Ferrari 512 BB

There are some Ferraris which just don’t mess about when it comes to the visual impact that they possess and a fine example of this is this, frankly breathtaking, Ferrari 512 BB which is up for sale with luxury car specialists, Schaltkulisse. Manufactured in 1980, a golden age for the luxury Italian car brand, this Ferrari 512 BB has done just 37,000km and comes with a rather eye-watering price tag of some €269k.

This Ferrari 512 BB from Schaltkulisse (€269k) has a Bianco Polo exterior with a Pelle Crema interior and, trust us, you won’t have seen many cars which feel quite as luxurious and eighties as this majestic looking machine. When the Ferrari 512BB was presented at the Paris Motor Show in 1976, the Italian carmaker changed their way of model naming and used the number sequence to refer to the 5 litre 12 cylinder engine that was now installed and you’ll be amazed with the performance prowess of this decades old steed.

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Italian Stallion

The predecessor to the Ferrari 512 BB, namely, the 365GT / 4 BB with a 4.4 litre engine had a designation which was derived from the size of the displacement per cylinder. As the competitor of the Lamborghini LP400, both vehicles were pretty much the quickest road cars of their era, although the stated top speed of over 300 km / h could not be officially documented but there’s little doubting this amazing machine had this sort of speed in him.

This glorious looking Ferrari 512BB from Schaltkulisse with chassis number 30241 was delivered in December 1979 via SAMO Car in Rome to the first owner Claudi Ferioli from Rio Saliceto. It was first registered on January 7th, 1980 under the registration number RE347530. In 1986 Mr. Ferioli decided to sell his beloved 512BB and found a buyer in Mr. Gianni Beltrami from Alessandria for his Berlinetta Boxer delivered in Bianco Polo Park with Pelle Crema.

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Amazingly, it is still registered with the same Italian registration number as 1980 and the car underwent an extensive restoration between 2007 and 2008. A bound picture documentation proves the extensive restoration work that has been carried out throughout. Finally, in 2012 the car found its way to Germany to a renowned Ferrari collector from Munich and it has been in his caring possession ever since.

First Class Condition

This Ferrari 512 BB is in an exceptionally good condition and, due to its  well known history, the authentic and very high quality restoration, the original and highly attractive colour combination in combination with the “red book” from Ferrari, it represents a rare opportunity for the Ferraristi with the highest demands to acquire a truly speciale example.

Of the 929 BBs produced today, few vehicles have this unparalleled quality and convince both at first and at second glance. If you’ve got nigh on €300k burning a hole in your pocket and looking for something extravagant to spend it on, you might just have found the ideal candidate in this stunning 1980’s Ferrari 512 BB from Schaltkulisse.

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