. From icy platinum to warm honey tones, there’s a blonde hue to suit every skin tone and personal style. Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or simply brighten up your look, these 50 best blonde hair colors for 2024 are sure to inspire your next salon visit. Get ready to discover the latest trends and find the perfect blonde shade for you.

Nowadays there are thousands of options to choose from when you decide to go for blond hair. With lots of ways out there to ease your way into the effortless blonde living, going blonde is an incredibly fun process.

Find your perfect fit among these 50 exciting blond hair colors that will totally boost your confidence!

1. Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights. Can’t go wrong with a seductive dimension like this thanks to the ashy brown lowlights and nearly white face-framing pieces.

Bronde Hair with Highlights and Lowlights

2. Soft Butter Blonde Hair. Buttery shades are super flattering to all skin tones, so if it is your first time going blonde, you should absolutely think about taking this route.

Butter Blonde Bob with Dark Roots

3. Brown to Blonde Hair Balayage. Get this look if you’re on the hunt for the subtle types of blonde hair that give you superior dimension due to white accents and still let you keep your soft browns.

Soft Brown Hair with Blonde Balayage

4. Pixie Cut in Platinum Blonde Shade. Channel your inner Kris Jenner with a stunning short shaggy cut and customize it by a cool-toned dusty blonde set off by darker roots.

5. Butterscotch Blonde. If you are a fan of blonde hair colors that have warm undertones, the Butterscotch shade is a good idea for your locks. It’s a beautiful mix of golden bronde shades. Darker roots will add more dimension.

Golden Blonde Balayage Hair

6. Mushroom Blonde Wavy Hair. Super flattering to darker eyes, the mushroom blonde tone is the closest shade to dusty blonds.

Short Wavy Dusty Blonde Hair

7. White Blonde Hair. The hair with this blonde shade can also be called “platinum,” which comes in different variations. This stunning pick instantly makes you a head-turner, but you need to be ready to commit to the maintenance it requires.

Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

8. Creamy Blonde Balayage Highlights. The wet balayage in creamy blonde shades on long blonde hair looks amazing whether you style it straight or wavy. The blonde highlights come alive with breathtaking movement, dimension, and grace on the bouncy wavy locks.

Long Blonde Hair with Wet Balayage

9. Chamomile Blonde Hair. The ultra-light blonde hair with pretty dark roots added much comeliness to her fine hair. This blonde hair color complements her skin tone well. A bold lipstick color or accessories like those colorful beads will make light blonde hair pop even more.

Chamomile Blonde with Dark Roots

10. Beige and Creamy Blonde. There are many blonde hair ideas out there, but you want to find the best one that’ll transform your look, right? This blonde hair color formula will make your eyes pop. It is best for skin with cool undertones.

Creamy Blonde Hair with Beige Roots

11. Blonde Hair with Lowlights. Today it’s great to pick warm and cool blonde hair colors within one dye job because you can play with your favorite brown and blonde tones in highlights and lowlights. The golden blonde, darker roots, lowlights, and face-framing highlights blend just perfectly!

Brown Blonde Hair Color Idea

12. Cool Shoulder Length Blonde Hair. Going for dirty blonde hair gets you a low-maintenance, beautiful, and easy-to-style hairdo!

Shoulder-Length Dirty Blonde Cut

13. Blonde Hair with Red Highlights. Feel the rock-n-roll race through your veins with this creative variation on the common caramel blonde highlights.

Red Highlights for Caramel Blonde Hair

14. Toasted Coconut Brown and Blonde Hair. Perfectly warm shades of blonde and white flashes are a great fit for your darker browns. Try something new!

Short Brown Blonde Balayage Hair

15. Sandy Blonde. Picking among the many blonde hair shades for women can be confusing, especially if you’re unsure what works for you. This is referred to as sandy blonde which offers natural-looking hair. It’s a blend of warm and cool blondes, so it works with any skin tone.

Natural-Looking Blonde Highlights

16. Rooted Bronde Hair with Highlights. Why choose a solid color when you can enjoy many shades of blonde hair? Get those exciting hues that work in perfect harmony to create an interesting and fun ‘do.

Root Smudge and Shades of Blonde Hair

17. ‘Surfer Girl’ Blonde Hair. If you’re on a busy schedule that leaves you little time for salon visits, lived-in blonde hair color may just be the right one for you. Even if you miss your touch-up appointments, your hair will still retain its blondie look.

