What hairstyles are best for wide/broad shoulders?

Can you advise me some hairstyles for broad shoulders?

Women usually choose a haircut according to their face shapes. But after all, your face is only a part of your image, which is also determined by the figure. And very often a hairstyle that seemingly flatters the face, makes the body look disproportionate, revealing its flaws and hiding its best assets. Therefore, when choosing the best haircut for broad shoulders, you must, first of all, take into account your individual characteristics and the face shape, and then consider one more important thing – your body type.

In general, it wouldn’t be true to say that this feature is attributed to flaws, since with wide shoulders, the waist seems smaller, and the silhouette looks more toned and sporty. Anyway, now that the question of hairstyles for broad shoulders has been raised, it requires an answer. So, let’s proceed and find out!

Best Hairstyles for Broad Shoulders

Women with wide shoulders are advised to choose medium haircuts. The best option is a hairstyle with layers. If you have a short neck, double chin or broad shoulders, try to not cut your hair above the collarbone. Actually, it’s not recommended to do both very short and extra-long hairstyles. A very short haircut will expose the width of the upper body and will make the appearance more “boyish”, while long hair will stretch the face even more, visually emphasizing broad shoulders.

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Short Hair for Broad Shoulders

If you still prefer short haircuts, you can try a lob, and experiment with the style – leave the hair straight, or slightly curl it on the tips.

Short Hair Bob for Wide Shoulders

Haircuts for Broad Shoulders with Bangs

For those who wear bangs, there is also one useful tip on how to make their upper body look narrower. To reduce wide shoulders, make asymmetric bangs since such “tricks” usually divert attention. You can also make the bangs thicker because it visually enlarges the face so that it looks advantageous with broad shoulders.

Best Fringe and Bangs for Broad Shoulders

Asymmetrical Haircuts for Women with Broad Shoulders

Remember that if you have the “inverted triangle” body shape, there are several things that most likely won’t work for you: parting in the middle, smooth, gel-laid hair, and combed back hairstyles with an open forehead. Instead, try experimenting more with asymmetry and texture.

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Short Wavy Bob for Wide Shoulders

Wavy and Curly Hairstyles for Women with Broad Shoulders

This is one more perfect option for girls with medium-length hair, since voluminous locks falling on the shoulders will make them less visible and will add femininity and elegance to the whole look.

Long Hair and Broad Shoulders

Buns and Braids for Women with Wide Shoulders

Think all that pretty buns and trendy braids are not for you? Think twice! If you know what braids and buns flatter wide shoulders, you can wear them too!

Bun for Broad Shoulders

Messy buns and plaits, side braids may work for you. On the contrary, neat high ballerina buns, as well as too tight braids will not. Check several really working ideas below:

Braids for Wide Shoulders
Bun Hairstyle for Wide Shoulders

In addition to the tips on hairstyles mentioned above, it’s worth saying that you should also be careful when buying clothes – especially you should pay attention to the rules of choosing prints and necklines for broad shoulders. Give preference to vertical and diagonal lines in the upper part, stripes and other geometric patterns. Also keep in mind that deep round, oval or V-shaped neck lines help to visually make the silhouette narrower and slimmer. Besides, an asymmetrical one-shoulder neckline can hide the unnecessary width as well. With the right top, you may even wear a very short haircut with your wide shoulders!

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Very Short Pixie Haircut with Broad Shoulders

Hope, these tips will give the answer to your question, as well as help you gain more inner confidence and feel gorgeous!

Featured Image: garyporephotography – www.pixabay.com

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