72 Gorgeous Red Hair Color Ideas Trending This Year

Check out our photo gallery showcasing 72 red hair color ideas. From red to copper red to apple cider red, these hairstyles are all the rage for ladies seeking stunning red hair.

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mid length red

Transform your medium-length hair into a captivating work of art with this fiery shade of red. It complements medium skin tones perfectly. For lasting vibrancy, we recommend using a shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for enhancing and preserving the richness of your red color.

#2. Captivating Rusty Red

rusty red

Capture the essence of a sunset with this vibrant, rusty red hue. Whether you have long hair or not, this color will make a statement. It suits individuals with neutral to warm skin tones, adding allure to their overall appearance. To maintain the freshness of your color, opt for sulfate shampoos that protect against fading.

#3. Embrace a Copper-Red Makeover

Woman with Copper Red Makeover haircut

Experience a transformation with a gorgeous copper-red hue that radiates warmth and allure. Ideal for medium to long hair lengths, this shade complements a wide range of skin tones. To ensure your hair color lasts longer it’s important to use a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates and a nourishing conditioner specifically formulated for hair.

#4. Apple Cider Red

Woman with Apple Cider Red haircut

The apple cider red shade brings out a natural tone that captures the richness of autumn. This color works well for all hair types and lengths. You’ll need regular touch-ups to keep it vibrant and luscious. To preserve the freshness of your shade use a conditioner that contains elements to protect the color.

#5. Reddish-Pink Medium Hair

Woman with Reddish Pink Medium Hair haircut

For a unique hue that combines the warmth of red with the sweetness of pink try reddish-pink medium hair. This color is particularly suited for medium-length hair and complements medium skin tones beautifully. Maintain this balance of color by using a shampoo with pigments.

#6. Fire Engine Red with Fringe

Woman with Fire Engine Red with Fringe haircut

Make a statement with fire engine red hair paired with an eye-catching fringe. This striking look works best on medium to hair and suits fair, to neutral skin tones perfectly. To keep this shade in top condition consider scheduling regular salon visits or using color-enhancing hair products.

#7. Orange and Red Mix

Orange and red come together to create a combination of fiery hues that bring out a warm and lively appearance. This vibrant blend is perfect for those with wavy hair and complements warm skin tones exceptionally well. To maintain the captivating color it’s recommended to use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed to preserve the vibrancy.

#8. Dark Root Vibrant Red

Woman with Dark Root Vibrant Red haircut

A transition from dark roots to vibrant red adds depth and a touch of color. This effortlessly eye-catching hairstyle is ideal for those who prefer low-maintenance looks that require touch-ups.

#9. Rosy Red Curls

Woman with Rosy Red Curls haircut

For a look, rosy red curls offer the perfect blend of red with delicate pink undertones that beautifully enhance the natural texture of curly hair. This captivating color suits fair to medium skin tones best. To keep your curls looking vibrant it is advised to opt for sulfate hair care products enriched with moisturizing elements.

#10. Deep Merlot Red

Woman with Deep Merlot Red haircut

Drawing inspiration from a glass of wine deep merlot red creates an opulent and sophisticated effect on medium to long hair. It complements individuals with medium, to skin tones perfectly capturing an essence of class and refinement. To keep your hair’s color intact opt for hair products that are specifically designed for color preservation and do not contain sulfates or parabens.

#11. Classic Cherry Red Bob

Woman with Cherry Red Bob haircut

A cherry red bob is a choice that brings a burst of vibrant color to short hair. It’s perfect for individuals with undertones and adds a touch of drama and sophistication. To maintain the longevity of this shade use a conditioner specifically formulated for dyed hair and minimize sun exposure.

Woman with Strawberry Blonde Waves haircut

#12. Sun Kissed Strawberry Blonde Waves

Strawberry blonde waves offer a shade of red providing wavy locks with a sun-kissed appearance. This color complements skin tones and imparts a natural warmth. Preserve its radiance by utilizing a shampoo that protects color-treated hair and follows up with a conditioner.

#13. Subtle Cinnamon Red Highlights

Woman with Cinnamon Red Highlights haircut

Cinnamon red highlights subtly infuse any base hair color with undertones. They work well on medium to long hair lengths adding depth and dimension to the overall look. For lasting results incorporate a hydrating shampoo and conditioner specifically designed to protect colored hair into your routine.

