39+ Chic White Nails For A SOPHISTICATED Look

There’s just something about gorgeous white nails that give off a sophisticated and elegant look.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dressing up for a special occasion or just want to add some polish to your go-to, everyday look; white nails are a stylish-yet-bold look!

You can have them looking sleek and minimalistic OR intricate and filled with designs… There are SO many ways to go.

And because it’s so hard to choose a new nail design, we have rounded up some of our favorite chic white nails that will compliment ANY look.

So whether you are looking for a French tip or want to play around with some intricate nail art, there’s something here for you.

Honestly, white nails are just SO versatile. From an understated look, to a BOLD choice, they can go either way.

Let’s dive in..

White Nails You Have To Try!

Classic White Square Nails

Classic White Square Nails
Source: merlin_nails

You can never go wrong with classics.

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Round White Nails

Round White NailsRound White Nails
Source: indigo.szkolenia

Round white nails never fail!

Long White Nails

Long Acrylic White NailsLong Acrylic White Nails
Source: inci_nail_art

Always look clean and tidy!

Reverse French White Nails

These reverse French Tip white nails are some of the most GORGEOUS I have ever seen.

It’s such a unique twist on a classic…

Matte White Nails

Simple but this is just extravagant!

White Ombre Nails

White Ombre NailsWhite Ombre Nails
Source: merlin_nails

Shining brightly and I love it so much!

Coffin Style White Nails

Coffin Style White NailsCoffin Style White Nails
Source: lxslvynails

Nothing can beat this bold and simple nail design.

Subtle Glitter

Subtle GlitterSubtle Glitter
Source: Instagram

So lovely, isn’t it?

Classic White French Tips

French tips are sooo chic and classy!

Thin White French Tips

Thin White French TipsThin White French Tips
Source: knot.nails

French tips on round nails are so lovely, isn’t it?


Source: Instagram

Is it okay to be in love with this awesome nails?


Source: nunu_nailss

Cute Flower Design

Cute Flower DesignCute Flower Design
Source: katiealice_nail_design

Wanna look cute? This design is very chic and girly, try it now!

White and Gold Nail Design

White and Gold Nail DesignWhite and Gold Nail Design
Source: safinailstudio

White Cow Nails

White Cow NailsWhite Cow Nails
Source: fresh.outfit

Holy cow nails! This is a-moo-sing!

White Flame Nails

White Flame NailsWhite Flame Nails
Source: Amazon

Who wouldn’t want to try these nails, right?!

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Pearly White Nails

Pearly White NailsPearly White Nails
Source: nails.lev

Plain and simple matches all outfits.

Glitter White Nails

Glitter White NailsGlitter White Nails
Source: Pinterest

Look at that shine! Go put a sparkle on your nails now.


Source: nailsbypris_7

Isn’t this a great masterpiece? How much would it cost?! LOL.

Smoky White Nails

Smoky White NailsSmoky White Nails
Source: rissadidem

Marble Nails

Marble NailsMarble Nails
Source: Facebook

Wear this on your nails and get ready to look elegant.

Colorful Lines

Colorful LinesColorful Lines
Source: nails.byliz

Want to add colors to your white nails? Make sure to try this!

Tribal Design

Tribal DesignTribal Design
Source: so_nailicious

Isn’t this a great work of art?

Knit Sweater Design

Knit Sweater DesignKnit Sweater Design
Source: swaknails

Sweater weather? We’ve got a nail design for you!

Christmas-Inspired Nails

Christmas-Inspired NailsChristmas-Inspired Nails
Source: Pinterest

Get ready for Christmas and wear this to make you look more prepared.

Snowflakes Design

Snowflakes DesignSnowflakes Design
Source: nails.by.zo_

Snowing outside? Match your nails with it!

Wintery Pines

Wintery PinesWintery Pines
Source: nails.byliz

Winter season is happening!!

White Nails with Rhinestones

White Nails with RhinestonesWhite Nails with Rhinestones
Source: Pinterest

Ohh.. Looking expensive girl!

White Nails with Gemstones

White Nails with GemstonesWhite Nails with Gemstones
Source: Pinterest

Wedding Nail Design

Getting married soon? Try this nail art to add spice on your look.

Simple Flowery Look

Simple white floral nail designSimple white floral nail design
Source: Pinterest

These simple floral nails are going to be my next go-to! Just wait and see!

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Halloween Themed Nails

Halloween Theme NailsHalloween Theme Nails
Source: swaknails

Have a Halloween party? Add this scary cute ghostly nail art to perfect your outfit.

Butterfly Design

Butterfly DesignButterfly Design
Source: Glaminati

Butterflies always give such a wonderful vibe.

Plant-Inspired Nails

Plant-Inspired NailsPlant-Inspired Nails
Source: so_nailicious

Are you a plant lover? Try this on your next manicure.

Flowery White Nails

Flowers? Here on my nails!

White Checkered Nails

White Checkered NailsWhite Checkered Nails
Source: Pinterest

Checkered? Check it out now and slay it girl!

Stylish Heart

Stylish HeartStylish Heart
Source: elina.nails.art

Ready for Valentine’s? Here’s what you can pick on your next manicure!

White Unicorn Nails

White Unicorn NailsWhite Unicorn Nails
Source: merlin_nails

Bring out the child in you.

Vibrant Colors on White Nails

I love more colors on my nails and this is just so fabulous!

Starry Nails

Starry NailsStarry Nails
Source: so_nailicious

Once upon a time, the stars fell onto my nails.

White Nails With Gold Flakes

White Nails with design and gold detailWhite Nails with design and gold detail
Source: Pinterest

The GORGEOUS white nails with gold flakes here are shockingly elegant.

*Insert heart eyes HERE*

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