Blonde Hair Color with Front Highlights

18. Natural Highlights for Blonde Hair. If you want to keep it as neutral as possible, ask your stylist for soft babylights and teasylights to get a natural bronde look.

Brown Blonde Hair with Babylights

19. Face-Framing Blonde Highlights. Her hair is all shades of effortless allure, put together in a lazy and rebellious manner. The careless face-framing highlights, stylish unruly layers, and dark roots give this brown and blonde hair style a very sexy appeal. This is a great blonde hair idea both for younger ladies and the young at heart, too.

Brown and Blonde Hair Idea

20. Rooty Balayage with Different Shades of Blonde. This lived-in color scheme features medium brown shadow roots melting seamlessly into a set of darker and lighter blonde strands to ensure both depth and low maintenance.

Low-Maintenance Lived-in Blonde Hair

21. Blonde Hair with Money Piece. This style shines out with a beautiful transition from nude brown to light blonde, adorned with a bright pop of color in the front to give a striking frame to the face.

Blonde Highlights with Brown Roots

22. Butter Blonde Bob Hair. If you’re looking for a lighter blonde, but can’t commit to going platinum, choose shades of buttery blonde for a soft relaxed look.

Soft Blonde Blunt Bob

23. Toasted Blonde Hair. This brown and blonde hair brings together the best of both worlds. The two shades blended so well that it’s kind of hard to tell if it’s blonde highlights on light brown hair or brown lowlights on light blonde hair. But one thing is glaringly certain: her hair puts the G on gorgeous.

Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

24. Bright Natural Brown Blonde. Think of a drizzle of honey on a warm muffin, and you’ll begin to get an idea of how fascinating this hair color is. Honey blonde is easier to maintain when the roots and mid-shaft are in a darker shade, just as this model’s hair. The lovely contrast it creates is another plus. Keep the pieces around your face brighter for a more radiant and dazzling look.

25. Light Blonde with Darker Root Melt. The chunky highlights of light blonde on medium brown hair give an illusion of different shades of blonde in your locks. It also facilitates a gentle transition to blonde hair for brunettes.

Brunette to Blonde Root Melt Lob

26. Light Golden Blonde Streaks. She absolutely has no reason to worry about grow-outs. Her lived-in blonde hair has taken care of that already. New growth merges in with the darker roots and the non-uniform chunks of light blonde hair maintain the effortless shine. Shhhh… we’re talking low maintenance here, ladies.

Lived-In Blonde Balayage Hair

27. Champagne Blonde Tone. Like a tall glass of bubbly champagne, this shade of blonde sparkles. This light blond hair color with a subtle hint of pale pink gives a lovely iridescent feel to your hair.

Light Blond Hair with Shadow Roots

28. Cool Blonde Hair with Warm Roots. Take your pick from these light blonde hair colors: platinum, champagne, or ash blonde. Add warm root smudge or shadow roots for a trendy contrast and dimensional dye job.

Trendy Dimensional Blonde Dye Job

29. Silver and Golden Blonde. Combining different shades of blonde is always a good blonde hair idea. Here the striking temperature contrast of silver highlights on golden blonde hair cannot be overlooked. Her blonde hair color is just heavenly.

Warm and Cool Shades of Blonde

30. Dark Rooted Blonde. There are many types of blonde hair. What you need to do is to pick your perfect match. Your natural hair color, skin tone, and hair type should be among your top considerations. Dark roots create a beautiful contrast and depth for blonde hair.

Natural-Looking Blonde Hair with Dark Roots

31. Beach Blonde Hair Coloring. Gorgeous long blonde hair! Beach blonde hair is a great choice for ladies with neutral complexion, as this sandy blonde hair color with ashy hues looks really amazing on cool skin undertones. Might not be a good choice for those who have warm skin tones.

Sandy Blonde with Ash Highlights

32. Asymmetrical Lob for Beige Blond Hair. The light and carefree looking hairstyle is perfect for those with warmer skin. The mixture of blonde highlights gives that special volume whether you wear your hair wavy or straight.

Voluminous Beige Blond Balayage Hair

33. Shaggy Cut for Light Blonde Hair. This neither warm nor cool tone of blonde will have you sitting right between shabby chic and old Hollywood charm.