#14. Striking Candy Apple Red

Woman with Candy Apple Red haircut

Candy apple red is an eye-catching shade, with gloss that beautifully enhances medium to long hair lengths. These hair color options are designed to complement skin tones. Take note that if you have medium skin it’s important to use a shampoo without sulfates to maintain the vibrant look.

#15. Tangy Blood Orange Highlights

Woman with a Blood Orange Streaks haircut

Add a vibrant twist to your hair with blood-orange highlights. This daring color works well on all hair lengths. Is particularly flattering for those with neutral to warm skin tones. To prolong the striking hues make sure to use a shampoo that’s safe for colored hair.

#16. Vintage Rusty Auburn Curls

Woman with Rusty Auburn Curls haircut

Enhance your curly hair with rusty auburn curls adding depth and a touch of vintage flair. This earthy color looks best on individuals with undertones. Keep this shade looking its best by using a conditioner that protects color and scheduling periodic visits to the salon.

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#17. Gradient from Red Roots to Pink Tips

Woman with Ombre Red to Pink haircut

Achieve a transition from darker red roots to softer pink tips with an ombre red-to-pink look. This style works best on hair and is sure to catch everyone’s attention instantly. Maintain the gradient by using a sulfate free shampoo.

#18. Bold Fiery Red Pixie Cut

For those who love making statements go for a fiery red pixie cut that will light up your face and add an audacious touch. This vibrant color is ideal, for hairstyles. To keep its vibrancy intact make use of products designed for colored hair.

#19. Burgundy-Red Braids

Woman with Burgundy Red Braids haircut

Burgundy red braids add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to braided hairstyles. This color choice brings a feel to any look and beautifully complements darker skin tones. To ensure the color lasts longer consider using a shampoo specifically designed for enhancing and preserving hair color.

#20. Raspberry-Red Waves

Woman with Raspberry Red Waves haircut

Raspberry red waves offer a delightful fruity hue that perfectly enhances hair. This shade is particularly flattering for those with medium skin tones. To maintain the vibrancy of this color its recommended to use a sulfate shampoo that helps protect and preserve the hair’s color.

#21. Copper Red with Tips

Woman with Copper Red with Blonde Tips haircut

Copper red with hints of blonde creates a color that adds dimension to your hair. It works best for medium to hair and gives a playful touch. To keep your tips looking fresh use a shampoo specifically designed for toning.

#22. Soft Red Velvet

Woman with Soft Red Velvet haircut

Soft red velvet is a rich color that suits any hair length. It complements fair to skin tones beautifully. To maintain its shade use a conditioner that preserves the color.

#23. Bright Red with Dark Roots

Woman with Bright Red with Dark Roots haircut

Bright red with roots is a daring choice that combines vivid red with darker roots for contrast. It works well on medium-to-hair lengths and makes a bold statement. Regular root touch-ups are essential to maintain its look.

#24. Rose Gold Red

Woman with Rose Gold Red haircut

Rose gold red is a blend of red and golden hues that looks fantastic on all hair lengths. It suits skin tones perfectly and embodies elegance. Use a conditioner that enhances the color to keep its glow intact.

#25. Deep Ginger Red

Woman with Deep Ginger Red haircut

Deep ginger red is a spicy hue that brings warmth and depth to medium to long hair lengths. It’s ideal for those with, warm skin tones adding vibrancy to their look. To maintain the shade of your hair it is recommended to use a shampoo that is free from sulfates.

#26. Auburn Balayage

Woman with Auburn Balayage haircut

Auburn balayage is a beautiful hair coloring technique that blends dark and light red tones seamlessly. It works great for long hair adding depth and dimension. This sun-kissed effect requires maintenance and can be sustained by using a shampoo specifically designed to protect the color.

#27. Red-Hot Mohawk

Woman with Red Hot Mohawk haircut

Sporting a hot mohawk is definitely not for the faint-hearted. This bold style with its red hue is guaranteed to grab attention wherever you go. It works best on hair lengths exuding an edgy vibe. To keep this look intact make sure to use hair products that enhance and prolong the color.

#28. Pastel Red Waves

Woman with Pastel Red Waves haircut

If you’re looking for a hue with a touch of romance for your wavy locks, pastel red waves are an excellent choice. This shade complements medium skin tones beautifully giving off an ethereal glow. To preserve the vibrance of this color opt for sulfate-free hair products.

