50 Chic Wedding Updos for Every Wedding Style and Hair Type

Your wedding day is one of the most important and memorable days of your life, and your hairstyle should reflect the beauty and elegance of the occasion. Whether you have long or short hair, curly or straight, there is a stunning updo that will complement your style and hair type perfectly. From classic and sophisticated to bohemian and romantic, we have gathered 50 chic wedding updos to inspire and help you find the perfect hairstyle for your big day. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to be inspired by these beautiful and timeless wedding updos for every style and hair type.
Whether you want to show off your beautiful neck and shoulders or sport a cathedral veil with a hairstyle that can hold its weight, wedding updos nail it breezily, not to mention their timeless chic and amazing versatility. Hair experts say modern wedding updo hairstyles can be adjusted to fit almost any face shape, and our pick of pictures proves there is an upstyle for most textures and lengths. So, let’s examine the stylish ways to wear your hair up on your very special day.

1. Romantic Style with Fishtail Milkmaid Braids. This style has fishtail braids arranged in a semicircle to leave more space in the front for the wreath to make a strong focal point.

Wedding Updo with Fishtail Braids

2. Voluminous Low Updo with Boho Vibes. This blonde hair adorned with a loose side braid and seriously disheveled chignon looks charmingly textured and effortless.

Effortless Disheveled Blonde Chignon

3. Tightly Rolled High Updo with a Puff. Here, a tight French roll is nicely texturized through stripped coloring and unexpectedly crowned with a tuft of messy hair.

Messy French Roll Updo

4. Soft Waves Meet Laced Chignon. Lavishly woven hair is a staple of modern up hairdos for weddings, and this soft style is all about waves and twists.

Loose Hairdo for Wedding with Soft Waves

5. Sky-High Black Bun with Lengthy Bangs. This smooth and shiny style made of relaxed hair gets its dimensional bun perfectly balanced with an oversized fringe.

Shiny Black Bun for Relaxed Hair

6. Extra Relaxed Hairstyle with a Bun. Buns are frequent choices among updos for a wedding, but this mass of twisted hair placed at the nape stands out for its ethereal feel.

Ethereal Messy Bun for Wedding

7. Beautifully Defined French Twist. This elegant ‘do adds tons of definition to the classic French roll with both silver blonde highlights and pulled-out strands.

Elegant Wedding French Roll with Pearls

8. Ample Twisted Updo for Natural Curly Hair. Having healthy defined curls, you don’t need to tinker with intricate hairstyles and can go with a carefree roll full of waves and tendrils.

Carefree Natural Curly Hair Updo

9. Dreamy Multi-Layered Chignon. While it might be tricky to pack long hair into bridal updos, this textured hairstyle with a repeatedly twirled low bun deals with the challenge excellently.

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Bridal Updo with Flowers for Long Hair

10. Quick Messy Bun for Short Hair. The lob length is enough to rock such a cool updo where an effortless top knot is framed with edgy blunt-end waves.

Top Knot for Lob-Length Hair

11. Super Polished Criss Cross Bun. This upstyle looks simple yet exquisite, boasting much volume at the crown and around the neck and gaining some dynamics with highlights.

Simple Polished Bun with Volume

12. Basket Weave Chignon with Side Braiding. Although many updo wedding hairstyles incorporate floral hair accessories, not many of them manage to create such a stunning flower-basket look.

Flower-Basket Braided Updo

13. Striking Asymmetrical Reversed Twist. We have seen a good deal of bridal updo hairstyles based on a French twist, but what about turning it upside down and filling the whole length with texture?

Asymmetrical Bridal French Twist

14. A Step Away from Wearing Long Hair Down. If you want to sport a bohemian style showing both length and volume, this intricately intertwined bun with plenty of loose locks is just the thing.

Bohemian Loose Chignon Style

15. Fishtail Braiding for Black Hair. It’s not easy to create texture in updo hairstyles for weddings if your hair is dark — but not for this headband braid complemented with a bunch of face-framing waves.

16. Lush Pony with Bouffant. This bouncy hairstyle crowns the head with different-sized swirls of hair and complements the look with a handsomely full wavy pony.

Long Full Wavy Pony for Wedding

17. Understated Chignon with Creamy Blonde Balayage. This neat upstyle doesn’t have many curves in the bun and throughout the crown, but it still keeps them textured with tiny ribbons of blonde.

Neat Smooth Wedding Upstyle

18. Low Ballerina Bun with Crystals. It’s hard to miss the gorgeous crystal design set against the sleek hair, but have you noticed those crisp loose ends sticking out of the flawless bun?

Flawless Low Wedding Bun with Crystals

19. Massive Low Bun Wrapped with a Head Scarf. Sometimes less is more, and this uncomplicated ‘do that just slightly accentuates the chignon’s fulness feels absolutely stylish.

Stylish Simple Low Bun with Head Scarf

20. Mesmerizing Loose Messy Bun. This ice queen wears her creamy locks puffed around the whole perimeter and topped with a flower-decorated curly bun.

Blonde Messy Bun for Wedding

21. Thoroughly Wrapped Chignon with Bronze Flare. These dark locks are beautifully illuminated with splashes of metallic highlights which add depth to the color and emphasize the soft twists.

Low Wedding Updo with Soft Twists

22. Tousled French Roll with Bangs. If you don’t know how to style the wedding hair updo front, these trendy curtain bangs blended with side tendrils will give you a cue.