Medium-Length Light Blonde Shag

34. Iridescent Medium Blonde Blend. This stunning color job blends glossy golden and beige shades of blonde to match them with a natural light brown base and arrive at a perfectly flattering and sophisticated look.

Glossy Blonde Balayage Before and After

35. 2-in-1 Blonde and Brown Hair. To get your hair color between blonde and brown like in the image below, your colorist will work in a lighter shade of blonde like caramel into your brown hair. The result is lovely medium blonde hair.

Medium Brown Blonde Hair

36. A Mix of Ashy and Sandy Blonde Shades. Muted beige hues play equally well with ashy blonde and neutral brown and can be extremely useful for creating depth and adding dynamics, as illustrated by this style.

Beige Blonde Hair in Different Shades of Blonde

37. Frosted Blonde Coloring. A shade of blond that flatters most complexions and skin tones. Falling under the icy blonde group, frosted cream is brighter. On brown hair, it adds a tantalizing multidimensional feel to your hair.

Icy Blonde Hair with Brown Roots

38. Luminous Champagne Blonde Balayage. Surely, you can achieve such a creamy color infused with golden and platinum sparkles by applying good champagne blonde hair dye, but the hand-painted accents are what really make the look dimensional.

Dimensional Creamy Blonde Balayage

39. Shimmering Butter Blonde Hair. This is one of the shiniest blonde hair color ideas here that features soft golden strands dotted with splashes of bright blonde strategically placed to enhance movement and light reflection.

Golden Blonde Hair with Shimmering Highlights

40. Eye-Catching Strawberry Blonde. Tinted with light copper and silver, the strawberry blond hair is fascinating indeed. A perfect blonde hair color idea for a high-class Paris Hilton look.

Blonde Hair with Strawberry and Silver Highlights

41. Cool Blond Hair Style. A glossy mix of bright and dirty blond highlights will surely compliment your peachy skin and lighter eye color.

Short Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights

42. Sheer Golden Blonde. Warm blonde tones like sheer gold offer warmth and radiance to your face. Face-framing money pieces in a warm golden blonde hair color add a pretty modern touch to your hair.

Modern Warm Blonde Money Piece Hairstyle

43. Warm Pale Platinum. A tad warmer than the traditional platinum blonde and tending towards champagne blonde. This shade of blonde is unique and dazzling and looks very natural. Makes a great transition color for natural blondies on a journey to icy platinum.

Natural-Looking Warm Platinum Blonde Hair

44. Dimensional Ash Blonde Babylights. If you are after cool-tone types of blonde hair but want something more interesting than going platinum all over, this ashy scheme with a dark base barely peeking out is just the thing.

Ashy Blonde Hair with Platinum Highlights

45. Rooted Champagne. The delicate melt from dark to icy blonde color is what makes the rooted blonde so fascinating. Super-blonde hair color glistening with hints of copper and starting off dark at the roots is an enthralling sight.

Icy Blonde Hair Color for Fine Hair

46. Low-Maintenance Dirty Blonde. Mixing and matching blonde hair colors of various levels with your natural brown can be fun, not to mention less hassle with touch-ups as the hair grows out.

Dirty Blonde Balayage for Warm Brown Hair

47. Dreamy Blonde with Lavender Touch. Here is a tip for girls looking for the trendiest blonde hair ideas — add interest to your light-colored locks with a soft undertone like lavender rather than a bold shade like purple.

Cool-Tone Beige Blonde Hair Color Idea

48. Soft Lived-In Blonde. You can incorporate similar shades of blonde hair color into your locks to make your strands appear lived-in. Your colorist will use a highlighting technique to work in this color, amplifying your natural color and giving your mane a polished look.

Polished Blonde Hair with Lived-In Effect

49. Beige Blonde with Subtle Face Framing. Softer and more natural-looking color combinations gradually replace the high-contrast money piece trend, and this muted beige color palette keeps up with the fashion.

Natural-Looking Muted Blonde Balayage

50. Light Brown Meets Creamy Blonde. This picture shows how to stay true to your brown roots while getting the overall look beautifully lifted with sure-handed strokes of creamy blonde.

Brown Base with Creamy Blonde Highlights

Live your best life after you bring one of these amazing pictures of blonde hair to your next hair appointment. We hope these inspired the long-awaited move towards the lighter side. After all, blondes have more fun, don’t they?

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