#29. Ruby-Red Curls

Woman with Ruby Red Curls haircut

Ruby red curls shine with their jewel-like hue that accentuates the texture of curly hair wonderfully. This color suits medium to skin tones perfectly and exudes elegance, in every way possible. Keep these curls luscious by using a conditioner specifically formulated to protect colored hair.

#30. Neon-Red Streaks

Woman with Neon Red Streaks haircut

Neon red streaks give your hair a vibrant touch especially if it falls between medium to long lengths. This attention-grabbing color suits all skin tones and manages to captivate people’s gaze. To maintain the neon shine consider treating your hair with a gloss treatment.

#31. Cherrywood Red

Woman with Cherrywood Red haircut

Cherrywood red combines the tones of brown with a splash of red resulting in a distinctive yet natural look. This color works best on medium to hair and adds a subtle warmth. Keep its vibrancy alive by using a shampoo that protects the color.

#32. Flaming Red Ombre

Woman with Flaming Red Ombre haircut

The flaming red ombre starts with a red at the roots and gradually transitions into an intense fiery red at the tips. This gradient effect is perfect for those with hair who want their locks to demand attention wherever they go. To preserve this look opt for a sulfate-free shampoo.

#33. Red-Tinted Brown

Woman with Red Tinted Brown haircut

Red-tinted brown offers an understated hue that adds a beautiful reddish sheen to your natural brown hair. It complements all hair lengths. Is particularly suitable, for those seeking a subtle change. Ensure its longevity by using products specifically designed to protect hair.

#34. Scarlet Red Bob

Woman with Scarlet Red Bob haircut

The scarlet red bob is a bold and vivid shade that looks absolutely stunning on short hairstyles. Its high-intensity hue can make heads turn effortlessly. Paired with a bob haircut this color choice exudes an air of sophistication. To maintain the richness of the color make sure to use a conditioner that has a pigment concentration.

#35. Pinkish-Red Undercut

Woman with Pinkish Red Undercut haircut

The pinkish-red undercut is a twist that combines a pinkish-red shade with a trendy undercut style. It works well for all hair lengths. Adds an element of freshness to your look. Preserve its vibrancy by using shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair.

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#36. Red Wine Tones

Woman with Red Wine Tones haircut

Red wine tones bring a captivating color to your hair. It is particularly suited for medium to hair and complements warm skin tones beautifully. To preserve this shade opt for sulfate-free shampoo when washing your hair.

#37. Muted Coral Red

Woman with Muted Coral Red haircut

Muted coral red offers a refined shade that suits all hair lengths. It works well on fair skin tones providing a subtle radiance. For lasting results invest in hair products specially formulated to protect color-treated locks.

#38. Classic Ronald McDonald Red

Woman with Classic Ronald McDonald Red haircut

Classic Ronald McDonald red is an eye-catching hue that guarantees you’ll stand out in the crowd. This vibrant shade is perfect for those who are daring and adventurous enough to embrace it. Maintain the intensity of the red, by scheduling touch-ups and using products that enhance its vibrancy.

#39. Glossy Currant Red

Woman with Glossy Currant Red haircut

Experience the allure of currant red, a luxurious deep red shade with a subtle touch of purple. This mesmerizing color is particularly stunning on medium-to-hair lengths and beautifully complements dark skin tones. To keep your glossy locks vibrant make sure to use a conditioner that enhances shine.

#40. Light Copper Pixie

Add an inviting touch to your pixie cut with the delightful light copper shade. Designed to enhance skin tones this color effortlessly brings out a youthful glow. Maintain its captivating beauty by using sulfate products that protect and preserve its vibrant hue.

#41. Tangerine-Red Waves

Woman with Tangerine Red Waves haircut

Infuse your locks with the refreshing essence of tangerine red waves perfect for embracing the summer vibes. This citrusy hue adds vibrance and suits medium to dark skin tones flawlessly. Remember to use a conditioner specially formulated for color-treated hair to ensure the longevity of this shade.

#42. Mahogany Red Straight Hair

Woman with Mahogany Red Straight Hair haircut

For those with locks indulge in the richness of mahogany red straight hair—a shade that exudes sophistication and elegance. Versatile on all skin tones this hue is sure to make a statement wherever you go. Preserve its vibrancy by incorporating a color-protecting shampoo into your haircare routine.

