Reviving the Legend: Eagle Lightweight GT

From the perspective of a vintage car enthusiast, there is something irresistibly alluring about the aesthetic appeal of classic Jaguars. Among them, the Eagle Lightweight GT stands out as the ultimate culmination of one of the world’s rarest and most exquisite racing cars – the iconic Jaguar E-Type Lightweight.

The Eagle Lightweight GT is a classic supercar that exudes the enchanting spirit of a 1963 Lightweight, meticulously and comprehensively reimagined by the team at Eagle. It is a direct descendant of the legendary C-Type and D-Type, with only 12 Lightweights ever produced by the Jaguar factory, and to commemorate the 1963 racing season, the company introduced their most extraordinary E-Type variant. If you are seeking a vintage car that seamlessly blends classic charm with modern sophistication, the Eagle Lightweight GT is undoubtedly the top choice.

Exhilarating to Drive

Noisy, no-nonsense, exhilarating and exhausting, these brilliant race cars were intoxicating on the track and jaw-dropping on the road. Six years earlier, Jaguar had re-equipped and retuned 16 of their legendary D-Type racers to create the XKSS: race car fast, yet with a degree of comfort and sophistication that meant owners such as Steve McQueen could drive them every day. These are now amongst the most highly prized of all collectors’ automobiles, but there has been – until now – no Lightweight E-Type equivalent.

The Eagle Lightweight GT is the result of a process that began by replacing every control panel with modern lightweight aluminum, more suitable for road use than the thin and fragile materials of the original Lightweights. Professional engineers invested over 2,500 hours in shaping the alluring curves on the British-style wheels before fitting them with tolerances multiple times tighter than those required by Jaguar’s Competitions Department.

The iconic, Lightweight profile has been brilliantly recreated, with understated enhancements to aerodynamics such as a deeper rear ramp angle, deeper sills (which also increase chassis stiffness and allow the driver to sit lower, improving headroom and lowering the centre of gravity) and improved screen rake front and rear with bespoke glass. Wheel arch size has also been increased to make room for the 16” peg-drive magnesium alloy wheels, modelled on the original Dunlop racing wheels but wider, with a little more offset and one inch taller to allow more contemporary tyres.

Innovative Design & Build

The Eagle Lightweight GT utilizes ultra-lightweight magnesium alloy for the gearbox casing, bellhousing, differential casing, exhaust manifold, and rear axle support. The gearbox has been upgraded to a meticulously redesigned five-speed unit, all in perfect synchronicity, delivering seamless gear shifts without compromising the gear lever position. There is no compromise in gear ratios either, as each ratio has been designed to allow for a smooth and seamless torque flow perfectly matched to the weight of the car and the characteristics of the engine.

This is truly a vintage supercar that effortlessly combines the distinctive appeal and allure of the original Jaguar E-Type, the foundation of Eagle, with an exhilarating and vibrant spirit never before seen from a 1963 factory production. Its lightweight construction has been meticulously and comprehensively redesigned to ensure a renewed ownership experience with every mile, every day.

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