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Wedding French Roll with Curtain Bangs

23. Haphazardly Looped Voluminous Bun. As tender as the silk petals of the silver flowers used for decoration, this messy bun is dimensional and chic.

Bridal Messy Bun with Silk Flowers

24. Smooth Bun Dotted with Crystals. Boasting a rich shade of brown, this healthy and shiny hair requires no more prettification than a tiny yet off-beat accent.

Low Wedding Bun for Short Brown Hair

25. Jumbo Bun with Contrast. This hard-to-miss updo does have something extra — extra volume around the crown, extra texture in the bun, and extra depth thanks to the bright highlights against the dark base.

Wedding Bun with Extra Volume

26. Minimalist Blonde Chignon. Modestly embellished with a crystal pin, this style сhimes with the depth and texture created with a blonde balayage and maximized with styling.

Minimalist Chignon for Blonde Balayage Hair

27. Looped from Top to Nape. Here we have a whole set of twists and loops creating tons of volume and movement in the back while opening up the face.

Wedding Twisted Updo for Long Hair

28. Undone Mid-Height Bun with Definition. Complemented with three-dimensional highlights, this sexy bun sits comfortably right between the crown and the nape to ooze volume and show off the neck.

Undone Loose Loopy Bun

29. Jet-Black Hair with a Veil and Hair Jewelry. This clever bride avoids overwhelming her look with color blends or fancy hairstyle details, giving preference to a statement accessory and a veil.

Wedding Bun with a Veil and Statement Accessory

30. Princess Hair with a Swirly Bun. While the tiara creates a grand focal point in the front, the tight knotted bun adds some interest to the back view.

Bridal Bun with a Tiara

31. Mermaid-Inspired Upstyle. This girl has a hint of wave throughout her crown and bun, and we are not surprised to see a scattering of pearls floating on the waves.

32. Rakishly Twisted Wedding Hair. You wouldn’t want to hide such a lavish interweaving behind a veil, so it makes sense to pin it underneath your twirls.

33. Delusive Updo with Cascading Curls. Some of these locks are definitely let down, yet most of the hair is pinned into a uber-relaxed upstyle.

Wedding Relaxed Wavy Upstyle

34. Extensive Low Bun with a Zest. It’s really fun to integrate a mini tightly plaited infinity braid into a voluminous and messy low bun.

Messy Low Bun with a Braid

35. Non-Fussy Chignon with Colorful Florals. While we are accustomed to seeing one-color accessories in bridal updos, your hairstyle may gain more attention with pops of pastel shades.

Bridal Updo with Colorful Flowers

36. Extremely High-Volume Bun. These platinum blonde strands are slicked into a classic high bun spiced up with fanciful bends, thus looking modern and crisp.

Modern Crisp High Bun Updo

37. Spooled Chignon with Loose Ends. Flyaways are kind of baked into twisted messy updos, so you can have no worries about little imperfections.

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Twisted Messy Chignon with Flyaways

38. XXL Halo Braid for Thick Hair. This opulent style makes the most out of the abundant hair and packs it into an oversize braid winding around the head.

Wavy Messy Braid and Bun Updo

39. Edgy French Twist for Medium Hair. This elegant updo allows shorter strands to stick out of the roll, turning the shortage into unique details.

Medium Hair French Twist for Wedding

40. Foxy Twisted Hair. We can’t decide what part we like most — the contrasting ginger-meets-blonde color scheme or the texture built into these hair wraps.

41. Dainty High Bun with Pearly Décor. This voluptuous top knot is neither polished nor tousled but meticulously shaped and textured to land a timeless look.

Timeless Crown Bun with Pearl Pins

42. Eye-Catching Fishtail-Themed Plaiting. Although the chiseled side braid makes a centerpiece of this style, it has other attention-worthy details, such as the lifted strands on the crown and looped chignon.

Wedding Chignon with a Side Braid

43. Bouffant Upstyle with a Hefty Accessory. We like how this massive headpiece accentuates the airiness of the blonde updo full of delicate bends and ethereal tendrils.

Voluminous Delicate Blonde Bun Updo

44. Wavy Crown and Twisted Bun. The top of this updo is creatively sculptured to accommodate those narrower pieces chiming well with the delicate tendrils.

45. Low Bun with Bright Accents. Infusing your wedding hairstyle with fresh flowers is a great idea, but you can take it a step further and opt for a fancy color.

Fancy Bun with Fresh Flowers

46. Woven Hair with a Texture Play. The twists in this fairytale style feel even softer against the stone texture of the clay flowers.

Low Bun with Flowers for Thick Hair

47. Lifted Crown Framed with Twists. Braiding is not the only way to zhuzh up your low bun upstyle — twisted pieces on both sides can envelop your bouffant gracefully.

48. Pearled Messy Twist. If you think a tousled French roll lacks elegance, give it a touch of class with a couple of pearl hairpins.

Messy French Twist with Pearl Hairpins

49. Rich in Volume Updo for Fine Hair. This whimsical hairstyle decorated with a cute side braid and petty florals looks airy and shines with dimension.

Wedding Fine Hair Updo

50. Delicate Chignon Updo for Thin Hair. Highlights and lowlights create depth in these locks, which is further enhanced with raised strands on the crown, while waves and relaxed styling do a great job for volume.

Relaxed Chignon for Wedding

Sleek or messy, classic or currently trending, wedding updos should match your personality and give you the freedom to feel like you, not someone else. That’s why we recommend having a hair trial — it will help you to realize whether you are comfortable with the style of your choice and avoid regrets on the big day. Take hair inspo from our collection and go for it!

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