#43. Dark Cherry Coils

Woman with Dark Cherry Coils haircut

Transform your curly hair into an irresistible display of dark cherry coils—a juicy and captivating dark red shade that adds depth and warmth effortlessly. Ideal for medium, to skin tones this color choice is bound to turn heads wherever you go Maintain the vibrancy of your hair color. Keep it well nourished by using moisturizing, color-safe products.

#44. Softened Red Ends

Woman with Faded Red Tips haircut

Softened red ends give your hair a pastel finish at the tips. This style is especially stunning on hair creating a subtle yet captivating effect. To keep the fade looking fresh use a shampoo that’s free from sulfates.

#45. Voluminous Red Layers

Woman with Luscious Red Layers haircut

Voluminous red layers add a body and a pop of color to haircuts. Perfect for medium, to lengths this shade enhances texture and movement in your locks. For that feel make sure to use a conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair.

#46. Vibrant Red Bowl Cut

Woman with Bright Red Bowl Cut haircut

A modern twist to a haircut can be achieved with a vibrant red bowl cut. This bold combination is perfect for those seeking a change in their appearance. To maintain the color it is recommended to use specialized hair products designed for red hair.

#47. Subtle Red Faux Hawk

For a touch of rebellion without going consider a subtle red faux hawk. This style works best with hair and the muted shade complements daring cuts beautifully. To preserve the color make sure to use products that protect against fading.

#48. Warm Ginger Spice Short Hair

Woman with Ginger Spice Short Hair haircut

If you’re looking for a warm tone for your shorter haircut consider opting for ginger spice short hair. This shade suits fair to medium skin tones. Provides a naturally radiant look. To sustain its hue it’s advisable to use sulfate hair products.

#49. Hidden Poppy Red Underlights

Woman with Poppy Red Underlights haircut

Add an element of surprise to your hairstyle with hidden red underlights beneath your natural hair color. This option is perfect for those who want a burst of color and can be incorporated into any length of hair. To keep the color vibrant ensure that you use a conditioner specifically formulated for hair.

#50. Striking Hot Pink to Red Ombre

Woman with Hot Pink to Red Ombre haircut

For long locks that demand attention consider the striking gradient of hot pink to red ombre. Starting with pink, at the top and gradually transitioning into deep red at the ends this color blend is truly eye-catching. Use shampoos specifically designed for colored hair to maintain the appearance.

#51. Fiery Blend of Red and Black

Woman with Fiery Red and Black Blend haircut

The combination of blacks and bright reds in this fiery blend creates a smoky and enigmatic look. It works best for medium to hair adding depth and richness. Make sure to use a high-quality conditioner to preserve its vibrancy.

#52. Sunset-Inspired Red Curls

Woman with Sunset Red Curls haircut

Emulating the colors of a sunset these red curls incorporate shades of red and orange. This hue is perfect for hair as it adds liveliness and energy. To ensure lasting vibrance opt for sulfate-free products that are safe for colored hair.

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#53. Red Velvet Long Hair

Woman with Red Velvet Long Hair haircut

Inspired by the richness of red velvet cake this deep hue suits all skin tones. Makes your long locks look luxurious. To maintain its appearance choose hair products that protect color.

#54. Subtle Pastel Red Pixie

For those with skin tones the pastel red pixie offers a delicate yet muted hue that brings softness to your pixie cut hairstyle. Use products specifically formulated to enhance and preserve its charm.

#55. Playful Bright Red Pigtails

Woman with Bright Red Pigtails haircut

If you’re looking to embrace a bold look bright red pigtails are perfect, for you! They add a twist to your hair while making a striking statement. Keep your hair looking radiant by using a shampoo specifically designed for color protection.

#56. Elegant Updo with Fiery Red Shade

Woman with Fiery Red Updo haircut

The updo with a vibrant fiery red shade is perfect for formal occasions. It’s a captivating color and style choice. To maintain its vibrance make sure to use a conditioner that’s safe for colored hair.

#57. Warm Copper-Red Dreadlocks

Woman with Copper Red Dreadlocks haircut

Add a metallic touch to your dreadlocks with copper-red coloring. This unique twist on the style complements all skin tones beautifully. Use a shampoo that is safe for colored hair to keep them looking their best.

