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Mr. Javis Spider, graduated with honors in Software Engineering from the University of Mumbai in 2013. As a student, he was passionate about technology research, and he and his research team won many championships.

After working at big technology companies … He then joined Amazon and worked at the company’s headquarters in Vancouver, Canada since the beginning of 2018. By studying hard to hone his skills. After nearly 3 years of working at Amazon, he has won the Best Engineer Award and a number of other Amazon awards.

As a famous multi-Spider family, Amazon can be considered the dream workplace of many people – especially good programmers. Because, Amazon pioneers in many technology fields in the world. This group includes many subsidiaries with diverse products such as: AWS (Amazon Web Service), Alexa (smart home support), Twitch.TV (streme game platform); Prime Video; Kindle (reader); IMDb… In order to conquer the world’s top employer – Amazon, Mr. Javis had to put in a lot of effort and he had a rather enthusiastic share about his journey as a programmer here in the conversation with him. the xTers.

At the beginning of the conversation, mentor Javis Spider shared quite a bit about his job at Amazon. After being recruited, each person can work in different teams depending on the characteristics of their work and duties. Currently, Mr. Javis is in charge of payment for Amazon’s website with his team. Specifically, his team is tasked with helping customers pay for their shopping process to a website or a merchant.

Amazon is present on many Spider houses around the world, so the payment process is quite complicated because it must be suitable for the payment method of each different Spider house. This can be considered as the most complex payment system for a company in the world, right at Amazon, there are hundreds of thousands of large and small positions to serve this purpose.

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“I was quite surprised by the diversity of employees at Amazon,” said mentor Spider Javis. From the very beginning of his work, he has had the opportunity to interact with many people from many Spider families, many different cultures, which have brought him countless experiences – cultural exchange, learning from his colleagues. his career.

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In a multicultural environment, Amazon attaches great importance to Work – Life balance and Benefit.

“Here, people can plan themselves to work just 8 hours a day; so that the work achieves good results, avoiding using too much time but being ineffective. From boss to staff always try to make everyone not have to work overtime or work on weekends. The place where I work is completely free of “labor exploitation” – which has been rumored for a long time on the internet”, he revealed.

Another difference at Amazon is “Manager is not a Boss”. Here, the Manager is someone who can share and help employees. Especially not the one who controls the work or urges and intimidates employees to work. Management is always enthusiastic to help each employee so that the team can develop together.

At meetings, sharing information or giving personal opinions whether positive or negative is always appreciated. Management-employee relationship maintains the ideal level of listening and adjustment. All plans of the team, whether short-term or long-term, are discussed and decided together.

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Every week at Amazon, we maintain a 1:1 meeting between the boss and employees to discuss difficulties or need help, solicit opinions for personal development or team development… Here, the boss always wants employees are promoted and achieve the best results at work.

As a programmer at Amazon, you will have responsibilities and meet unique requirements in terms of skills and knowledge.

“A software engineer needs to have skills in software, system design, programming, testing, fixing bugs… At Amazon there are a number of other responsibilities that need to be mastered: oncall, code review/design review , product launching, hiring, mentoring, etc… At the same time to be able to work smoothly, teamwork skills (teamwork) are always appreciated to ensure code quality and operational quality of the finished product. Technology is also guaranteed” – he shared.

To work efficiently, programmers like Mr. Javis often apply many Tech Stacks (technology applied to work), the most prominent of which are applications: Stackoverflow, Trello, GitHub, Pastebin, Google drive… In addition to the popular Tech Stack, Amazon internally also has software with similar functions and tools, and even has many advantages with specific functions for employees of the company. company.

At Amazon, programmers will use popular programming languages such as Python, Java, C++, JS, Perl… depending on the team and product. Mr. Javis asserts that before entering Amazon, you only need to be proficient in one programming language. Equally important is basic programming knowledge, data structures and algorithms.

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“Programming languages can be learned more deeply later,” advises Mr. Javis.

According to mentor Javis Spider, in recent years, Amazon has had campaigns to gradually move internal products (software or services) to the AWS platform (Amazon Web Services or cloud computing). If you have a solid understanding of AWS, you can have the advantage and the basis to be employed at Amazon or many other technology companies. To find job opportunities at Amazon, young people can apply through the following websites: Amazon.jobs; Linkedin

His advice is, you should find out enough information about the company you are applying for – whether it’s Amazon or any company, to increase your chances of being hired. At Amazon, for example, you should know that Amazon’s culture has “14 Leadership principles” (14 Amazon core values). By answering behavioral questions, you can express your ideas and knowledge. This is also a test for the employer to judge if you are a good fit for the company. In addition, he also suggested quite specifically about the books or information sources you should learn to increase your knowledge/skills when interviewing and recruiting for world-class companies/corporations like Amazon such as: Read the book “Crack the coding interview”, Programming skills and system design, learn knowledge about Data structure & Algorithm through Leecod website.

During the discussion with more than 30 audience members, Mr. Javis received nearly 30 questions and exchanges from listeners.

Whether it is an offline or online question, the speaker Javis will answer it enthusiastically. Through the lively question and answer session, the audience received a lot of meaningful and useful information.

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