1968 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior Stradale

In the world of vintage cars, there are certain vehicles that are considered iconic, not only for their stunning designs but also for their historical value and uniqueness. And among these masterpieces, the 1968 Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior Stradale shines as a bright star in the blue sky of the automotive industry. With its seductive appearance, power, and elegance, this car represents the perfect fusion of performance and class, while carrying an inspiring story of creativity and passion from the Alfa Romeo designers.

The Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior Stradale was born in the 1960s, during the golden age of sports car racing. Developed from the racing version Alfa Romeo GTA, the GTA 1300 Junior Stradale embodies the spirit of a true racing machine, created to challenge the cutting-edge and conquer the legendary racetracks of the world.

With a lightweight chassis and a sleek body, the GTA 1300 Junior Stradale stands out with its exquisite and well-balanced design. The soft lines and sharp angles create a harmonious and intriguing aesthetic. Small details like the front air intake, reverse-opening doors, and distinctive round headlights showcase the finesse and sharp vision of Alfa Romeo in creating a mobile work of art.

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Exceptional Condition

It goes without saying that this Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior Stradale would have turned heads when it came off the production line in the late 60s but it’s in almost a better condition today than it was over half a century ago. It has a timeless coachwork design by Bertone and has the chassis number 775892 and is one of only 193 cars produced in Stradale version by the factory. 775892 was supplied new to the Italian market in 1968 and first registered with license number plates ‘PD215447’ in Padova.

In 1968, as a response to the popularity of the under-1300cc racing class, Autodelta began production of the GTA 1300 Junior. The Championships of the 1,300cc class was traditionally dominated by the Mini Cooper, but that would all change in 1968 with the arrival of the GTA 1300 Junior. Unique to the model, the GTA 1300 Juniors were powered by a short-stroke 1290cc version of the Giulia’s 1570cc inline four with the 78mm bore and a 67.5mm stroke crankshaft and this ensured an exceptional performance out on the track.

At some point in its history, this Alfa Romeo GTA 1300 Junior Stradale from Auxietre & Schmidt car got ASI gold plated in Italy and moved to Germany where it joined the collection of Frank Briegmann. Still very original then, the car got purchased by the current owner in 2015 who finally decided to take the car on a full regardless-of-costs restoration by marque specialists and the end result is nothing short of extraordinary from an aesthetic point of view.

Sight To Behold

It’s not every day you see car restorations of this calibre and even rarer still to be in with a chance of owning it so, it goes without saying, there will a lot of competition amongst vintage car aficionados to get their hands on this devilishly dapper vehicle. Boasting a world-class restoration, hardly ever seen on any other GTA, it is supplied with all its original parts including both bumpers, engine air-intakes and head, a spare steering wheel and two correct 45DCOE Weber carburettors. Not to forget its original Italian black plates from Vicenza.

Ideally suited for historic rallies or concourses, this spectacular GTA Junior would enhance any significant Alfa Romeo collection and would likely become the cornerstone machine upon which the collection is built. Stunning style and performance and one of the most impressive looking Alfa Romeos ever made – what’s not to like?

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