#58. Dark Red with Blonde Streaks

Woman with Dark Red with Blonde Streaks haircut

Create an audacious look with dark red hair featuring blonde streaks. This combination of colors adds depth and interest to medium to hair lengths. To ensure both shades stay vibrant use a shampoo specifically formulated for color protection.

#59. Pumpkin Spice Red

Woman with Pumpkin Spice Red haircut

Embody the essence of autumn with pumpkin spice red hair featuring spicy hues. This seasonal favorite works well on all lengths of hair. Enhance its vibrancy by using a conditioner that enhances color.

#60. Vintage Red Bob

Woman with Vintage Red Bob haircut

Achieve timeless glamour with a bob cut, in deep red shade reminiscent of retro beauty trends. This versatile style suits all skin tones effortlessly. Keep your hair color vibrant by using products that are sulfate-free and designed to protect color.

#61. Balayage in Red and Purple

Woman with Red and Purple Balayage haircut

The combination of purple balayage creates a beautiful blend of two vibrant colors. This style works well on medium to hair adding a playful touch. To maintain the brightness of the colors make sure to use a shampoo that’s sulfate free.

#62. Natural Waves for Redheads

Woman with Classic Redhead Waves haircut

Get looking waves with a beautiful shade of red that’s perfect for those with wavy hair. This hue complements all skin tones. Adds an authentic touch to your look. For lasting shine use a conditioner specifically formulated for color protection.

#63. Bold Firetruck Red on Short Hair

Woman with Firetruck Red Short Hair haircut

For those who love making a statement try out firetruck red on haircuts. This high-impact color is sure to turn heads and is best suited for those with personalities. To keep its vibrancy alive opt for hair products made specifically for red shades.

#64. Vibrant Iridescent Red Curls

Woman with Iridescent Red Curls haircut

Make your curly locks stand out with iridescent curls that bring out the multidimensional beauty of your hair. This shade looks stunning on medium-to-skin tones and gives off a radiant glow. To maintain its iridescence use products that are safe for colored hair.

#65. Cozy Warm Cinnamon Red

Woman with Warm Cinnamon Red haircut

Add warmth to any hairstyle with cinnamon red, which offers a cozy yet spicy hue suitable, for all hair lengths. This inviting shade enhances any look. Complements various styles effortlessly. Keep your hair vibrant by using a conditioner that’s safe for colored hair.

#66. Ombre with Cherry Red and Black

Woman with Cherry Red and Black Ombre haircut

For a contrast try an ombre hairstyle with cherry red blending into black. This edgy look works best on hair. Use a shampoo that protects the color to maintain the blend.

#67. Gradual Fade from Red to Pink

Woman with Red to Pink Fade haircut

Achieve a gradient effect by fading from deep red roots to soft pink tips. This romantic ombre style is ideal for medium to hair. Keep its softness intact by using a shampoo without sulfates.

#68. Pixie Cut with Warm Reddish Brown Shade

Woman with Reddish

Enhance your pixie haircut with a warm reddish-brown color. It complements all skin tones. Adds sophistication to your look. Preserve its warmth by using products specifically designed for hair.

#69. Red Hair with Silver Highlights

Woman with Red Hair with Silver Highlights haircut

Create a contrast between warm red and cool silver highlights on your red hair. This modern look is perfect for medium to hair lengths. Maintain the vibrancy of both colors by using a sulfate shampoo.

#70. Long Hair in Strawberry Blonde

Woman with Strawberry Blonde Long Hair haircut

Get yourself strawberry long locks that combine shades of blonde and red resulting in a soft and warm color tone. If you have hair this shade will give it a beautiful and dreamy look. To keep its softness intact use a conditioner specifically designed to protect the color.

#71. The Electric Red Taper Cut

Woman with Electric Red Taper Cut haircut

The electric red taper cut is a take on the classic taper haircut with a vibrant red color that adds a modern touch. It’s perfect, for those who want to make a statement. To maintain its vibrancy use a shampoo that protects the color.

#72. The Ruby Red Undercut

Woman with Ruby Red Undercut haircut

A trendy hairstyle featuring a ruby red shade combined with a modern undercut is perfect for any hair length. This combination of color and cut adds a flair, to your look. To preserve its hue make sure to use shampoo and conditioner specifically formulated for colored hair.

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